Laurel Skye on HGTV

nicethymeJanuary 19, 2013

my heart goes pitter patter over this

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic fanatic!

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Wow. There's so much fabulousness there, I don't know where to begin. Okay, the bathroom is to die for.

And what, the dishwasher front? All those gorgeous mirrors?

And the tess? That is the mother of all tess stashes.

Yeah, okay, gold is the key? If my stuff turned out like hers, maybe it's worth it. Thanks for sharing.

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Uh, sorry for the huge size of above picture. If you click on it, it becomes smaller. Susan

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I've admired her work for years. Oh to have the means to buy the fabulous materials that she uses, and to have the talent to put it to such extraordinary use.

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It's so great to know there is other people out in this world who think like I do! I love this forum!!!!

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I see that video and think,, oooh nice - maybe thats what its like to be in Slow's queendom... only I doubt Slow's place feels so dark. Laurel's works are sorta funeral parlorish in comparison the vibrant happy colors Slow uses

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Well isn't that sweet of you, NT. Thanks for that. Wish I could do her tapestry-type mosaics. Speaking of dark - I'm back in a dark slump. My mixed media project turned out sooooooooooo like a kindergarten project. Wasn't gonna post it, but guess I have to post it in another thread as a confession I don't know what the hay I'm doing lately. I get this way about this time every year. That's why I enjoy so much going to Puerto Vallarta - it recharges me and fills me with so much inspiration I can't work fast enough when I get home. I need HELP.

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