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paintingfoolApril 4, 2009

Gosh, the past month or so has been so busy. My niece's wedding was beautiful - on the beach and the weather was absolutely wonderful, not too hot and not too cold. She wanted to keep it simple so I did the flowers at the reception, I took yellow roses and put them under water so I didn't have to do any arrangements. Their reception was in an old building - 160 years old, and it showed its age in several places!! However, it turned out beautiful and everyone had a great time.

Jill is staying with me and she has already hit the sack. We painted an angel today and she was able to explain the structure of the face and how to keep the eyes looking like a childs. We also glazed in the color that is so hard to do with acrylic, like the pink in the cheek and the highlights on the face. Tomorrow we are doing a very sexy mermaid.

I did paint one other thing but didn't keep a photo of it. I gave the bride a shower and painted a chair for her to sit on. I did their initials in calligraphy and then painted little vines with small yellow flowers intwined in the letters. She got to keep the chair.

Can't wait for everything to get back to normal. My family has gone home (after three weeks), Jill leaves on Monday - and then I will have my house back to myself. I am such a loner and love just spending the day in my paint room - unless, of course, the grandchildren come over - nothing is more important than those four.

I will check back with yall in a few days. Even though I haven't posted, I have been keeping track of what everyone is painting.



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Thanks for posting a wedding picture. Beautiful scene and so nice the weather turned out just right for the occasion. I can hardly wait to see the chair you painted for her, so hope you will post a picture for us.

I have Jill's book Winter Wishes & Christmas Cheer that has some darling santas that I need to paint. Enjoy your painting with Jill and hopefully you'll be able to help all of us with the features. Thanks is advance for sharing your knowledge with us as I will never get to paint with anyone like Jill or yourself. I want to see your sexy mermaid. haha Oh and the angel too!


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Bebe.........nice to see you back! I got all warm just looking at the wedding picture, such white sand. B & G look beautiful but I do have one do you sit on a folding chair in the sand?

Can hardly wait to see pictures of your newest projects and I know what you mean about peace and quiet. I love it when DH spends a day in his shop, I get so much more done!

Well, I was on my way to shower and now am behind, so glad you are back!


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Hi Bebe, I posted a message on your blog since we hadn't heard from you in awhile. And Anj inquired about you in one of her posts the other day too--so you know we were missing you.

Sounds like you have really been busy with the wedding and Jill's visit. The water and the sand looked so lovely for the wedding. Hope they will have a very happy life together.

Glad you have been able to take a peek on here now and again. We seem to be able to keep a fairly steady stream of projects posted--and of course, we love to chat each day. ;o)

Take care and come by any time you can.


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Belle - there was no way I was going to sit in those chairs - the sand is so soft I would sink and once my butt is lower than my knees, I would never be able to get up. And even with help, I would probably pee my pants trying. So, I chose to stand.

The beaches here are, to me, the most beautiful around. We actually have white sand and when you go out into the water you can still see the bottom. Even Hawaii did not have sand like ours.

Well, the seminar is over and Jill is outside on my swing talking to her family so I thought I would take a little time and get on the computer. There are some really neat ideas to pass on to yall but I want to take a picture of my projects and then explain what we did before I tell yall about it - just a hint - rouging with oils.

Getting old is really the pits!! I am exhausted after a weekend of painting. I really wanted to take a nap in the middle of class - just a 15 minute napper and I would have felt 100% better. Oh, well, I can sleep early tonight since I have to take Jill to the airport at 9 am.

Talk to yall later,

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Oh how beautiful! Florida is my favorite place to be! The beaches are way better than Maui beaches. I can attest to that! Their beaches are red or black! And not interesting at all. No shells, shark teeth, sea glass, sand dollar doves or critters washed ashore. ha I could dig thru Florida sand for hours! =D

Glad you had a nice visit and all the wedding prep is over....we'll be glad to have you back here regularly. Look forward to seeing whatcha got painted and the tips you learned. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I am waiting for Jill to wake up, have to leave for the airport in a few hours. You are so right about the beach. Yesterday, one of our ladies who lives on the beach brought in a jar with sand and seashells (including a quarter size sand dollar) for Jill. We have a saying here that once you have put your feet in the sand, you will always come back.

Now, can you believe I never go to the beach unless someone is here for a visit. I burn so easy and since the sand is so white I get a double whammy - from the sun and the reflections from the sand. So many tourist get burnt within a few hours of being on the beach.

be back soon,

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Bebe~ I don't burn easily, but we use raw organic coconut oil and we never burn now. May turn a little red, but it goes right away. We used it the week we were in Hawaii and the group we went with all used the highest spf sunscreen and they all burned to a crisp and we didn't even look like we'd been in the sun at all doing the same activities. You can get it at health food stores. It's also great to cook with and you can eat it right out of the jar (if you can handle the consistancy). Super good for you in so many ways. My DH keeps his cholesterol in check with it. It's the consistancy of lard, but melts quickly and it tastes like coconut. I put it in my hot chocolate and oatmeal. Yum My mom likes hers on toast instead of butter. Anyway, maybe something you'd want to try. Give it a test drive sometime in your back yard before trying it at the beach to see if it will work for you. =) It doesn't block UV rays though.

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Anj, first I would have to get a bathing suit and I have to tell you I am not the same size I was when I was younger. But I think I will try it especially with the grandchildren who are very fair. When we lived in Hawaii I went to the beach once and ended up with third degree burns on my back and legs. I could only sleep on my tummy and I didn't shave my legs before I went so every hair on them hurt with just a sheet covering them. I eventually peeled in very large sheets - decided then and there I would always be careful in the sun. I think by doing so I still have nice skin even though I am approaching the big "60".


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Just make it short times in the sun until you know for sure it's gonna work on them. I'd hate to be the cause of them getting burned, but it sure works for us. =)
I got my worst burn like that when we went to Pensacola FL when I was a teenager. We stayed on the beach all day (who had heard of sunscreen back then??) and I wore a bikini. I couldn't stand clothes to touch me for a week. Had to wear my uncles huge shirt as a dress and I had to sleep sitting up in a chair holding it up off my shoulders. My mom would spray me down with solarcaine every hour or so. ha You don't forget those times! ha But I'm still a sun baby. Accounts for all my wrinkles at 40! ha ~Anj

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pezabelle sound just like me! As a redhead, if I look at the sun, I burn. Sunscreen has been a life saver. I now have developed small skin cancers from all of the burning as a youngster. I have even burned through darker patterns in clothing. And summer swimming has to be inside or when the shade hit the river and that was before RA arrived and I know all about getting my behind lower than my knee's. And I bet over the years I have had a hundred "big" hats.

How fun to remember!


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Anj, Bill and I were born and raised in Pensacola and one of the first things we were taught was not to stay in the sun on the beach longer than 20-30 minutes at a time, without covering up with something. The reflection from the sand is as bad as the sun itself. Sorry you got so burned.
At my age I never go to the beach anymore....
Bebe, thanks for showing us the beautiful wedding picture.
Reminds me just how pretty our beaches are.
I will be out at the beach the middle of May. My 55th highschool reunion will be at Pensacola Beach--2 days. I have my room reservation. Don't want to spend all that time in traffic going back and forth. Will walk the beach some then.

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