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luvstocraftMay 28, 2008

Well, my DH bid in a job that goes to work at midnight, so he wanted to stay up late a couple of nights to get his body ready for it. I needed to be quiet yesterday (and today), so I took off and hit my usual TS. Didn't find much, but did pick up a few things. Just a birdcage frame sort of thing--Thought it might be cute with flowers inside for a centerpiece, another cute little rose plate (I can't leave there for some reason!) a little white bird candle holder and three metal candle holders which I was really pleased about. I wanted them for Fall/Halloween to put those fake pumpkins on for my mantle. Got it all in the dishwasher right now. Even when I don't find much, I enjoy the "hunt". LOL

While re-looking at some of my craft/painting mags, I found a pattern that reminded me of some stacked boxes that I've had stashed in the craft room for many years. They were actually a freebie from a Spiegel catalog order a long time ago. Anyway, I dug them out, slapped sealer on all of them and now I'm going to FINALLY paint them up. So that is how I will stay quiet today! (No housework--housework is sooo noisy, you know!) LOL

So did you get your planting done? Are you just loving that new fence? What's the status on the bathroom. Is it done yet?

I am still procrastinating about painting my rooms. I've thought about colors, but haven't gone to buy paint. Just dread having to take everything off the walls and move all the furniture. But I know it would look and feel so fresh, and it is needing it I think. Maybe after DH retires, he could help me. Yep, that's a good idea, I'll wait till then. LOL (See how good I'm getting at procrastinating?) ;o)

I finished my little garden signs. I'll get the pics posted today. Nothing special, I just thought it was cute.



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Hey you.. I was just coming to chat with you. I did not get my planting done yet. Well, only some of it. I got sidetracked. My DM asked me to lunch and then I stopped at the TS on the way home! ha You know I can't pass it up! It's horrible. I think everyone must have cleaned house over the holiday cause the TS was packed with stuff. I was in danger of an avalanche the whole way thru. I was in there for almost 3 hours! I got a chandelier for $1! I really really really like it. I don't know what I'm gonna do with or where I'm gonna put it, but I really like it. ha I got 3 big metal flowers for $2 each and a cross stitch book for $1, an americana tin to plant some flowers in. I picked up a few things for my brother, a rusty moose tea light holder, a hanging moose ornie, a "Closed for the Season" cabin and bear pic, some fish hooks (I think they were from Collections etc) they are fish and their tails turn up to make the hooks, and a folky looking santa on a rocker (makes him look ike he's walking) with a big old fish under his arm and carrying a fishing pole. They were all either 50 cents or $1. OH and my SIL has been trying to find some wallpaper to match what's in her kitchen with no success. The previous owners must have ran out or something cause she has about two strips missing close to her fridge. I found a roll of it!! She is gonna flip. ha $1.
I told my mom how much stuff their was and now she wants me to go back with her tomorrow. May try to talk her into going to another one too. It's supposed to be raining tomorrow.
I gotta quit shopping and start painting. ha It's soooo fun to find stuff though. I'm gonna have to chain myself to my painting table. ha I'll try to take a pic here in a little while, but I've got to go plant the rest of my flowers now.

So it sounds like you picked up some fun pieces too! And I'm excited to see what you've been working on. I'll come back later tonight to see if they are up.

DH took off yesterday and worked on the bathroom. Did a second coat of grout, and we got the light fixture done and the toilet installed! Yay. We just have to put the coat of sealer on the tile, put in the baseboards, put up a mirror and put in a sink!! We are inching closer to being finished. ha

Well, you get in there and be quiet housework...I agree it's just too noisy. ha Painting is much quieter. ha Have a good one. I'll be back in a little while after I plant my flowers. ~Anj

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Back again before I go to bed tonight. I got my pic uploaded, it was a fun little project. I like the cute, easy things. The boxes I'm doing are the cardboard type, so I thought it best to seal them first then paint. I've got two coats on the bottoms of all four and just one coat on the tops so far. I also sanded them with some fine sandpaper after the sealer dried--they just seemed sort of rough. I hate the part where I have to wait for base coats to dry before I can proceed. I think I'll do one more basecoat then can start on the fun part.

Hey, good progress on that bathroom, at least you have the toilet again. Everything takes so much work and time, doesn't it?

Just finished up dinner here, and DH is trying to nap until about 10:30 since he has to go to work at 12:00 tonight. I thought I'd check the forums and then go basecoat the boxes again.

What a great day at the TS you had! Your SIL is going to be so thrilled about that wallpaper you found! And what a great bunch of things for your brother. Will you wait until Christmas to give them to him? I can't wait to see your chandy--what a great price. I love the one I found and put the teacups and saucers on. My neighbors think it is so neat. Only problem is that they catch the water when it rains, so have to empty and clean them out. My intention was to use votives in them, but they would melt around here in the summertime! LOL

I'll try to get a pic of some of my finds posted for you to see too. I love to see what people find. It is so fun. Since DH will have to sleep tomorrow, I might get a chance to go to the TS that is farther away from us. Haven't been there in a long time since it is sort of out of the way. I keep stopping by the little Discovery Shop TS hoping they will get more of those nice books in. They were like new and cheaper than buying a magazine anymore! Can you believe the ones like Coastal Living and Cottage Living are $9.99 now? Too high for me to justify buying--and they truly are mostly advertizing.

I'm off to check Holidays, then back to the paint room.


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I know what you mean about some of the mags being only ads. I was looking at O (Oprahs mag) at my hairdressers and it was nothing but ads.

