Good morning Ladies

luvstocraftMay 11, 2009

Good morning to you all. Hope everyone enjoyed Mother's Day. So what's on everyone's plate for this week? Some fun stuff, I hope.

I'm down to the final week before we head off on our trip, so lots to get done this week. I started my list so hopefully I won't forget anything!

I'll be back later to see if any of you have had a chance to post. Hope you have a great day.


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Morning Luvs, I am working on several small plaques - mostly painting beach scenes. I did one yesterday with pink roses for my DIL, she will hang it in her office. I put her name and "Speech" on it - she is a speech pathologist with the school system. I still have not organized my painting room. It needs to be painted and purged and decorated - but it is so hard to get started. Once I do I know I won't stop til it is finished. I hope to make that a summer project.

I won't be taking a "vacation" until July when I go to Houston for the Expo. But I always have to make a list before I go to make sure everything is done and I don't forget anything. I am not very good at leaving my home and I always get butterflies before I go - isn't that silly? Anyway, I know it will be a fun time.

Take care and will talk to you later.

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Hi, just checking in. Big surprise, I didn't get my project finished this weekend. Too much stuff going on. So sorry for the empty promises. =(
I actually laid down for a few minutes Saturday and napped most of the day away. Couldn't believe it. Then we had the wedding reception that night. Sunday had church and then Mother's Day stuff so no time then either. I'll try again this week.

Luvs~ hope you get everything done that you need to before you head out. Who is taking care of your friend while you are gone?? ha

Bebe~ my office/painting room is in need of some spring cleaning too.

oops, kids are home. Later. ~Anj

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Nice to see all of your posts tonight. I'll bet your getting down right excited about your trip Luvs. Your sign for Karen was so neat and fun to read everyones imput.

B, I'm so happy you are painting and posting for us to enjoy. Did you take a picture of you DIL's Speech painting? Hope you will post so we can enjoy if you did. It will be fun to see your beach scenes.

Do you think the butterflies come from always trying to hard to keep on top of things? There is alot of last minute things that need to be tended to. Right now a vacation sounds so good to me but I just got the garden planted so will be keeping up with that.

Anj, It's ok if you nap instead of painting. One can never get to much sleep. I just read that today so I might try to get more rest cuz the pounds seem to be sticking to me lately and I've spent more time in my yard.

DH spray painted some trays fo me to paint on and they don't seem to want to cover very easy. They want to streak instead. Do any of you have any idea why? I could repaint with my acrylics first if it's necessary but I don't want to.

Work has slowed down but will be picking up soon with the digital transition. My frige in the kitchen needs a service call. It doesn't want to go lower than 42 and I have it set for 38. Don't know how long it would of taken for me to discover this if it wasn't digital. haha It's not even 3 years old so didn't expect to have issues. I still have my side by side in the garage so we are using it to get by. Always something...Punk

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Hi me again. Sitting here making out my grocery list. It's shopping day for me. Looking at the calendar and I see the kids only have 3 more weeks until they are out for summer!! Yikes. Time is speeding by. Anyway, I was thinking of dropping in a TS today while I'm out. Been a few weeks since I've been and starting to get withdrawals. ha
They are having a mother daughter dinner tonight at our church so going to that tonight. It's a fiesta theme and the girls learned a Mexican dance to perform for us. Should be fun.
Someone smashed our mailbox last night. I swear the thing has a magnet that attracts cars to it. Just reminded me that I need to add that to my shopping list for mailbox. Anybody know how the rubbermaid ones hold up?

Punk~Hope you get your fridge fixed. We couldn't live without our second fridge either. We go thru milk so much we should probably think about having a cow. ha Being able to store 4 gallons at a time in the second fridge sure saves some trips to the store.
I must have needed the nap cause I usually don't sleep that long when I take one. May need one today. 4 yr old had a bad dream and slept with us last night so you know that means I didn't sleep much curved around the bottom half of the bed.
Was the spraypaint DH used matte? If not then that may be the problem? Hope you get it figured out.

Luvs~ hope you are getting your list of to-do's whittled down.

My turn in the shower finally so need to go. Ya'll have a good day if I don't get back here. ~Anj

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Good morning! I'm a bit late getting on here this morning, it's sort of overcast this morning so I always seem to putter around longer in my housecoat when the sun isn't out! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)LOL

Anj, so glad you were able to take a nice nap. Isn't that just the nicest thing? Even just a short nap can refresh us a bit. Guess it's sort of like charging up our "batteries". ;o)

Bebe, I'll bet your room looks just fine to everyone else, we are always our own worst critics. I seem to keep piling more stuff in mine all the time too, some painting relating, some crafting stuff. I have a sewing machine on one end of the countertop and have thought about stashing it away in the closet since I seldom use it--but I KNOW I'd just pile that area full of other stuff in no time! LOL

I'll bet your daughter loved the plaque you made for her and she will get lots of compliments having it hanging in her office. Isn't it great being able to paint things so you always have things on hand for gifts? That's sure been one of the big pluses for me about painting.

