Mother's Day week

luvstocraftMay 4, 2010

The other post was getting a bit long, so thought I'd get us a new one going.

So Mother's Day is coming up. Hope all of you will get to be with your families and have an enjoyable day. Mine will be "interesting" this year, we're going to go play Lazer Tag! My DS and his family went recently and he thought I would have fun doing it too. My DIL says it was lots of fun and little GD says I can be on her team--can't pass on a deal like that! ;o)

Here's a couple of my latest Cricut projects. The USA blocks are just old 2x4's so kinda rough. I made them reversible, but think the S on the back side is too bright so will probably find a different red paper and redo it.

Not all projects turn out good--I don't like the green sign at all. Maybe it's because I'm just not a "green" lover, or maybe I just like the scrapbook paper backgrounds better. It'll go in my "excess" box that I offer to friends/family who visit--maybe someone will want it someday! LOL

Today is movie day, so will have to see if there's anything we want to see--we didn't go last week for that reason!

Hope everyone's weather is getting nicer and that each of you have a great week.


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Another "any weather you!" day. We pulled the limbs out of the pond yesterday and "Mother Nature" showed us our work wasn't done yet, more downed branches this morning. DH didn't get out last evening to feed the doves and I had one peek in at me just a minute ago, was clinging to the window frame, guess they know who butters their bread.

Luvs....thanks for the ideas for my stars, I checked out the sites you mentioned, not quite what I want....well maybe....most primatives are just not my style but I do like most Americana. I like the antiqued look and I liked you suggestions of using Deco Pauge.......whatever it is stuff. Gonna check out the paper while in town tomorrow.

I like your blocks and sign, I like that the blocks are two sided, pretty anywhere you put them! I like the colors and saying on you sign, only thing I might change would be the bows, they kind of draw the eye away from the lettering or may be they seem box in the saying. How did it look without them?

I plan to (hopefully) finish my leaves today and may be get a start on the strokes. Been putting it off long enough!

Looks like Anj and Punk are busy as ever. I had a conference with my DD after Sunday dinner, she is planning a really fantastic graduation party for our one and only. She has it so well planned that she know how much of what to buy and when to make what. She only wanted to tap my catering knowledge and volunteered me to make a couple of last minute cooked things. Gotta get those pennies wrapped.

Need to get moving again or my bones will freeze in this shape! Stay Well!


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That is neat about the graduation party. Your post about the pennies reminded me of a story to tell you. My DH has a big thick jar beside the nightstand in our bedroom. He emptys his pockets and puts all the pennies in that jar. (silver goes in another container) Anyway it is nearly full, and little GD was checking it out one day. He told her that when she is big enough to carry it to the living room, she can have them all. Of course she tries from time to time--but one day I went in there and the jar was all the way down to the foot of the bed. When I inquired about it, she said "Gramma, can you just leave it there and next time I'll move it some more?" Just cracked me up that she was figuring out a way to get it to the living room! She's only five, but I'm sure she will keep trying until she can actually carry it in there! LOL

I stuck the bows on that board because I discovered nail holes in it and hoped to cover them up. I think I will take the bows off and just trim the wood to get rid of the nail holes. (Yes, I know I should have filled them in before I started--was just being lazy--then end up having to do more work anyway! LOL

Sorry to hear you are still getting storms. Feel a bit sorry for the poor trees too! However, I sure hope none are close enough to your house or cars to do any damage.

We had to go for a smog test and to get the new tags for my Jeep today. And I'm already working on another project, but haven't gotten very far yet. I need to do a One Stroke project next--it is so much faster than regular painting I think.

Will chat more later. Hope the other two get a chance to come by as well.


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What a wonderful day! Anj...posted the quote which fits us all so well, then Bebe and her DGD and her bear, so precious and now you and your DGD and her pennies, how cute! So by stopping here this morning I have had something to think about, a tear and now laughter, what a wonderful way to start a day!

We do have several trees that are on the power companys right of way that we are asking them to remove, they had agreed but need time to schedule them. The trees became a problem when several other tree were removed from the group, trees are stronger in their original grouth groups. Because of the creek, power lines and our home, they will have to be removed in sections.

