Finally finished our bathroom

marti8aMay 31, 2010

I still need to add pictures and accessories and haven't shopped my junk pile yet.

If you want to see more at my blog if you want to click on the link.

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OH it is lovely and I would love to see more but can not find the link to click??


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Wow, you did such a great job with your bathroom. There is such a huge difference between the cabinet colors. And that floor!
Did you say that was a tile border above the beadboard?

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Oops, sorry, I forgot to put a link to it.
My blog

I guess I wasn't clear on that border. No, it's not tile. We were going to do that when we tiled the counter, but when we scrapped that plan, it just never got done. I had some chair rail with the cut out to fit over paneling, and I bought some more trim that was really similar in style but was flat to the wall. Then I found a fancy piece of trim that just fit the space between them so it was all the same size as the backsplace, and then stained it all to match the cabinets.

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Neat, Marti! You never know where a simple project will take you. One thing leads to another and another and.....
You were fortunate to keep it all in your bathroom.

Your remark about getting used to the toilet in the bedroom, I totally know what you mean! Up north, DH had the 17 long boxes of Bellawood in the corner of the family room getting adjusted to the atmosphere--I forget what he called it--for TWO YEARS before he finally started laying the floor. I just decorated and cleaned around it. And I moved it several times too.

Right now, my back bedroom/future master, has the contents of the two closets I tore out when I demoed the old every closet in the house. sigh....and now I can go no further until the contractor decides to show up. My beloved new clawfoot tub sits in the back yard where countless afternoon thunderstorms are collapsing its protective shipping crate. I may have to drag it indoors all by myself very soon. I know I could walk around it just as well as I could around all these plastic totes.

Back to watching the HOARDERS marathon on A&E... :)

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OH Marti your bath and blog are great!! I really like the look you creates.. Looks so calm in there. I really like the tile on an angle on the floor. I think that was a really good call.


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Thank you all. ML, don't even think of moving that tub by yourself. Get some help or you'll be in traction. We've had boxes of tile stacked in the kitchen for 10+ years before I finally decided we were never going to do the addition and I moved it to the garage. Now it finally looks like we are going to do the addition. I put a table cloth over it and acted like it was normal for a long time. lol

I was just thinking of that tv show Hoarders last night when I was giving myself a pep talk about going to mom's. She's got cable, I'll see if I can get her to watch it.

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marti8a, the bathroom came out great! I need to redo mine too, but I think that is way above my head, I don't want to mess with plumbing!

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Marti, A&E had a HOARDERS MARATHON yesterday, ending with a new episode at the normal program time last night. But I was maxxed out before that hour, and watched Mike Holmes HOLMES ON HOMES who was correcting problems for a homeowner in a place which reminds me of SHADES OF IDAHO's property, only they had more neighbors. That was HGTV of course.

Then I ended the day with a couple of hours browsing through the IKEA printed KITCHEN CATALOG for 2009. I spend more time in my redone bedroom since it looks better and thus more comfortable. This back bedroom where the computer sits is a disaster area, and not inspirational at all.

Marti, put a star beside your name! Your finished bathroom is a credit to your persistance. And of course to your homemaking skill as well. Love it, and your blog too.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Hi, Marti8a, your bathroom looks great. I love the beadboard and trim. I've had boxes of tile sitting in our master bathroom for a year. Looks as if it's going to be there another year...

Oh, love the Hoarders show--makes me feel better about myself. :)

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O, very nice job Marti!

I had to LOL at this ...
(I know what you are thinking - carpet in the bathroom, ewwww. I knoooow, what was I thinking, especially in a tiny bathroom.)
We all have those .... "well, it seemed like a good idea at the time ..." moments. hehehe

~ Missy

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marti your bathroom looks great! the new vanity top and tiles look so nice compared to what was there and I love the wood framed mirror! all those little details (as time consuming as they are) make all the difference. It's really brought the bathroom together.

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