Happy Mother's Day!

anjabeeMay 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to all you special ladies here! Hope you get treated extra special today!! My hubby is making my favorite...cajun ribs and the kids have something special planned (shhh...the little one gave it away!) ha I'm sure we'll have a fun day. Hope you all do too spending the day with family. ((hugs)) to you all! ~Anj

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Thanks Anj, I just responded to Belle's post over on discussions too.

The little ones just have such a hard time keeping "secrets" don't they? My little GD can't keep one either! Ahhh, just enjoy these special times with the four of them--the years go by all too fast! Those ribs sound delicious--you are so lucky to have a DH who cooks! ;o)

We're off to play Lazer Tag today--Mom's play free! Little GD is so excited because I told her I wanted to be on her "team". I'm excited to be doing something new--I'll let you all know how it goes!

Hugs, Luvs

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Sounds like everyone so far is having a great day..... Don't you just love how little kids think they are being so secretive. Our DGS spend the weekend and our DD and her hubby come out with food enough for 20 people, they helped work in the yard and DH and I went pond hole hunting and WE FOUND THE HOLE! We started where we thought the hole might be and had worked 3/4 of the way around when we found it. Only it wasn't a hole is was a slash, maybe a board got dropped or something sharp made a cut 7" long, no wonder we were loosing a lot of water. It is now patched and in a couple of hours we can fill the pond and hope this was the only leak! So for me this is one super Mother's Day!


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Glad ya'll had a good day. Luvs...want to hear all about your adventure. I think we both posted at the same time on the other thread! ha Claudia~ so glad ya'll found that leak! What a lot of work. It's almost 2am. Just up for a sec with the dog. C ya'll tomorrow....or later today as the case may be. ha ~A

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Belle, I'm soooo glad you found that hole! I know that has been such a mystery and so much work for you. Did you and your DH jump up and down for joy when you located it?

Nice that your DGS and your DD were all able to come out. That is great that they help with the yard work too. Many hands make light the load as the saying goes.

Anj, guess it's like having a new baby in the house, huh? Instead of the 2 o'clock feeding--it's the potty break!

We had so much fun yesterday. The laser tag was just like playing in a real life video game--inside, semi dark, maze like area. Two teams protect their own base and try to strike against the other teams base. You score points each time you hit the enemy, then at the end there is a winning team and individual scores. Mom's played free, so DH and I played three games, our DS,DIL, and GD played five! Two other couples/friends of DS and DIL, and their kids, were there also. You can watch a little video clip if you google Laser Island. They also have mini golf and a climbing wall, and there's a snack bar and restaurant. DS' friends think it is too cool that DH and I will come do that kind of thing with all of them! We're crazy I know, but just like to stay up on what's new and what the younger set are doing. We then had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant then DH and I came home and took a little nap! LOL

My Mother's Day gift was a new Cricut cartridge so now I can do even more designs! I'd better get busy, huh? LOL

I've got to do some vacuuming and laundry today, then maybe I can work on my little garden sign I'm painting--still in the base coating stage. I'll have to play a bit with the new cartridge too, I'm sure. I'm sure the day will go all too fast!

Hope you all have great weather and a fun day too. TTYL


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Luvs...just dropped in to let you know that I got a email from Michaels, they are having a sale on cricut cartridges.

Raining again so its inside work today and the pond seems to be "holding it's water" just fine!


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Hi everyone, been missing all of you and sooo much going on in my life. Don't have time to write that chapter but got some papers signed today so things should be going well soon. Have early morning meeting so need to get to bed.

Belle, so glad you found that hole and hope it filled well with no other issues.

Luvs, lazer tag sounds like fun. New Cricut cartridge is a wonderful gift for you.

Anj, how was the ribs? Sounds yummy.

I'll check back when I have more time to chat.


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Good Morning!

It is sunny and bright out this morning. Wonder of Wonders...we just had an eagle land in our yard, although I not a happy camper. I feed birds and we have a lot of Morning Doves all year round and in the spring and fall we have flocks of Ringed Neck Pigeons arrive and seem to stay for weeks. Just a few minutes ago they all flew up and here swoops in this eagle, sadly he caught one of the pigeons and after hopping around for a few seconds, off he flew. He was so beautiful! I didn't even think about my camera! DH believes the eagles has a nest close by as we see them quite often. I just hope this doesn't become his/her feed station.

Luvs...so how's it going with the new cartridge? Are they different patterns or what? Haven't a clue about them.

I thought lazer tag was just that...playing tag...like running. I googled lazer tag and it sound like fun. And playing in teams sound like even more fun.

Glad Punk dropped in, and Anj as well! Spring does seem to be such as busy time. We are still working in the yard and I think things are looking better. Yesterday I re-potted my tomatoes, green peppers and zucchini. My sunflowers are up as well as the cucumbers, but not ready for the big pots yet. I'm not planting any handing baskets...they just don't do well, I think they get to much sun. My wisteria is leafing out but no buds yet, it is a little late this year.
Told DH that I didn't feel like I had gotten very much done, more break time than work time, and he said that as long as my break times aren't as long as my work time he feels we are OK. Today is mowing and trimming day. May be I can start a new project this afternoon, I have several new flowers I want to try.

Take Care!