We went shopping yesterday and craft wise NOTHING! Got more supplies for the yard make over.....ouch! more work!

DGS and I are going to the "theater" on Friday, hope he like the play. It is a take off of the trial of Darwinism being taught in our school. How different from schools of today. Darwin is in and Creation is out and all since 1925.

Our DGS will be spending the weekend (senior project is finally done and we get him back more often) and the "guys" are working on the yard while I am going to his house for the "sisters luncheon." Don't know if I trust them alone in my yard...but free labor is free labor. Maybe it will rain during the luncheon.....darn!!! get the soap, wash my mouth out, did I say hoping for rain!

Gonna do some sit down jobs today, making some new liners for several baskets and new cases for two large pilows for my day bed.

Take care!


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Finished up a couple more little block projects. They are fairly quick and easy. Just going to sit them on end tables or shelves for the appropriate time.

Belle, you made me laugh with your wishing for rain. The guys just don't always "see" things in the same way we do, right? LOL

Well, Anj, did stop by with that great quote, but looks like she didn't have time to look at our latest projects or bring us up to date on what's happening with her.

And Punk must be working from sun up to sun down--so glad her businesses are doing so well but sorry she doesn't have more time for chatting with us.

I've got a little project started so should get in there and paint a bit before bedtime.

Here's the little blocks.


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Only have a DD is trial running her graduation party menu on the Sister Luncheon and I have the deserts so I can't be late.

Luvs....looks like we are the only ones with spare time. Took DGS to the "theater" last night and what a wonderful play..."Inherit the Wind" He was really surprised, his 3rd grade teacher was the defense lawyer and did a spendid job.

Well you take care and miracles of miracles we have sunshine!


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Hello! Can't believe the whole week went by and I didn't get here to chat. Been extremely busy and had a sick kiddo this week as well. We will finally get a nice warm day today and I will be spending most of it spray painting the castle. ha Hopefully it will start coming together quickly after that. DS is totally not interested so having to force him to work on it. Birthday parties, scout acitivites, cousins and friends are way more exciting than working on school projects.
Luvs~ I love all your block projects! They all look so great. Now I'm wanting a cricut. ha
Funny stories about the g-kids. They can come out with some stuff. My 5yr old watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame yesterday for the first time and I was telling her how it was her older sister's favorite movie and she used to think that Phoebus was cute. She says "Well, I think Phoebus is like a booger know....the guys nobody wants to date." She is always making me laugh.
Well, I actually got to sleep in this morning so I'd better get up and get busy. I have the same sign I was working on last week to finish up. It's looking pretty good, just need some time to put on one more coat and add 2 more things to it. Ya'll have a good weekend. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you all! My DH is cooking his famous ribs for me tomorrow and I'm sure the kids will come up with something. Already got a teacup with some flowers planted in it from my oldest DD. Still haven't decided what I'm doing for my own mother. Ya'll enjoy your day with family. I'll try to get here more next week! Belle~ take it easy with all that work load you have going. Don't over do it! Luvs~ keep us updated on the newest movies! I heard that Iron Man 2 was awesome! Can't wait to see it. Keep showing us your cricut creations too. I really enjoy them. Glad ya'll are getting to work in your yards. Still been too chilly and rainy here to do much. I've got a lot of weeding to do when it warms up. So far I've only gotten one bed done. Punk~ miss ya here! Talk to ya'll soon! ~Anj

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Hi Belle, I knew your DGS would enjoy the play--bet he really enjoyed seeing his former teacher in it too! I am always amazed at the scenery changes for live plays--they change things so quickly and don't even miss a beat!

Sounds like you have a busy day planned, don't overdo it, but have a good time, okay?

Too bad the other gals aren't able to take a few minutes to stop by, sure hope they have a nice Mother's Day.

Glad your weather is nice finally, know you will enjoy it and be out there working on the yard. I've already deadheaded my roses, and the shrub roses in my front planters have just burst open this week and are so loaded with blooms--love it! I love this time of the year, have to really enjoy it before it gets too hot to enjoy being outside.

I'll check back in tonight.


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