Cones I made

luvstocraftApril 17, 2008

Hi Anj, Here is a pic of the cones I made. Mine are the expected floral that I always favor, but they would be cute in other fabrics or paper too. And upside down, they would make cute party hats! LOL

You know me, I have to always be trying out something crafty. My DH just shakes his head at me, however, since I told him I am using these as May Day baskets for our neighbors, he is looking forward to that and even offering ideas on what to put in them. ;o) Luvs

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They turned out so pretty! I like how you made each one different. So what are you going to put in them? Your neighbors are going to love them.
The lady at church never asked me again so I never got to tell her about these, but they just asked me to be on the committee again so I'm sure I'll have a chance soon to bring the idea to the table. When the time comes would you mind if I print off your picture to show them? ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Glad you like my cones. They are really easy except for the part where I always burn my finger with the glue gun! LOL

I've seen some really fun ones on some of the blogs. One lady ran crochet lace along the edges and used that part as the front of the cone then put some spanish moss in it along with a little fake bird and a couple little silk flowers--so cute and perfect for spring. I'll see if I can find her's again and post a link for you. Cute to hang on a peg shelf, doorknob, or even to decorate the back of a wooden chair.

I've also seen them with paper "fringe" on the top and at the point, also cute and festive. Really, the sky is the limit on how you want to decorate them. Jaybird, one of the gals on the Holidays forum says she has used them allot to hold little gifts, popcorn, or candies for various occassions.

I can't think of anything else new that I have seen recently that you could make, but I will keep my eyes open for ideas to share with you.

Better get off here and go get dressed, I've been puttering around in my robe this morning--just a lazy day with nothing I HAVE TO do, so I'm just goofing off. Think my dogs are wanting to go for their walk now, so I'd better get moving.


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Luvs, these are so pretty. I had a cone similar to this and it held lavender potpourri (tied in a netting). It hung on my bedpost and smelled so good at night. You are so nice to your neighbors, I only know mine by waving to them. I am always afraid if I get to know the ones with children they might ask me to babysit - isn't that silly? I do give them ornaments at Christmas though. You must be just the nicest person, wish you were my neighbor.

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I'd love to be your neighbor Bebe, wouldn't we have fun working on all our projects? ;o)

I like it when all the neighbors sort of watch out for each other, keeps the neighborhood safer and I don't worry if we take off in the motorhome. And they are all really nice too, one loves to cook and has had all of us over a few times for dinner, one did a big cookout and invited a group of neighbors, one always thinks of me before she donates things that I might be able to paint, etc. etc. etc.

Plus they give me an outlet for some of my crafts and painted items--I don't really want to sell, and I sure don't have room to keep it all! LOL


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They are so cute!
Once again you shine!
Have you tried that low heat glue yet?
I have less burns LOL

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HI Diana, I haven't tried the low heat mainly because I read that it might not hold as well as the hot melt glue. What's your experience been? Have you had good luck with it? Luvs

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Something like this it should hold well.
If it's going to be strained or in heat or sun then I use the high melt. I haven't had any problems so far.

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I hgadn't seen these, but they're so cute Luvs! What did you end up putting in them? I was just the other day remembering how when I was a child we used to make May baskets and fill them with wildflowers we'd picked and leave them on our neighbors' doors. What a shame that dear custom became a political victim!

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HI Oceanna, Glad you liked my cones. Actually, I ended up just putting pink shredded paper in them and then some chocolate "hugs". I went out at 6:30 A.M. and hung them at my neighbors houses. They all loved them and one who had been having some difficult days because her DH had had a stroke (which I did not know about) came over to tell me that finding my cone/candy just made her day! I also took one over for my DIL along with a cute little pitcher I had bought for her. I got the sweetest email thank you from her. So it was lots of fun to make them, and just as much fun to give them away.

Now I'm thinking up ideas to decorate some for Christmas--maybe even use them upside down like trees. I'll post pics if I ever get around to doing them.

Who cares whether anyone else still does it or not, bet your friends and neighbors would be thrilled to get a May basket.
Go for it next year! ;o)


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