Whatch up to today??

anjabeeMay 7, 2008

DH went on a fishing trip today....he got up at 3am so guess who else had to get up at 3am! :( I'm taking the day off from everything cause I'm just not energetic. ha But I'm not taking the day off from painting. Gonna try to get something finished today. Hopefully that washboard I've been so slow to get done. I'm hoping to have something finished to post by the end of the day.

What are you working on???


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Hi Anj, Well, believe it or not, I cut out a Miss Liberty sign yesterday and have it partially basecoated. Decided I would make something for the 4th of July, but since I'm so slow anymore, thought I'd better start early!

I'll look forward to seeing your washboard. You always come up with such good ideas.

I have two santa spoons painted but they sure don't look as good as the ones I had seen. I might try a couple more to see if they look better. At least I can say I tried it.

Well, we have officially filed the paperwork for DH's retirement now. Just doesn't seem possible that we are finally getting to be retired! How nice to have money come in each month and not have to lift a finger to earn it anymore! LOL Gosh, the two of us worked allot of years to make a living--sometimes even working two jobs. Now we will have to get out and have some fun and just enjoy our freedom while we are still healthy enough.

Enjoy your day of painting.


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Anj, good for you! Enjoy your day of painting. I am working on cleaning my studio-paint room. I really need to purge but it is so difficult to get rid of things - I am so afraid I might need them!!

Luvs, I bet the spoons look better than you think. Have you tried Triple Thick glaze varnish. I use it on my spoons and it softens the look and protects the painting. I am so happy for you that your hubby is getting to retired. My husband retired from the Navy in 1981 and then retired from Civil Service in 1998. You could not get him to go back to work (unless we were starving). He is 10 years older than me so I took an early retirement in 2006. I liked my job and met many interesting people but I am a bit of a loner so I love being home by myself - my hubby plays a lot of golf. Right now we are home together since his heart surgery. He is doing so well but not able to play golf until July. Sometimes it is hard to remember what day it is - but that doesn't bother me, I am happy at my paint table or on my swing watching the birds. I wish I had known when I was younger that I would love it this much, I would have saved more money!!!

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LOL, you and me both PF. I can remember feeling like I would never get to retire! Many a day that I drug myself into work when I didn't feel like it. All that overtime, meetings, computer conversions, personnel problems, etc. Ugh!

Still hard to believe that I am retired, and like you I do love it. There are so many things I still want to paint and always projects to do around the house. I thought I might get lonely or bored, but with these boards and meeting my friends once in awhile for lunch, and visiting with a couple of my neighbors--I haven't had a problem with it. It took me awhile to just slow down and enjoy it--and not feel guilty if I just didn't do anything that day! LOL Now I have become too good at procrastination! ;o)


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Well, I've been in "early" retirement since my second child was born. hahahaaha JK I work more now than I ever did at my "real" job. Being a SAHM (4 kids) can be very hectic if you are a perfectionist like I am at times. I have to make myself relax and do nothing or just make time for myself to paint. It's hard! ha I do feel the guilt if I don't get my housework done every day and I always make a to-do list every night for the next day. It's always long! ha But everybody deserves a day off and I take one every now and then. The kids eat cereal for every meal and I don't care! ha You are both lucky and I'm glad you are able to enjoy your retirement. Pick up and go when you want. It would be great!! I wish I could fully relax, but I guess that may come when I don't have the kids to run after although I'll still be left with DH and he's a bigger kid than the kids. ha (Shhh don't tell him I said that!) ha

I've got to go pick up a MD gift for my mom today and since I'm going to the same store my DH was going to get my gift from the kids from I have to pick it up too. ha Oh well, at least I'll get what I want.....I love movies like Pride & Prejudice (old and new version) and Sense and Sensibility, the Secret Garden and now I'm going to add Emma to my collection if they have it. I watch them over and over when I paint. ha I have to take pics of the things I got finished the other day. I'm not real happy with the way they turned out, but I'll post them anyway. Can't wait to see your Lady Liberty Luvs.

