Thought I'd share these

luvstocraftMay 16, 2010

Just a couple of quick projects with the Cricut cutter.

Was given the little box some time ago, and since it had wire mesh in the top, decided to make it a bug box for little GD. She's always collecting snails or caterpillars or moths.

I couldn't believe how quick and easy the little garden sign went. Painting the piece of wood took longer than all the rest! This just has Mod Podge on it, but I'm going to pick up the "outdoor" Mod Podge on my next trip to Michael's just to be safe. I used vinyl on this one and like it better than the cardstock since it is lots thinner.

Hope you enjoy seeing my projects--not painting exactly, but something to look at anyway!


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Luvs, you are making so many signs with your Cricut Cutter.

Did GD see her Bug Box yet? Does she like to collect bugs or is this a new project for you two? Fun cutouts on it.

The garden sign is so pretty. I really like the colors you choose and dragon flies, both look great on this sign.


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Ok, computer acting weird. There is a space for the pics, but showing blank. I mean blank...not even a red x where the picture should be. I'll try back later to see them.

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Luvs....Cute "crittter" box, bet your DGD is going to love filling it!

Love the font you used on the garden sign. Didn't know that they had a Mod Podge for outdoor things. Do you still have to seal it?

Thanks for sharing!


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Belle, I've only recently heard about the outdoor Mod Podge, so don't know all the details on it yet. I don't usually use sealer over it unless it still feels a bit tacky after drying overnight. I like the kind that is white and dries clear. The gloss one stinks too much! LOL

Anj, sorry your computer is giving you troubles. The pics are there, haven't moved them or anything. Hope you can see when you come back.


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Ah-ha! I can see! haha How cute! She is going to have fun filling her bug box!! ha My kids would have it full of rolly polly's. Love the garden sign too! Where are you coming up with all your cute ideas? Are they with the cartridges or are you just designing your own things? Super cute either way!! ~Anj

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