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Hey guys....been raining and in the 40's all week here. No planting or yard work for me yet. Still been working on the castle. Almost had it finished and ready to turn in today, but DS called me from school sick yesterday. High fever, bad headache. Ran fever all night so got up and took him to the dr this morning. Wasn't strep like I thought it might be but he has tonsillitis. Not feeling well at all. Dr put him on antibiotics. So looks like we'll have thru the weekend for him to finish up the castle to turn in on Monday.
Sorry I haven't been here much. I swear it's just one thing after another. This weekend is supposed to be sunny and 70 so I'll need to get out in the yard and pull some weeds. All this rain has them growing like...well weeds. lol
Luvs~ DH has taken my kids laser tagging a few times. I didn't go because I figured all that running and jumping around wouldn't be too good for my back. If you tell me it's not too bad I may have to go try it next time.
Punk...glad you got to stop in.
Claudia~ sounds like you are getting plenty done. I wouldn't worry about those breaks! Gosh, I love my doves and wouldn't want any eagles (no matter how beautiful) sweeping in and eating them. We have some that come back and nest in our tree every year. They are the peach colored mourning doves that have the beautiful cooing. Now my mom has one of those ringed doves in a cage in her house. It was dying in my brothers yard cause it can't fly (nothing visibly wrong with it) and couldn't get food for itself. That thing sounds like an escapee from a mental hospital!! It's cooing sounds like maniacal laughter! I don't know how they listen to it day in and day out. Drives me nuts when I'm there visiting. Anyway, they are beautiful so hope your eagle friend stays away.

Ok, gotta go for now. Ya'll have a great weekend. We are going out with friends tomorrow night to dinner and to see Ironman 2. Looking forward to it. ~Anj

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Belle, how fantastic that you had an eagle in your yard. Not many people can say that I'll bet! ;o) Sorry he was after the other birds though--I thought they would mostly look for field mice or something. You sound like me, I get up thinking I'm going to get all kinds of things done, and run out of steam quickly. At the end of the day, I feel pretty good if I've at least accomplished "something". ;o(

Anj, there's no running in Laser tag--you just move around dodging behind walls to avoid the other team while trying to score points on them and hopefully get to their "base" to score the big points. The "team" with the most points wins of course, and you get individual points too. You should try it at least once. I'll bet your boys really like it--sort of like being in one of the video games! LOL

Little GD turned 6 this week. Time sure goes by fast! This is a busy month for their family--Mother's Day, Anniversary, and little one's birthday all in one week! They decided to celebrate her birthday this weekend, so even though she's gotten to open a couple of presents and blown out a candle on a cupcake and ice cream sandwich--we are going out to dinner and then doing cake and presents tonight, then they are going away for the weekend. She stayed with us last night while her folks went out for their anniversary--kept asking for "hints" as to what her presents were! The suspence is hard at that age.

I painted a couple little garden signs, I need to seal them then I can snap a pic to share.

Yes, Belle, each cartridge has different fonts or graphics or words so you can make different things. One that I chose cuts out paper dolls and all kinds of outfits for them. Figured little GD and our neighbor's niece would have fun with it. I just finished a little garden sign with some dragonflies and a monogramed plate--I'll snap a pic if anyone wants to see.

Gotta go get my shower and get busy. TTYL


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Hi Everyone, thought I would take a minute and get caught up on all the latest things going on in your lives.

Luvs, sounds like you've been doing alot of celebrating. What a fun time for you. Little GD is 6 now and will be in 1st grade now?

Did you get your get your signs sealed so you can post for us? I never varnish before posting and know they look better when finished but sometimes it takes me several projects before I take the time. Your new cart. sounds like a fun thing for the girls alright.

Anj, laughed when reading about your mom's dove. Maybe her hearing it's what it used to be.haha Hope DS is feeling better with his tonsillitis. I had to have DD taken out when she was in high school. It seemed like we were going to the doctor every other week before we have them removed.

Hope you have time to take a picture of the castle for us. I love most projects the kids make. Always amazes me how talented they are at such a young age.

Belle, what flowers are you painting next? I can hardly wait to see more after seeing your beautiful pansies.

I cheated and bought some plants so I sure hope they make it. I put wall o waters around some of them so if it freezes they should be ok. I planted everything from seed too but it has been cold so I didn't know if the growing season will be long enough without a start for some.

I seem to be taking more breaks than I did last year. Guess the important thing is like your DH said, break times aren't as long as work time.LOL I did spray some of the weeds to help me out today.

Best get off here and finish some ironing so I can do more outside tomorrow.


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Hey ya'll. Glad to hear from everyone. I am gonna try to get some painting done today. Hopefully will have something to show for it by the end of the day. I will post pics of the castle when it's done. Read the prescription again last night and found out I wasn't giving DS his meds right. No wonder he wasn't getting over it faster. Hoping he's better today and can finish the castle. Has to hand it in tomorrow so better get done with it. ha
I got some weeding done yesterday. Luvs~ was wondering if you could tell me the name of the weed killer you told me about last year that will kill the weeds but not your plants. Wanna put some down when I'm done. DH took me to In & Out Burger last night. It was a really good burger. Then we went to see IronMan 2. It was as good as the first one so no disappointment there. Went to visit with my brother for a little while after that so a nice date for me. I'd better go so I can get some things done and start painting.
Ya'll have a good day! ~A

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Hi all,
Anj, hope the new dose does something more for DS. Opps, huh? Will be looking forward to seeing the castle.

I don't know what Luvs uses for weeds but Preen works well once the weeds are cleared out. I also use Post to stop the grass in my flower beds. It doesn't kill anything except grass.

Burger and Movie night went well it sounds like so glad you enjoyed that and a visit w/DB.

Hope you had time to do some painting today. I detailed the autos so that was the biggest part of my day. We took the beamer for a little drive tonight with the top down and visited with some friends along the way. Kinda fun when you get to be our age.LOL


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