Happy Wednesday!!

anjabeeMay 27, 2009

Hi everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. We did. Didn't camp out because we had scattered showers, but had a fun time in the yard anyway. Got our garden all planted except for some spaghetti squash and pumpkins. Looking forward to some good eats again this year. Love fresh veggies!

Luvs~ so glad you made it there safely and hope you have a good time with your family. My parents are leaving in a week to go to MS for a month to settle my g-mas estate.

Congrats to you and Bebe on your anniversaries as well. Nice to make it so long....and for us it's been fun to prove everyone wrong. Nobody thought we'd last thru the dating stage much less the marriage. ha I don't know why...we are perfect for each other. ha

Punk~ love your little grizzlies. Thanks for posting them.

Belle~ hope you are recovering.

Ok, I have my Sams and lady liberty all painted, but since my wood skills aren't honed I'm having a hard time fitting the pieces together right to glue them. Have to go back to the saw and make a few little adjustments. I'll post pics when I get everything glued together. I've got one Sam sitting in front of me with no arms. ha Will be glad to get something finished. Did some touchups on some of my windchimes and yard things too so even though I won't post those I have been painting. ha Gotta figure out what my next project will be. I'm still on a summer kick so hoping to go thru my books before Friday to have something planned. May take a big stack out to the hammock today and browse while I sun. Nice sunny 80 today! Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Good Thursday Morning To All,

Anj, glad you had a nice weekend and was able to get your garden planted. I had a nice surprise this week to find my corn is coming up well. The first I noticed there was only 2 that had popped up and that scared me.

Glad you enjoyed the little bears I posted. We are U of M fans and DSIL is a Cowboy fan so I painted him a cowboy bear. The fishing bear was more fun with the pole and worm dangling.

I have alot of phones going out today so that's a good thing. It had slowed down and was making me wonder what was coming. LOL I didn't get done till 7 last night.

Hope everyone is in good health and enjoying the nice weather without getting to burned. Anj, hope you get your projects finished and sorry they are being a pain. May your Sam find some arms along the way.LOL Anywho, looking forward to seeing them completed.

I started a couple of projects last night so maybe it'll get me back in the painting mode. Best get ready for work so I'll be back later. Punk

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Hi all, good to see your posts. Punk, your bears are so cute, bet they bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees them.

Anj, is your neck all better and the headaches too? Sure hope so. Glad you enjoyed your anniversary and the weekend. Just to be sure you didn't misunderstand--my anniversary is not until December, I was just responding to Bebe on number of years being about the same as hers.

All those fresh veggies will be so yummy. I don't have room for a garden, so have to settle for the Farmer's Market or the roadside stands in our area.

Wanted to tell you that my relatives loved the painted items. My niece always does a 4th of July party so she got the "celebrate" sign, my nephew and his new wife grabbed the big Santa face, and my niece wanted the "Joy" sign. I left them there in case they wanted more, then the rest I will give to my other SIL and nieces. It is fun to see thier faces and excitement over them! ;o)

Been running around allot visiting family, really pretty and green here since they've had lots of rain. My dogs are going crazy over all the squirrels they see!

Sorry, not doing any painting right now. I'll try to make up for it when I get home! LOL

Take care. Luvs

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Oh oh, everybody must be busy with planting gardens and just enjoying the lovely weather. It's been great here so far, not too hot and some nice showers. Weather report says lots of rain next week.

Hope Belle is doing better, wish she'd post and let us know how she is doing.

I keep watching for Anj's Uncle Sam and Bebe's book exchange. Hint hint LOL

I managed to hit a couple TS here yesterday. Very disappointing--no painting or crafts books! I got a frame, a pretty Christmas angel, a nice crystal looking pedestal dish, and some round placemats that I thought I could paint some roses on. Wonder if I can do the same design four times and not be sick of it? And you know they will each be slightly different with me doing it! LOL

Gotta get going here, I'm loving spending time with family and eating pork tenderloin sandwiches every chance I get! They are my favs, and I've never found them in Calif. My niece has a metal star she wants me to paint for her, so plan to paint it and either whitewash or stain over it. I'll try to remember to get a picture.

Would you gals like to see some more designs painted on walls? My niece had a lady do her bathroom--it is soooo cute with fish, crabs, and even a shark with a missing tooth behind the door! (Looks like the doorknob knocked it out.) Also my SIL has redecorated her bedroom and had some wall painting done--haven't seen it yet, but I'll try to get some pics of it to share.

Have a great weekend.


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Good Morning,

Well Luvs, it sounds like you didn't get skunked at the TS. Will be looking forward to seeing your placemats. Hopefully they will paint up fast and you'll be done before you get tired of painting the same design. The dish and C. angel will work into your decorating I'm sure. Do you have a picture for your frame, plan to paint it or what made you buy it? haha

Talking about pork sandwiches makes me think of Famous Dave's. I always want the BBQ Georgia Pork when I go there and it's so yummy.

I for one would love to see pictures of the walls. You described it so well that I can hardly wait for you to post pictures of all.

I spent last night with a friend who is having an estate sale. I haven't seen her and visited like we were able to last night for a couple years. Can you believe I didn't buy anything? Tells me I either got there to late or I was to tired. My sis bought enough for both of us. LOL

I'm heading up to a friends this morning to plant some flowers out for her.

Hope all is well with everyone and so happy your enjoying your trip, Luvs.