My SIL asked me if we could do another craft at our Memorial Day family get-together. (They liked doing the glass block lights at Christmas). She suggested some paver bugs so that's what we are doing, although I may do Luv's Uncle Sam one instead of a bug. So it will be me, my 2 SIL's, my mom, DD and my niece making them. Do you think if we cut wings out of milk jugs they would work instead of using wood. When that thin wood gets wet it splits so I thought the plastic might work better and last longer. Any ideas on that? Do you know if you can paint plastic like that..maybe a primer coat on first? And should we use the E3000 glue since they'll be outdoors?

I'd better get going. I'll probably stop by the TS over there while I'm out! ha Ya'll know I can't pass it up. ha Ya'll have a good day! ~Anj

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Hey Gal, I know you work harder and are lots busier than I ever was. Keeping up with a house, hubby and four kids is more than a full time job--but also much more rewarding! Can't beat those hugs and kisses, and seeing them grow into confident, responsible young people too. What a wonderful "creation". ;o)

I think the patio pavers would be a fun project. Just don't use your good brushes to paint them--they are pretty rough. I went through some of those foam brushes on mine, but I think one of those little rollers might be a good way to do the main basecoating.

I think the plastic for wings is a great idea. You could spray them with that paint for plastic that is out now. (Actually, I'd bet any spray paint would work if you sprayed sealer over it.) I use E6000 glue or GE Silicone II for outdoor projects. It won't melt in the sun or crack in the cold like other glues would.

I love those movies too, Anj. Just so sweet and romantic. Love to see the homes and all the clothes too. And they usually make me cry--nothing like a movie that makes you cry! LOL

DH says he ordered something for me, but it hasn't arrived yet. Can't imagine what it could be, he has such a hard time figuring out what to give me usually. He says I have been talking about it--wonder what it is????? LOL

You know I never went to TS until last year when I started searching for glass to make those totems they were doing on the Garden Junk forum--now I am so addicted, have to stop by one at least once a week! Not that I NEED anything, but I love the thrill of the hunt. Nothing makes me happier than finding a good craft book or a pretty dish or pitcher! LOL

I'll catch you later. Luvs

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I'm back from my TS adventure. ha Wanna hear what I picked up today??
I got a 2ft tall hanging wood piece, it's a snowman head with a big tall hat and at the top of the hat is a big chunky bell. That's one for me to paint for $1.50 and it was from Roberts Crafts. I got 2 framed Martha Hinson outhouse prints. The prints by themselves are $5.99 each online and I got them framed for $1.50 each. I got a Twelve Timbers chunky frame for $1. I got a big chunky wood flower for hanging outside for $.50 and a ziplock bag full of flat wooden hearts for $.50 that I'll use for our paver project and a wood cutout cowboy scene, I don't know what you call it, but it looks like it's done with a scroll saw...$1 so I got it for my DB cause their bathroom is done with horses. Last 2 things were a book and a Harry Potter Wand electronic game that my 3yr old wanted...both $.50.
I cannot tell you how addicted I am to the TS. Regular shopping just doesn't give me the thrill that digging thru a pile of junk and finding a treasure/bargain gives me. ha Where is the fun in ordering from a magazine exactly what you want compared to the adrenaline rush you get when you find the perfect piece at the TS for less than $1!!! ha

I got my MD presents. I actually bought Emma and the new Pride and Prejudice because my 13 yr old had to watch it at school in her English class and she really likes the newer version better. She really just thinks the new Mr. Darcy is a hottie. ha My kids brought me home a few things today as well. One made me a terrerium at school with a flower inside and one brought me a bouquet of lilacs...smell so good, and the other one brought me a picture that he had made. So I got a big haul for MD. Wonder if I can still talk DH into making my favorite cajun ribs Sunday? ha
If you've been talking about your gift it must be something you want. The anticipation is good! ha

On the pavers, I was thinking of spray painting the base coat. Do you think that would work? I do have some spongebrushes I was planning on using. I've got a milk jug almost empty so maybe I'll use it as a test with the cutting and spraypaint. Thanks for the tips.

I've got the hiccups, had them for a good 30 minutes so I need to go have a spoon full of sugar to get rid of them. Later...~Anj

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Yea! Sounds like some great bargains and fun things to decorate with. Wow!That 2 ft. tall snowman sounds great. Just buying the wood would be lots more than what you paid for that cutout!

