I'm at the beach!

luvstocraftMay 21, 2008

Hi Anj, Just wanted to let you know that I may only get on here in the evenings for the next few days. We brought the motor home down to the beach, Son and his family are coming down tomorrow to spend the day with us too. Will be back home on Friday. Luvs

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Woman...what the heck are you doing at the beach....without me??? ha It was 90 glorious degrees here yesterday and today it's freezing again barely at 60 with rain to boot. Grrr. I'm so looking forward to endless days of warmth...otherwise known as summer! Will it never come? ha
I was hoping to get all my plants that I bought into the ground before it turned cold again, but alas, I was too slow. Did I tell you I bought 2 fushia plants? They are called Tiny Tim so I'm wondering if they are dwarf ones. They are pink and purple. Wondering if I should put them in pots or in the ground. Any advice?

I was planning on getting some painting done today, but so far I've been playing around on the computer instead. Did I tell you that DH and I went to shoot skeets on Sat with some friends? I mainly shot my 4-10, but I used his 12 guage a couple of times and I have a big bruise on my shoulder from that. It's been so sore since then that I almost haven't been able to lift my arm. ha It feels much better today so maybe a paintbrush won't be too heavy for me. ha I did pretty good not having shot a gun in about 10+ years not to mention I've never really shot at anything moving that fast. Our friends were impressed. ha I had a great time so DH said he's gonna take me shooting more this summer.

Anyway, you have a great time at the beach. Dig your toes in the sand for me will ya? ha And teach that g-baby how to build a sand castle. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Well, the beach was a mixed blessing. Beautiful sun but winds were too darn strong the day GD and her Mom & Dad came. We gave up the idea of chairs, umbrellas, etc. and settled just for leaving all the stuff at the motor home and playing in the sand and water. Water is still pretty cold but we still ran out into it or let it swirl around our ankles. DS dug a big hole and GD loved sliding into it. We also used some sand buckets and these cute little turret and topper forms to attempt a bit of a castle. Little GD and I collected small shells to decorate them. She had a good time in spite of the winds. They took her to Disneyland today--haven't heard how that went yet. Hope they headed home before it started to rain.

Today, the winds were less and it was nice out, so DH and I took the dogs to the doggie beach and let them play in and around the water and with the other dogs. However, the forcast said it was going to rain on Friday and it was already starting to get really chilly, so we decided to pack up and head home tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow morning. DH has a meeting at 1:00 tomorrow, so this works out better than having to rush around in the morning.

Gosh, on our way home, the radio was reporting flood and mudslide warnings, strong winds, heavy rains, snow, hail and two tornados all within a 50 mile radius around where we live! We don't normally get much hail or snow down here, it's normally in the mountains north of us. Flooding and even mudslides are fairly common, especially in the areas where the fires have burned away allot of the ground cover. But tornadoes???? We don't normally have tornados around here! What's up with that? LOL

Always fun to go, but nice to get back home too.


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I'm glad you are back. Sounds like ya'll had fun in spite of the wind. The weather is going haywire across the country it seems. I hope you'll be safe with the tornados and mudslides looming. We are having rain clear thru Memorial Day. There went our plans for a day outdoors. Oh well. I'm sure we'll find something to do.
It was our 16th wedding anniversary yesterday so we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. I guess we are going to have Neleh's party on Memorial Day since some of the family will already be here. Gotta go grocery shopping today for some stuff for the grill and let her pick out her cake. Will your weather clear up so ya'll can do something fun for the holiday?
Hopefully in the next few years we can make a trip over to go to Disneyland. I've always wanted to go. When we get ready you'll have to clue me in on the best time to go. ha Have you heard how GD liked it yet? Was it her first time going?
Well, I gotta get going if I'm gonna get home before the kids get out. Have a great day! ~Anj

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