Happy Trails Luvs!!

anjabeeMay 18, 2009

Luvs~ hope you got off ok and have a great trip. We'll look forward to hearing from you along the way.

Hope the rest of you ladies had a good weekend. I got in some painting, but I'm working on 3 projects at once and don't have any completed.

This will be a short one to start off the week. I'll try to get back here later today. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I am getting ready for bed with a killer headache but thought I would stop by and see what is happening. I am working on my paint room but I have a long way to go. I don't want to start anymore projects until I finish the ones I started already. I am updating my room and I think I will paint my desk and finish painting my bookcase. I thought yall might like to see my inspiration. This is a blog from a lady named Celestina. She is a decorative painter also. Her studio is done in black and white toile. I thought it was so pretty. I purchased about 12 yeards of pink toile about 4 months ago just to cover the chairs in my kitchen. But I have plenty left over and thought it would be nice in my little studio. So, it may be a while before I am finished since I have company next week and will use the room for one of the beds. As soon as I am finished, I will post pictures.

Luvs, have a good time on your trip. Post when you get a chance.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://larearose.blogspot.com/

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Bebe...hope a little rest will cure your headache. I really love those inspriation pics! I'm a big fan of black furniture and I love the black toile, but I'd have to add some red in there too. ha Can't live without my red. I'll definitely look forward to seeing your finished room.

My projects have entailed a little woodworking which I'm not that great at still being a beginner with the saw so I'm slow. Getting close to completion, just need some time to work on them.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and will get to check in. Belle~ sure hope your foot is feeling tons better this week. =) ~Anj

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Hi All,

My computer has been a nightmare lately, it goes off line every two minutes. I called yesterday and told the phone co. I wasn't impressed and haven't had an issue since. They told me I need new filters and a new router but it's amazing, I didn't do anything and it is working like new ever since I talked with them yesterday.

Bebe, it's so great to having you here posting so much and it'll be fun to see your finished room. I see why Celestina inspires you and thanks for sharing.

Anj, hope you find some time to finish up your projects this week. DD wants to go spend the weekend at the cabin so I don't think I'll paint anything this week. I's sounds like a wonderful change to go fishing and riding with no phones, TV, etc.

Hope Luvs trip is going great so far and she's able to check in with us soon. And Belle needs to GET WELL and start having some fun.

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Hey Ya'll!! Happy Wednesday! I was out and about this morning early. Had to go to my DS's band concert and then decided to run down to the TS. I found the cutest paintbook EVA for 25cents! It's called Trick or Turkey by Jeff Goodsell. Oh my gosh! I LOVE IT! He has the cutest big nosed characters! I want to start on one right now! ha I don't know if I've ever even heard of Jeff Goodsell before, but I am so stoked to get this book. I also got one by Tonya Kennedy (who I have heard of) called Snowflakes Are Still in the Air. It's got some really cute patterns too. Just thought I'd share my good finds with ya'll today.
Punk...have fun camping! It's nice to get away sometimes. We are thinking of doing a backyard campout for Memorial Day with the kids. All the comforts of home just a few steps away. ha It's DH's and my 17th wedding anniversary this weekend! I totally forgot! We are going away somewhere and leaving the kids with g-ma so I'm not sure if I'll get my painting day Friday or not. Depends on when we leave. Was hoping to have something for ya'll to look at on the board this week. Sigh.

Well, I've got to go, but I'll drop in here and there as I can. =) ~Anj

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I love Tonya Kennedy's painting and have that book. I'll have to go check out Jeff Goodsell's book. That's my sis's name and she is a kick! He doesn't sound familiar but he must be good from the sound of your excitement. So happy for you.

Hope your anniversary is a fun time for the two of you. It takes alot to get there now days so enjoy and know that you deserve the getaway. You have 4 wonderful children and it takes alot of hard work and dedication to raise children today. Wish we could of been so lucky. Let us know how you end up celebrating and the back yard sounds like a great place with all the comforts of home if you need some. It always rains some here so that's enough to make me want to go home most years.

We were married 37 years last Dec. and I have a big beautiful diamond ring from the celebration. DH told me when we first married, he would never buy me flowers. I told him that was fine he could buy diamonds.LOL I've given DD several of my diamonds so she can enjoy while I'm still here to know how much she appreciates them.

It's been cold out the last couple of days so I'm hoping it warms up enough to enjoy the cabin. SIL loves to fish so he'll enjoy no matter what the weather is. I love roasting marshmellows but only to a golden brown.

I have to buy another frige and I think I want a satina side by side with bottom freezer. Do any of you have one and do you like it or do I want another side by side? Of all the things to buy I sure didn't want it to be a frige but I don't have a choice unless I put my white side by side back in here.

I'm still so happy for you and your find Anj. Wish we had a place with used painting books around here. I've left and came back to many times so will close for now. Need to do dishes any way.


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Happy Anniversary Anj. Today is my 43rd anniversary to the same husband! I was only 16 when I married, had my first child at 17 and my second at 21. Even though I was so young when I married, I still finished high school, attended some college (was very hard to do with 2 small children), retired early at the age of 56 and now I am just enjoying life with the grandchildren and my painting.