So glad you got your movies. I'll have to check out the new Pride & Prejudice too--I wasn't too fond of the old Mr. Darcy, so let me know what you think of the new one. A "hottie" huh, that sounds worth watching! ;o)

You are so smart, I never thought about spray painting the base coat on the pavers. Don't see why that wouldn't work just fine. Let me know how the spray paint works on the plastic, okay?

I've sent you a few cute things in your email--have you checked it lately? I know how bad you are about that! LOL

Hope you got rid of the hiccups, aren't they irritating. I've never heard of a spoonful of sugar for them. Learn something new all the time. Thanks.


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Anj, I know how it can be with four children around. I only have 2 but I came from a family of nine girls and 2 boys. I have to say though, that sometimes I sit and think about the kids when they were small and the things we did together and I really miss that. I think that's why we get grandchildren, you love your kids so very much - but you seem to love grandchildren even more.

Aren't the gifts the kids bring home the best!! If you are like me you probably save them all. I still have several my son made me (he is now 41), there is a glass baby food jar turned upside down with dried flowers in it he made in first grade. And my daughter's angel she made in first grade goes on our tree every year.

I love those movies too. However, since I am going to the Decorative Artist Painting Convention in two weeks, I asked my hubby to get me a new cotton housecoat so I won't be walking around the hotel room in my nightie with my friends there. We have been married 42 years and there isn't much I need anymore (got married at 16 and feel like it has been forever).

Hey, the sugar thing must be southern - haven't done that in ages.

Luvs, I think you are the TS Queen, you always seem to find neat things there. Ours is not so good but I still like going. Hate to see things thrown away, I always think with a little paint or glue you can fix anything.

Let us know what your hubby came up with for MD.

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Don't know if either of you ladies ever listen to country music or not, but I just wanted to tell you that I heard this song the other day in the car. Not sure who was singing it, but it was called "You're gonna miss this". It was about all the "stages" of our lives and how we are always looking forward to the next big step. Like getting married and having your first apartment--you can't wait until you can buy a house and have a baby. Then the kids are running around and screaming, the phone is ringing, you're trying to make dinner--you can't wait until they are all grown up. You get the idea. The main jest of it was to tell us that each stage is special and we need to savor those moments because they will soon pass and we will miss them and wish we could have them back. Good food for thought, isn't it? ;o)

I still have a flower bud vase made of clay my son made me in grade school, and a little trophy he bought me once when we took stuff to the swap meet to sell it--the trophy says "World's best salesman". Cute memories. Hard to associate the big man he is today with that little boy--but sometimes the little guy will be there in a certain smile or his wonderful laugh. Enjoy each stage, because you can never have it back again. And you are right, PF, thank goodness we get grandchildren to enjoy after the kids are all grown up and out of the house! ;o)

You know, there is so much talk about recycling and reusing now, but most of us crafters/painters have always done allot of that. We look at every surface wondering how we could paint it or what we could turn it into. To this day, I still hate to throw away old coffee cans or nice shaped jars--I am just sure I could give it a new life with a pretty design painted on it. Sadly, you can only use so many of those things around then it just becomes clutter, doesn't it? My favorite books and magazines are the "trash to treasure" ones. Just gets the creative juices flowing! LOL

I can remember buying painted birdhouses that were so ugly my friends thought I was crazy--then I would repaint them and everyone wanted one then! LOL I'm still keeping my eye out for a nice shaped metal teakettle that I can paint and just have sitting on my stovetop to look "pretty". And like Anj said, there is just something so exciting about checking around in the TS to see what you can find. It's that whole "thrill of the hunt" thing. I really have to be careful not to buy stuff I can't even use! LOL

P.F. I know you will have a great time at the convention and it will be so exciting seeing the new products and demonstrations. I'll have to start watching Artist's Club because the new books usually start coming out at convention time. I saw a new one on there by Renee Mullins the other day that I want to see if Michael's gets in.

You gals have a good day--oh, I posted a new project on the gallery side finally. Check it out.


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