Anj, regarding posting pics

luvstocraftMay 2, 2008

Hi Anj, You know I just read through our four posts on how to load and post pics. Don't you think that just your first one on how to get them on Photobucket, and the one I borrowed from the other forum on posting them side by side are all we really need now? Your post gets them on Photobucket, the other post shows pictures of how to post multiple pics and further down the page it shows how to do them side by side too.

Would be nice if we could just combine your instructions with the parts about multiple pics and side by side, wouldn't it?

You are much better with computers than I am, you wanna try doing some copy and paste to make one new combined post with just all the directions?

If your computer is not fixed or you don't have time, I could give it a try. Let me know what you think. Sure would be nice to just have to bump one post up each time we need it instead of four.

And if we are successful, I might try contacting our Administrator to see if she could somehow flag it so it stays at the top for us. Wouldn't hurt to ask, right?

Let me know what you think.


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Sure I can do that Luvs. I was kinda thinking of doing the same thing on the freebie sites post. Putting them all on one post so you don't have to search thru every post in the thread to find them, plus I could weed out the ones that don't work anymore. I still use that, but don't know if anybody else does.
I'll get to work on it. :) ~Anj

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Ok Luvs...I did it so go check it out. I sure hope I got everything included??? Photobucket has changed how it works again so there were quite a few changes to the original post. Glad you suggested we update it. :) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I read the new post, and it is great. Much easier for the newbies too I think. Thank you so much for doing that. ((((hugs))))

I know, Photobucket is always making a little change here or there. Keeps me guessing sometimes--I'm such a creature of habit.

I need to start doing the side by side steps for my multiple pics I guess. Mostly, just lazy or in a hurry I think! LOL


P.S. Oh, I'll contact Admn and see if they can make it stay at the top--or should I wait until you get the Freebie site post updated too. I know allot of the newbies love that one--I keep forgetting about it--not that I really need any more patterns right now! LOL


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