I didn't get back here last night, but maybe I'll wait until I come back from the TS today to post all the pics together. ha I love the chandelier. I don't have anywhere indoors I can use it so I'll probably hang it under my back porch and put candles in it. It's a nickle color right now, but thinking of painting it a rust color or black. It has the little crinkly pie pans and fake drippy candles on it. It is really dirty and has a bunch of spidey webs on it so I'll have to clean it up today.

I will go ahead and give the stuff to my DB. We are always buying stuff for each other. ha He's not married so I help him with decorating his house. ha If he ever does get married our fun will be over.....unless his wife likes wildlife. His idea of decorating is putting his kills up on the wall. ha As soon as you walk in his front door you look up to see a huge elk head staring down at you. ha

Good idea on sealing the boxes. That box I got at the TS a few weeks ago is like that too so I guess I'd better seal it before I start painting it.

OK, I'm off to iron clothes and get these kids in line. Only 5 1/2 more school days until they are out for summer! Happy Hunting today!! :D ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Just wanted to tell you that perhaps it's better to not seal the boxes. I had to do several coats for good coverage, and one of the colors I used just sort of peeled off when I lightly sanded it. Needless to say, I took it all off and went with another paint. Wasn't sure if it was the paint or the sealer. The second color worked just fine. They are posted on the gallery if you want to take a look.

Gosh, you are such a tease! LOL I'm dying here wanting to see your cute little chandelier. Some things like that just appeal to our feminine side don't they? Can't wait till you post pics of your "treasures".

Well, for my next project, I spray painted a couple of pickle jars pink and want to paint some roses on them. Some jars are just so nice, I hate to throw them in the trash. I'm probably gonna have to have a yard sale someday to get rid of my extra stuff. LOL


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Hey, I was thinking the same thing about the garage sale. ha I'm running out of room inside and out. ha Soon I'll have my poor brothers houses filled as well. ha

I know, sorry I haven't posted the pic yet. My camera is dead. ha I've had it charging so maybe I can get some pics up later this afternoon. I picked up just a couple more things at the TS. I got two Americana pictures that I'll probably hang on my back porch and a star and I think that's it. ha Oh and I picked up a couple of pattern could I forget that. ha I'll put as many of my recent purchases as possible in my pics. My name is Angela and I'm a Thriftaholic. ha I'll also take a pic of my washboard even though I'm not happy with it and will most likely repaint it. It turned out too dark.

Thanks for the tip on the box. I guess I'll give it a good once over with some white flat spraypaint and see if that will work. Do you think it will? It was only a $1 I think so if I ruin it I won't be too upset. ha

Oh, I found 2 spoons at the TS the other day, but I didn't get them. ha They had wooden turned handles. I walked around with them for a while, put them back, went and got them again, put them back. ha I probably should have gotten them and I could have put a eye hook in the top of the wood to hang it since it wouldn't bend of course. Big sigh. Oh well. I've got too many projects as it is right now and there will always be spoons. ha

Your jars sound cute and I'm sure they'll turn out pretty. You are just a painting fool lately. ha I'm so glad. Hope you don't run out of steam any time soon. How is DH doing with those late shifts? We know you've been productive at least. ha

I better run. I gotta take DD over to her friends house. They are going to a movie together and then to a b-day party and then on to another friends house for a sleepover. She's a teenager so constantly on the go. I had to take her shopping today. Man o man! ha These kids are growing out of clothes faster than I can buy them. I'll try to get back later with those pics. :) ~Anj

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Ahhh! Teenagers in the house--I do remember those years with my son and his friends. Almost always had four or five boys around the table playing games or eating--lots of eating! LOL

I had to laugh about your spoons! I do that same thing sometimes! Usually talk myself out of things by saying "now where are you going to put this?" or "you know you are running out of storage space already." LOL

I think the spray paint should work fine on your box. I think I was being too paranoid about it and made it harder than it should have been!

We had a neighborhood movie night tonight. Was sort of fun. Neighbor on the corner set up a projector and showed cartoons and a movie. Even had a popcorn machine. All of us took potluck items and it turned out well. There were 15 of us. He's going to have it the last Friday of each month. Hope more will come next month, should be warmer by then. We were sort of huddled around the firepit after the sun went down!

I worked on my two jars this afternoon. Not quite finished yet. If I want to do one with a clear oval on the front and spray paint over the rest, how would you do that? I keep thinking maybe an oval cut out of contact paper. Do you think that would work? Saw some on a blog with roses painted around the oval. Thought it would be great to be able to see the contents.

I'm yawning, think I'll get off here and think about going to bed.



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anjabee were up late! I think the contact paper would work, but is it too sticky? Or are you talking about the new shelf paper that's sticky, but not too sticky, kind of like painters tape sticky. ha I think that would work too. Sounds like it's gonna be really cute.

I do the pick up and put down thing all the time, but as you can see by my other post I don't put back much. ha I just can't bear to leave them there in the "junk pile". ha If it's cute I feel like I have to "rescue" it. ha

Your movie night sounds so fun. What a nice neighbor to get you all together like that. So it was outside? What's the temp there at night now? We are still in the 40's.

I had to get up this morning and help my mom do some flowers for tables at a funeral luncheon at our church this afternoon. I just ate a bowl of cereal and I guess I'd better get myself busy for the day.

I tried to take picture of that stupid washboard yesterday, but it just wasn't working. Every one of them were blurry. I'll have to try again maybe outside in the sunshine. We are planting our garden today and working outside. Some friends asked us over for a bbq, but we have too much work around here to do. You have a good Saturday. ~Anj

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