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I spent most of the day with my friend and she wanted me to paint these little girls for her last year and it didn't happen. Today she sent me home with two little girls to paint for her and I did it. So thought I would show you her little girls before and after. I still need to do a few coats of varnish so she can put them outside for the summer but I'm going to post and go to bed for now.

DH and I are going back tomorrow so I will take them with us. She gave me a truck load to bring home. I'll take some pictures another day and share. She's just so fun.

Hope all of you had as much fun as I did today.


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Good morning! Punk, your friend must know how fast you are at painting things! The "girls" look cute and I like that you did both red and green apples. Once upon a time, I used to paint allot of the ceramic and plaster items. Once in awhile, I pick up one of those "resin" pieces at Michaels to paint. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled.

We're heading up to my younger brother's house today for a few hours. Nice to get to visit face to face, haven't seen him for a couple of years. We do stay in touch by email and by phone though. I'm thinking I might work on my placemats this evening, I'm having painting withdrawal pains! LOL

My SIL is participating in a neighborhood yard sale next weekend. I told her I would come help on Friday (going to a cousins on Saturday) so I will get to shop her's and a few others hopefully. Maybe I'll find some things I can paint even. Keeping my fingers crossed, next best thing would be pretty dishes, right? LOL

Gotta go check the other forum. Hope you all enjoy the weekend.


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Hey ya'll. Gosh I feel like I'm always making excuses for myself for not being here lately. Geez. I can't seem to get it together. Had a bunch of stuff going on this week.....just with kids and our real estate side business and putting in the garden (I still have green onions to plant) and watering system and helping some friends and sleepovers and birthday parties (My baby turned 5 this week!! Wah). Seems like there is never time for all that I want to do. So I do apologize.....again.
My parents are heading to MS on Wed and I will be busy trying to get them off plus I'm trying to get some things put together for them to take to my favorite SIL and my Mother and Father in law. May try to paint one or two things to put in and try to stitch up a little stitchery or two. Have to put together a little picture album for my mother in law of her grandbabies that she hasn't seen in 4 years. So here is yet another few days of rush rush rush. Also have a couple of things I wanted to paint for a friend so I hope to have something to post soon. Out of all that you'd think I would. ha This is the kids last week of school so I hope that will free me up some since they are now old enough to help around the house and we can get things tidied up faster. Also means they mess it up again faster, but I'll have to let some things slide. ha I will get out to the saw today to finish up my Sam projects. One's arms aren't fitting, one's feet aren't working out so I need to draw up some new ones and cut them out and one needs a base so it will stand up. Oh and since this is the last week of school there is one of my DD's teachers who loves cows (like I do) so I bought a nice wood clipboard to paint a cow on for him. I've got to find some time to get all these projects done!!! Ugh Ugh Ugh! ha

Ok, off of my problems and onto thanking you all for checking in and keeping things going. Luvs~ so glad you are having such a good time visiting your family and the local TS's. ha Save some room for the end of your trip if you know what I mean! ;)
I love bbq pulled pork sandwiches. MMMMM! Nothing like food in the south! ha Punk~ we have Famous Daves here and we eat there quite often. Have you ever gotten the platters on the garbage can lids? ha

Luvs~ definitely take pictures of the walls! I would love to see them too.

Punk~ don't know how you held out not buying anything at the sale! ha You did a great job on the apple girls. Love the eyes. Have fun with your friend today.

Luvs~ You have fun at your brothers today. So glad you are getting to check in so much. I know you'll find lots of pretties at the neighborhood sale.

Ok, I've got to go fix breakfast for the crew and then see if I can get my family sidetracked on something so I can paint. ha Ya'll have a good day.


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Hi Anj, glad you were able to stop by. Quit beating yourself up over not getting to paint! It's okay, we know you'd like to, but just too many other priorities right now.

It just amazes me how many things you do every week! I feel good if I accomplish one thing each day and you do hundreds of things daily!

Had a nice visit and good dinner with my brother and SIL. So fun to get to chat face to face again. They are good about keeping in touch by email too. Thier youngest of three daughters just got married so now they are empty nesters. He will retire in a couple more years, he's a Mo. Highway Patrol officer.

Tomorrow, I need to do a few loads of laundry and then maybe I can paint some on my placemats. We'll see.

I'll chat more later.


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Thanks luvs. You are right...I'd love nothing more than to be painting. So frustrating when there isn't enough time for it. I did get a little daisy pot painted for my SIL today. I had done one like it for my other SIL and she asked me to do one for her. It's simple, but I'll post it even though I'd posted one like it a long time ago....I think it dropped off by now.

Guess what I did? I designed a t-shirt for our church youth group to wear during their girls camp in August. Everyone loved it so gotta tweek it a little and send it off to the printers. I was so nervous to submit it to the group. ha First thing I ever "designed". ha

So glad you are having a good time. I'm sure it's nice to get to spend time with your brother when you don't get to see him often. I'm not surprised you need a little down time to paint. It's fun to see everyone, but it sure can tire you out. ha

Well, I've got to do some shopping tomorrow for my care packages, but I will be painting tomorrow afternoon. I picked out the cow pattern I'll be using for DD's teacher, just printing out my letters for my SIL's sign and stitchery, got my bases sanded and ready to paint and a few other things lined up. I'm pumped up and ready to get busy this week. Nothin getting in my way. ha The house is gonna have to be let go. ha

Ya'll have a good one and I'll cya tomorrow. ~Anj

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