Punk, I'm so glad you got your garden planted. Won't be long now until you will be telling us about the delicious veggies you are eating from it! ;o) I have a very small yard, but used to plant a couple tomatoe plants each year. Now that we are traveling more, I've not planted any. Can't beat that vine ripened taste though!

I'm working on my list of to do's. Taking the dogs to the Vet tomorrow to update their shots, then to the groomer to clean them up. Getting a mani/pedi for me on Friday. Going to my little friends to write out checks for her bills so she won't miss any of them. She will just have to have someone fill in the amounts for her after the bills actually arrive. I've already started collecting things in a corner so they are ready to be loaded into the motor home. And the check off list is on the fridge so hopefully we won't forget anything. I'm also doing the housecleaning bit so I can leave things neat and clean--so much nicer to come home to. LOL

Better get moving, hope you all have a great day.


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anjabee that you???? JK I'd love to spend the whole day in my jammies some days, but never fails someone always ends up coming to the house on those days or I end up getting called up to the school for something. ha
I seem to be sneaking in short naps more and more especially when the night before I don't get much sleep. It is refreshing and I'm not nearly as grouchy in the afternoons when the kids get home and I feel like I can think better.
So still on the run with trip to-do's I see. You'll need the vacation after all the prep work. ha I went to the TS yesterday, but only found a couple of old paint mags and a few little toys for DD and one funny looking cat toy that made me smile so I bought it to put on my desk. ha Silly, but whatever works. You can't have enough smiles, right? Oh, almost forgot...I did find a big metal star pocket planter for $1.50. Will hang it outside and put some flowers and flags sticking out of it. I know...take a pic. ha

Punk...I think we are planting our garden this weekend?? DH has bought some tomato plants, black and yellow zucchini and cucumbers and we have green onion bulbs. Just need to get some bell peppers and pumpkins and canteloupes. We used to plant corn, but we have a farmers market right down the road that sells wonderful corn for so cheap it's just not worth taking up the room in the garden for. I do miss having the stalks to decorate with in the fall though. I pretty much live on tomato sandwiches in the summer/fall. What do you plant?

Bebe~ have fun cleaning your paint room. I'm working on my hall closet today. You've seen those commercials where they open the closet door and everything falls on the person....that's about the point we are at. Our games are all stacked in the top and the kids never put them back right so they are in danger of avalanche if I don't get in there everything else gets shoved in the bottom area. I can barely fit my broom and dustpan in there.

Belle~ how goes the invalid? When's the next foot checkup? Hope you are getting the princess treatment. =)

Ya'll have a good day. I'll maybe stop in for lunch. ~Anj

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Too funny,Anj--yep, I'd say I could have posed for that pic! LOL Not this morning however, up and running. Both dogs are going to the Vet's for their shot updates and then to the groomers to get clean and pretty. ;o)

I've almost finished one more project, and have one that I may just work on while on the road. While looking for things to make and take on this trip, I have lined up a whole bunch of projects to work on for the rest of the year! Going to keep them all in a stack open to the project so that should keep me motivated! LOL

Belle, we need to hear that you are doing okay. Hope those crutches haven't made your arms too sore. Have you been able to sit and paint any while you are recuperating?

Punk, you and Anj may have to show pics of pretty veggies so this country girl can live vicariously. ;o)

Gotta go, be back later.


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Good Morning,

Love the pic. Anj. Your star planter sounds interesting. It has been raining off and on this week so I'm so glad I got my garden in. Some people already have there's up but it's still going below freezing so I'm not sure that's a good thing just yet. I'm not a good gardener. I prefer tending my flowers and it shows.

It won't be long before your on the road Luvs. Time flies any more. Are you taking the dogs with you? Did they get their shots and all prettied up? We will be watching DS's dog starting tomorrow for a few days, so that will be fun.

Bebe, it was great to have new pictures to enjoy this morning. It seems to be working out with all of us posting to have inspiration pics when we need them. I think you should keep painting and not worry how things look. Just Kidding! It's always nice to start making a new mess when everythings organized. You know what I mean.

Belle, we do need to hear from you so hope all is well.

