Hey Anj!

luvstocraftMay 9, 2007

Hi, how's the yard work going? Making progress? I still have more to do--need to go buy a few more annuals for color and get some mulch and a couple bags of soil.

Guess what? My new "puppy" is a digger! I can't tell you how many holes I have filled and there are three more waiting for me. I bought some of that small metal fencing for part of the yard, guess I will get more to keep her out of the flower beds until she gets older. I have to keep filling the holes in everyday--if not they fill up with water from the sprinklers, then I get muddy puppy dog prints everywhere! Yikes!

I have a couple pieces ready to paint, just need to get going on them. Not knowing where I will use them is part of my procrastination. Hard to think what I want to make if I can't get excited about displaying it. LOL

Let me hear how you're doing, okay?


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Oh no! Not a digger! I've heard of sprinkling something in your beds to keep them out like cinnamon or something, just can't remember what now. I'll have to think about it.

Well, it rained all last week/weekend so we got nothing more done. Hoping to get the rest of the beds conditioned this weekend and get them re-planted. I've been trying to figure out which plants/shrubs I want that will do well here. All the rain made the grass grow a foot so it will be a long weekend with the beds, mowing and trying to plant our garden too. I got all my little yard stuff out of the garage. All lined up and ready to be placed. ha Got my tree spinners and windchimes hung.

If I could stay away from the TS and library I might be able to paint more. Keep finding fun things at TS and got some books at the library that have had me hooked. ha I managed to get a few things barely started. I've just got laundry to do today so I am determined to paint. But I'll have to get out in the sunshine at least part of the time. It's good for my serotonin levels which makes me a happier person. And everyone benefits from that. ha

Did you find that easel for you GD's b-day yet? Or did you decide on something else? I'm getting mine a covered sandbox and sand toys. ~A

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