I've actually been painting!

luvstocraftMay 11, 2008

Hey, Anj, I HAVE been painting finally! I posted some pics over on the gallery so you will have to check them out.

And I know you won't believe that I have another project almost done as well! Don't know what's gotten into me! LOL

One thing for sure, it is absorbing once I get a project going. Of course, I also let my housework slide when I want to paint too! Was trying to do housework first, then have painting time--but then I'd be too tired to start on a project. Decided to just paint a couple of days and do the bare minimum in the house--it will wait for me to catch up on it! LOL

How about you? Able to find any painting time? I just love seeing your projects.


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Luvs...congrats on getting in some paint time. I have not had a minute to paint or take pictures of the few things I painted the other day even. I took down some old blinds in my bedroom and have been out shopping for replacement window treatments. I'm prepping my bedroom and bathroom walls for painting. Add that to all the regular mayhem that goes on around here. Wed nights are scouts and church groups so you know how crazy that gets. Plus my stupid computer is acting up. Keeps shutting itself off in the middle of what I'm doing. Can't tell you how many posts I have to re-do so if I'm repetitious on anything just forgive me. It gets confusing. ha DH said last night we need to look into getting a new one. I'm in the process of trying to save everything to discs just in case this one fries itself. I've enjoyed looking at your fun projects though. You are on a roll! ;) ~Anj

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Anj, did you get the new fans installed and it is still acting up? That doesn't sound good. I told DH about the problem you are having and he said it sounds like the CPU cooling fan. Is that what you replaced? He said if it is not that, you might try another power supply. I know nothing about computers, but thank goodness DH and my DS are really into them and can usually fix most of my problems.

You are such a busy gal. I'm just glad you make time to stop by here and chat with me/us. ;o)

Now go take a look at the gallery, I'm gonna post one more little project I got painted this week. Think I'll do a couple of garden signs next. Need to get them cut out first.

Oh, I forgot on my TS post to say that I also got a bag of 3/4 inch wood hearts already drilled to make a swag. At 85 cents, they are cheaper than it would be for me to cut my own! Love little bargains like that! (Even if I don't really NEED a heart swag!) LOL


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We got the fans in from our computer friend, but DH hasn't installed them yet. 2 of the smaller fans went out and the last bigger fan is making funny noises and stalling. I think it's overheating so it shuts itself off. Maybe DH will get around to doing it tonight. And now my cordless keyboard and mouse set went out so I had to go borrow my mom's old corded set that is driving me crazy. ha Our computer is getting older even though it's had upgrades and stuff. We probably just need a new one. Our computer guy said he will build us a new one. DH knows about the guts of the computer while I know more about the programs so together we can figure most things out and we always have our computer friend as a backup. ha

It is always nice to find good wood pieces already cut out for cheap. Saves time and money. We are actually getting up to the 90's this week! Thank you for sending us some warm air from over your way. ha I may get out my little saw and try to cut something out since I'm not scared of it anymore. ha Just gotta figure out what I want to cut out. ~Anj

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I just got finished cutting out a couple of garden signs. Thought I'd do two, one for me and one for a gift. Boy, I am really in the mood for painting projects all of a sudden--where did that come from I wonder! LOL

Was it you who had commented about the thin wood not holding up outside very well? I've found that to be true also. No matter how much sealer I put on, it seems like the top layer just starts to peel away. Of course the sprinklers and heat here in So. Ca. probably don't help. I do like the lighter weight of the thin wood for signs I want to hang on my side gate, and they are usually seasonal so don't stay out long. I'm planning to only use the 3/4 inch wood for garden stakes from now on though.

I'm so glad to hear you are not afraid of your saw anymore. You are gonna love being able to cut out whatever you want. I haven't been cutting much this past year and I can sure tell the difference in my "skill" level on it. The more I use it, the easier and better it goes.

Isn't it great to have a "computer friend"? We love having our neighbor next door for when something more complicated comes up too. Hope your DH gets the fans installed and that solves the problem with yours.


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