We have a meeting tonight with the LG phone reps so maybe we'll be lucky and come home with a great prize, like a new smart phone. Best get to work and stay on top of things today. Punk

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Well, it's not morning, but I'll take a minute to say hello anyway. ;o)

I managed to get one more rustic sign and another patriotic sign finished and posted on the gallery. I'm quite proud of how many items I've managed to do in the last few weeks. LOL Just don't expect that all the time!

Dogs shots are updated, and they've both been groomed. Yard is as cleaned up as I can make it, we leave the automatic sprinklers set for every two or three days so it should all be fine but slightly overgrown by the time we get back. That will keep me busy catching up after we return. I took care of my little friend's bills as much as I could today and took her to the grocery store to get a few items. I actually shopped too for our trip, and took pleasure in buying a few things she had looked at but put back. I loved the look on her face when I set the extra two bags of groceries on her kitchen counter. It is so hard for people who only have SS to live on--all you young people, make sure you are stashing some away in 401's, IRAs, or TCD's so you'll have extra when you retire! Even a few dollars can add up--that is if our economy improves anyway! :o(

So what are the rest of you doing? Bet Bebe is so relieved that the cold weather is past. I can just see her out in her yard enjoying that Florida sunshine! ;o) And those of you that had so much snow, know you are happy to not be having to drive in it or scoop it for awhile, right?

I need to go make a salad, so better get going. You all take care and have a nice evening.


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Howdy....It's my day off! Forgot that DD made her ortho appt right smack in the middle of it. Sigh. Still gonna try to get something painted today and take some pictures of my TS purchases too. I was working on some filing and memory books on Wednesday so will have to take a little time to clean off my painting table so I can paint. I was at Joanns on Monday and forgot to get the muslin for my Uncle Sam's flag. I'll try to get DH to drill holes this weekend to attach his legs, but I'll probably just go ahead and take a pic of him today since he's painted anyway. =) Will work on another tall Uncle Sam and a lady liberty today I think and work on finishing my pattern from the TS pic and start painting it.

We went to another wedding reception last night. It was nice. I had bought another crockpot to gift. Went to lift it out of the car to wrap it and it was heavy and the handle part ripped the whole side of the box off!! Didn't have time to replace it so I just folded up some money in heart shapes (origami) and placed it in the card. ha Oh well. I tried. I'll have to return the gift. ha

Reminds me that last week at the reception we went to I was admiring the girl's dress and asked my 4yr old if she wanted to have a princess dress like that with diamonds on it when she got married up with somebody. She looked at me like I was nuts and said sarcastically.....MOM! I'm not even dating!! HA She's a hoot.

Well, I'll try to get back here with those pics today. I know...promises promises. ha I really will try. Ya'll have a good day. ~Anj

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Good Morning!

Thank you all for the kind words!!!!!!!

It has not been a fun few weeks! I developed an infection in the bone that is broken in my back to the hospital and more surgery....the outcome is that I actually fell like I might live and enjoy it! My night stand looks like a mini pharmacy and I don't like to taking pills and my butt feels like a mega pin cushion. I have also slept enough to be ahead of the nap times for the next 6 months and thank goodness the weather has been, for the most part, terrible!

I will try to catch up on all of your posts and be back more often. Again...Thanks for caring!


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Oh Belle, you poor thing! Bad enough to have the broken bone, but an infection as well is just too much! Glad you seem to have it under control now, try to just relax and not overdo it and just let your body heal. This is a good time for reading a good book or watching lots of movies. Do take care of yourself, and I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. ((hugs)))

Anj, your crockpot story sounds like something that would happen to me. The folded money sounds like a good idea too. Hope you all had a good time. Aren't four year olds wonderful? They just have it all figured out, don't they? LOL


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Hello All,

Seems like forever since I've been here to visit with all of you. I'm so excited to see all of the new projects posted. This is so fun to relax and enjoy with.

Belle, it's so good to hear from you but have to agree with Luvs, so so sorry that you've been through so much pain and suffering. Take care and know that we need you to be well and spending more time with us. Is DH keeping up with everything ok?

Luvs, your the little speedo now. Sure will miss seeing projects from you while your out delivering the others you've painted. Hope you have a safe trip and it sounds like you know who to spoil the most. Your gonna miss little GD huh?

Oh, speaking of weather, we are still getting snow but its warm enough it's not staying. It was in the 70's here today.

Anj, I love to hear stories on litlle ones, they are so smart and state it like it is for sure. I can't wait to see Uncle Sam. I bought some little America blocks and flags today to sit on a shelf and thought of you. My sis is Americana all the way in one of her bedrooms so I bought her a set also.

I'm still tickled that our forum has picked up and we have more posting lately. I need to get off here and get some things tended to. I will try to keep my computer going and do some painting this next week.


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