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luvstocraftMay 25, 2007

Good morning, I pretty much finished my little garden sign last night. One part of it is "bugging" me, so will mess with that a bit this morning, and I just noticed one part that I didn't trace on so almost forgot to add! Then need to get the holes drilled and spray it a few times.

I am getting so slow, used to whip projects out in just a couple days at the most! It really is true, the more time you have, the easier it is to procrastinate! LOL

Anyway, I should have pics to post later today or tomorrow morning finally.

Then I want to move right on to the next project. Feel like I need to get into "production" mode, so I have things to contribute on here! We sure need more painters on this forum, don't we? LOL

TTYL. Luvs

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Hey luvs~ can't wait to see your sign. We kinda feel the weight of the forum on our shoulders when there are only a few of us contributing, don't we? I wish we had more people sharing too. It was fun around Christmas when there was something new every time you logged on. I know we aren't the only 2 painters out there. ha Maybe we should have opted to put our gallery in with the main gallery. May have generated more interest here. Most people are gardening now and doing outdoor projects so maybe it will gain speed again after summer. We'll just have to keep things going until then, I guess. I still have works in progress. I may have one finished by tomorrow too. You can always work on some painted things for your tablescapes to share here and on Holidays as well. You'd get more bang for your buck that way at least. ha I'll be looking for your post. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, That is a good idea about painting things that I could use in tablescapes too. My last two painting mags have lots of sea shore related things, would be fun to paint something to use as part of a centerpiece. I have some shells and a cute rope type mat that I found at TS. Maybe put a candle in a glass holder with sand and some small shells. Set in inside the ring, then add some of my bigger shells. I picked up a cute little plate for $1.00 at Homegoods that I might be able to use too. Will just have to have figure out what I could paint to go with the rest. I guess I should invest in some glass paints so I could do glasses and pitchers and such. None of that reverse painting on the back of plates though--I've watched a video and read about that and it makes my brain tired just trying to follow the logic of painting backwards! LOL

You are right, I do feel some pressure because it is mostly you and me trying to keep things moving on here! And I admit, I've goofed off playing around with dishes the last few months. LOL

You know even though I have learned that I can usually paint most things by just doing "one step at a time", sometimes I let the perfect looking pictures in the mags scare me away. Always know mine just are not going to look like that! I have to remember that mine will probably look okay even if not exactly like the picture--and I'm not going to have to post mine right next to the perfect one from the mag.anyway!

How do you get to the main gallery? I think I looked at it once, but can't remember how. Doubt that it would help, people just are not painting as much now. Working in their gardens, doing housework, and other things like television and computers taking up their time I think. And I don't think there is as much demand for painted items now like there was a few years ago.

Well, I'd better get busy. My sign should be dry and ready for another coat. I'll catch you later.


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If you look up at the top of this page there is a green strip that says Blogs, Forums, Photo Galleries,'s the photo gallery ones. I think you are right though, I doubt it would do much good right now until people hopefully start painting for the holidays again.

My stuff isn't even close to your level, but I still get enjoyment out of painting so I just keep going along with it. Mine is nowhere as good as the mags, but my family likes it and like I wrote somewhere before, it's better than a lot of the stuff you find in the stores so I don't worry about it too much. Perfectionist that I am I can't believe it doesn't bother me more. I really love your stuff so don't quit and the ones that I've seen of yours from the mags look close enough to be a match. :)

I guess you are right about the painting. A lot of people used to paint for craft shows and stuff and they don't do that as much any more. I think most people just paint for themselves or the occasional gift. Although my cousin does pretty good selling painted stepping stones in their small community.

I think your sea-scape sounds really fun. I think the ladies over on H would like it too. I've heard the reverse painting is hard to do. I can barely do regular painting so don't know if I'd tackle something like that either. You are very creative and have painted so many different venues I'm sure you can come up with something fun. Even if it's candle holders to go with all your different settings. :) ~A

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What? I think your painting is great! All your projects always look so perfect. You are a very good painter.

And you are right, it amazes me that some of the stuff in the stores ever sell. When I used to go to lots of the craft shows, I would always notice the eyes on projects. Some were just so awful--but some were really perfect. I knew then that anything I painted needed extra care on the eyes.

You have some great ideas! Candleholders would be a good project. Do you remember when the wooden box ones with the cutouts were so popular? I have a couple of those glass globe things. One I just used my regular paints and painted roses all over it. Could use the other one, wash it off, and reuse it maybe--don't have room to store too many. But it might be hard to wipe it off if I put much time into painting it, or if it turned out really good. LOL At my speed these days, don't think I'll have to worry about whipping out too many!

I like doing the things for outdoors too. Loved your slate piece. I have a flat piece laying around in the flower bed, think it is just concrete, but will probably paint something on it soon too.

Lots of projects I can do--just need to get busy and do them. ;o)

Well, I'd better get moving. DS is bringing little GD over today to play with me while they go somewhere. She is just acting so grownup anymore--where did our little baby go? She wants to climb all the time now. Hangs from the swing frame, climbs onto the low block wall and wants to walk along the top, etc. Is your little one into that too? And she is so interested in makeup--wants lip gloss all the time. Likes to pull her little chair up to the sink and stand on it and put her gloss on. Just too funny. Oh, and it is quite interesting to hear her when she talks on her play telephone--told her Mommy she had better be careful what this little one overhears because she imitates it all.

Catch you later. Have a good day. Luvs

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I found a picture in an old mag that I want to post for you. I'll try to scan it sometime today. Some things I know you can whip out quickly for your tables.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean about our "babies". She climbs on everything and I find my kitchen bar stools all over the place where she uses them to reach things. She turns 3 on Monday and she acts 15 most of the time. She's a prissy little thing for sure. She loves getting her nails and hair done and she has to have the lip gloss as well. She has some play makeup and is always putting that on herself, her dolls and anybody else who will sit still long enough for her.
She likes to do things and blame it on her siblings now. I not do it, he did one of her favorite things to say. We were at Joes Crab Shack not long ago and found a shirt with a crab pointing saying He Did It and had to get it for her. So perfect.
Did your GD have her b-day yet? I have to order Neleh's Spongebob cake today. We are probably going to have a fish fry for the holiday Monday and just include her b-day in. Have a great weekend! ~Anj

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Yumm! A fish fry sounds so good. Haven't been to one of those in years!

It will be fun to see a pic of what you found that would work for a tablescape. And I love quick and easy too.

Didn't get the holes and hanger done yesterday on my sign since I had the little GD. Need to go get dressed and then get it finished up this morning so I can move on to another project.

Loved hearing about Neleh, such cute ages. That shirt sounds just perfect. I know back when DS and DIL were telling us to not do this or that with GD, mostly regarding food, we ran across a shirt that said "What happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's." and bought it for her. Hmmm! Come to think of it, I never did see that shirt on her--maybe they didn't think it was as funny as Grandpa and I did. LOL

Well, I'd better get moving. I'll be back later. Luvs

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