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luvstocraftApril 30, 2008

Hi Donna, I looked at most of your pics in your album. That was fun. You sure have painted some wonderful projects, especially that mural at the school--bet all the kids love it.

Since I have a little GD, the ornament in your Christmas 2007 album caught my eye. What a darling project that would be to do with a pic for each year. Is this something you would be willing to share directions for?


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Sorry Luvs that I didn't get back to you sooner. My sister in law just passed away age 58 and I left to go take care of her until she passed. Breast cancer is a nasty disease. I sure do hope they find a cure for cancer some day. Now to answer your question. I purchased large clear glass ornaments (Hobby Lobby), Transparencies, Diamond Dust, Gold Dimenisal Paint, Clear Floating medium.
Directions Squeeze the gold dimenisal paint into a circle and this makes the window for the picture, let dry. Then paint the rest of the ornament with clear Floating medium and sprinkle the diamond dust. Let dry. Now for the inside, paint a picture on clear transparencies film, dry and then cut into a circle, roll up on a pencil and place inside ornament. If you want to email me I think I have the circle pattern somewhere and I will share it with you. I hope this answers your question.

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I'm so sorry about your SIL, you are right about cancer being a nasty disease. I'm sure you were a comfort to her.

Thanks for sharing your project with me. I do have a couple questions to make sure I understand.

Where would I find transparencies? Is that something I could find at Michael's? If so, any idea what section of the store? What brand of dimensional paint do you use? So I just squeeze this in a circle on the ornament? You are saying to "paint a picture on the film"--I think the one I saw had a child's picture in it. Can a picture be transferred to the film? I would love it if you can share the circle pattern, I'll email you for it after I finish this.

Now I want to go back to your album and look at your ornament again. I just think this would be great for a gift for my DIL and one for myself of course. ;o)


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Oops! You don't have an email address listed on "My Page" here on Gardenweb. Mine is on there if you could just click on "My page" on this post. Thanks, Luvs

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