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luvstocraftMay 24, 2008

Good morning. Looks like the rains are over here and we have sunshine, but it is a bit chilly still. I'm always thankful for any rains we get here in So. Calif.--hate it when we have droughts and water rationing like we did a few years ago.

Anj, I enjoyed hearing about your shooting abilities--had no idea that was something you were interested in. Gosh, I haven't shot a gun since I was a teenager. Yes, I still remember the sore shoulder it can cause! LOL

I worked on my garden signs a bit yesterday. Just need to do the final details and it will be finished. Maybe a pic will be posted early in the week.

My dogs let me sleep in this morning which was a nice surprise! Usually, they start "woofing" at me around 6:30 or 7:00, but not a "woof" until 8:00 today! ;o) One of them is laying on the floor as I type on here--I like that, he keeps my feet warm. LOL

Did you see Bebe's post? She and her painting friends are off to the Painting convention. Bet that is fun to see all the new products and actually meet the artists. Usually new books get released after convention too, so I always start watching for them.

Well, I'd better go check the other forum and then get busy. I'll talk to you soon.


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Morning! The weatherman predicted rain for the rest of the week until Memorial Day, but I didn't see a drop yesterday and today the sun is out and it's already 50 so I'm thinking it's gonna be a nice day.

My DH, Dad and brother are taking my 3 oldest kids out skeet shooting today. I'm staying home with the youngest and I'm gonna see if my DM wants to go to the TS. ha Being from the South I grew up around guns and knowing how to shoot. My DH, Dad and brothers are all big hunters. I just surprised myself that I did so well after not having shot one in so long. Been like 10+ years. My DD is wanting to go hunting with her dad so she needs to get familiar with guns this summer and of course she'll have to go thru the gun safety course.

I did see Bebe's post. Sounds like neither rain, nor sleet, nor kidney stone will keep her from her convention. hahaha She's gonna have so much fun.

Must be some weird cosmic kids let me sleep in this morning too. ha I made it til almost 9am! I was tired too cause we didn't get home until after midnight last night. We went out to eat and to see the new Indiana Jones movie, then stopped for ice cream on the way home. A lady was having problems with her car in the parking lot and we stopped to help her so that's why we were home so late.

I hear my mom coming up the stairs so I need to go see if she's interested in going with me to the TS. I'll let you know if I get any good finds. ha Have a great Saturday! Did the tornado warnings pass? ~Anj

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