Punk, that was nice of your hubby to give you a dianmond ring. We couldn't afford flowers but my husband saved and gave me my diamond ring on our 5th anniversary. It was 1 1/2 carat on a single gold band and I was too scared to wear it. It took a while for me to actually wear it full time. Now that I am older it is the only diamond ring I wear, I gave my others to my daughter and DIL. I also wanted to see them enjoy them before I died.

The fridge sounds really nice. I am waiting for mine to die so I can get the French door type with freezer on the bottom. I hate the side by side, can never get a big pan in it which is especially hard when we have parties.

Now, about books. I have a bag of books I am going to list on the "exchange" site. I have tried to give them away at our club but everyone has so many already. They may not be anything you are interested in but you never know. I will start taking pictures and listing them next week. Several years ago a shop in town closed and sold all their painting books for 25 cents. I picked up 2 copies of everything and gave them away as door prizes at our meeting. Some of the titles are:

Scentimental Accents - Judy Krause
Calendars by Pauline Rodriquesz
Country Dimensions by Sherry Robinson
Holy Cow I'm in the mood to Paint by Kim Russell
Moo Oink Moo by Gaye Shoell, Emily Dinsdale
Moosweek by Rose Calton
Chick Bloom Chick by Gaye Shoell, Emily Dinsdale
I like Folk Art by Doxie Keller and Norma Riddell
Making Pretty by Michele Deaton
Country and Calico by Doxie Keller
Country and Calico #2 by Doxie Keller
Petrikivka Ukrainian Heritage by Rose Tanasichuk
Folk Art Country Painting by Doxie Keller

I think there will be more when I go through my filing cabinet.

Now I just have to take pics. Talk to yall later.

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Morning all...I miss our Luvs!! Hope she is able to check in soon!
Today is my anniversary. Didn't know DD had to go to school today. The rest of us are off. She woke me up at the crack of dawn and scared me half to death. Good thing she had her alarm set cause I had turned mine off thinking I could sleep in. Wrong. ha I may be able to paint today and hopefully finish up my little projects. DH is planting the garden, but he may want me to help him....we'll see. Now I don't know if we are actually going away for the weekend. Some things have come up so we may just go out tonight to see Wolverine and dinner? Who knows. Anyway, we are doing a BBQ Monday and that I know for sure. ha We are doing chicken, hotdogs and sausage, potato salad, regular salad, corn on the cob, poke cake and homemade ice cream. What are ya'll doing this weekend? Punk is camping right?
Bebe~ I have a lot of those books you listed. I'll pop over to Exchanges and see if you've got them posted yet. Still need to find time to go thru mine. I need more hours in the day. Can someone put that order in for me?

Ok, I'm outta here. Guess I've got to cook a good breakfast since the gang's all here excepting DD. Ya'll have a good holiday. Luvs...check in soon!! ~Anj

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Hey, I'm finally able to post on here! I tried a couple of times while we were on the road, but it was so slooooow that I just didn't have enough patience! We are at our destination in Missouri and will be visiting family and going to the reunion. We plan to stick around here for three or four weeks so we can visit cemetaries and spend some one on one time with family.

Thank you all for thinking of me, I really missed visiting on here while I had my morning coffee.

Anj, congratulations on your anniversary. It's really something to be proud of when you've made it together all these years--through good times and bad.

Bebe, happy anniversary to you too. Just like you, I'm on #43 and can't believe we've actually known each other 46 years! Gosh, does that ever make me feel old! LOL Today we stopped by the Dairy Queen where we first met. Funny to think that if I hadn't come to stay with my sister that summer so I could earn money for my senior year, we probably would never have met! Must have been fate right? LOL

I'm sure glad Bebe and Diane have been able to post a few items. I doubt that I'll have anything until I get back home the end of June.

Anj, congrats on finding some new books. That is always so fun.

Bebe, I'll check out the exchange forum to see pics of the books you listed. I recognize some of the artists, but not sure if I have some of them or not. I posted a few over there, but they must be duds--no takers except Retiree 43, but she's never sent me her address! ;o(

Better get off here and get ready for bed. Will be a busy day tomorrow, and I'm so excited to see my sisters and neice. I'll try to get on here as often as I can.


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Hello Everyone, Hope all of you had a great weekend. Mine was to short but it will be a short work week so that will be nice. I had a client tonight and finished early so this is a nice change. I have another client tomorrow evening also.

Luvs, So glad to hear you made it. Sounds like your going to be having alot of fun visiting. Will you be traveling around Missouri or do all of the relatives live close together? Reunions are so fun. My family is having one in South Dakota next month but I won't be able to make it.

Bebe so happy that you have had time to spend with GK. I pushed my GD on the swing so much this past weekend that I got really good at doing underdogs again. Just when I thought I had outgrown that she convinced me to try and I still have it in me. LOL Did you do anything special for your anniversary?

Anj, how did your anniversary weekend go? Did you have a camp out with the kids? We didn't get much rain here which was different than most years.

Here's a couple of little characters I painted years ago for the cabin. We are Grizzly fans and there's always fishing when were at the cabin.

My corn is finally starting to pop up in the garden but I think it needs more water than it's getting. It's a little sparce so I may have to fill in some. Nothing else has popped through which is kinda disappointing.

Belle, sure miss hearing from you. How are you doing?

I just realized this is a new week and I'm posting to the old post. I'm going to get off here and head to the painting room to see what I want to start on or finish. LOL Punk

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