Enjoying Spring?

luvstocraftApril 8, 2009

Good morning everyone, are you all out and about enjoying the fresh Spring weather? Hope things are starting to warm up where you are. We had a little wind and a bit of rain yesterday and woke up to gorgeous blue skies, puffy white clouds and glorious sunshine! Think I'll take the dogs for a walk and enjoy it as soon as I get off here.

I painted a basecoat on some paper mache eggs that I had found at Michael's on clearence for 29 cents each. Then I decided to "decorate" them with ribbons, lace, and silk flowers. Tried to fix a "tree" to hang them on, but it just looked stupid to me. Don't think my "branch" was a very good shape, but it was the only one I could find. Now I will have to figure out another way to display my new eggs--maybe I'll just hang them on the chandy. LOL

So what have you gals been up to?


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Good evening to all of you,

Luvs, I played outside with GD for 2 hours last night on the swings and had a blast. So yes I am enjoying spring. I have started cleaning on my flower beds and hope to have them done in a week or so. This is when I'm not sure I want such a large yard. I always leave the beds in the fall so all can reseed.

I will be looking forwatd to seeing your eggs. They sound cute and I'm sure you'll come up with a clever way to display them. My sis bought me a little egg display for the office that has all the eggs painted like sport balls. I had a lady ask if she could buy it today and I had to tell her didn't think sis would appreciate me selling it so soon.

Belle your exchange sounds exciting and I'll try to check in and see what's going on. I don't think I'll be posting anything for awhile until my life slows down abit. We are so busy and I'm having the kids stay with us during the week.

We are hoping to build a 3 car garage with an apartment on top on our land over looking the lake so the girls have a place to live during the week while they are up here. We are also trying to buy offices in both towns for the businesses. What a life!!!!! If it doesn't kill me it might keep me young. haha

Anj, I baked a cake for DD and GD tonight and I'm baking a double batch of bread pudding for DH and myself. My niece gave me 3 dozen eggs and DD brought up 2 gallons of milk and I had also bought some so decided to use some up. I couldn't resist telling you this.LOL I lost a few pounds and apparently don't want to keep them off.

Hope all of you seen Bebe's mermaid. She is so beautiful! Aren't we so lucky to have her here to explain all the new techniques she learns to us? Using a 3 ring binder to make the bubbles. Where do all of these ideas come from? Makes perfect round bubbles though.

Gotta go check my bread pudding and get GD ready for her bath.


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Bread pudding??? I love bread pudding but I don't know how to make it. Tried to last year but it was sort of dry and the whiskey sauce - well I think I put too much whiskey in it because the guys were sure eating it up even though it was dry.

Luvs, it got down to 40 degrees the past couple of nights but it is starting to warm up again. I think that will be our last cold spell. I bought some plants but haven't put them out yet. I love this time of the year - sitting on the swing, drinking ice tea and watching the birds.

The grandsons spent the night with us. They are learning about the color wheel so I let them make their own. They have been in my little studio since they were babes so they are familiar with mixing colors. They have outgrown the little painting table and chairs I had for them so I have to come up with something bigger for them now. I love that they are so creative and want to learn to paint. They have their own "painting supplies" and I am always buying little wood pieces at the dollar store for them to paint on. When you mentioned papier mache eggs I remembered I had some in my stash and it will be perfect for them to paint for Easter.

In case I don't get to tell yall, hope you have a really nice Easter weekend with the family.

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Hi and good evening. DH let me sleep in this morning and I took advantage. Had a rough night with my back and a bad headache (from tensing up with the back pain) so woke up with a doozy headache. It's my DS's b-day fun day (they each get the day to do whatever they want instead of having a party) so I was asked to make blueberry muffins upon awakening. Gto breakfast done and got everyone ready to go and it was time to meet DH for lunch at DS's restaurant of choice. We had a nice lunch then went by the IFA and looked at baby chicks and got educated on everything we'll need to get started with them. We'll have to get 6 instead of 4. The kids are excited. Dropped DH off at work then we went to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D at the movies. It was cute. Took them to Gamestop to spend some of his b-day money on discount video games. Dropped in the grocery to pick out ice cream to go with his cake and whatever he wanted for supper. First he said bbq steaks, then changed his mind and picked Kids Cuisine. ha Ok with me since it means less cooking, just thought it was funny. Now they are in there testing out the new games and I've got to get started on cooking the b-day cake. Didn't seem like we did much, but it was sure a tiring day. I got my headache down to a dull roar so I'll have to have some more muscle relaxers before bed tonight. Wish I wasn't such a stress case lately, but it's mostly stemming from my back problems and that's never going away so gotta find a way to deal with it.

Luvs~ I wish I was enjoying spring, but not quite yet. Rainy and cold here the past few days. The sun just barely came out, but it's supposed to be raining all the way thru the weekend. I think if I plant anything now it will just freeze again.
Your eggs sound cute. Hope you find a fun way to display them. Could you put them on a skewer with a ribbon tied around the bottom and stick them in a plant or other arrangement? Or do you have a wire teacup holder to hang them from? I'm sure if you think about it you'll come up with something fun to use.

Now Punk....what are you telling me about cake for?? huh? Are you trying to tempt me? ha No good, I'm eating cake tonight anyway. ha

Bebe~ I'll have to hurry over and check out your mermaid. Glad you are teaching the next generation to enjoy painting. =)

Well, just had a second here so better get running. Ya'll have a good night and I'll check in tomorrow. ~Anj

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Hi everyone again. ha It is noon and I have been totally lazy. Need to do that sometimes....getting more and more often for me. ha Need to get my strength up for tomorrow to do all my cooking and dealing with family. ha We do our family thing on Saturday. It's supposed to be raining and anyway we haven't had good enough weather to clean up our back yard for spring. All the lawn furniture and toys are stacked on the back porch and there are some small limbs and trash blown in over the winter. The grass and bushes are still brown and bare so really not Easter Egg Hunt ready. Mom always puts money and candy in plastic eggs for our hunt, but decided that we'd play bingo inside for the eggs this year. ha Still a family activity only indoors. ha Hope you all have a great weekend planned.

Luvs~ I didn't reply to the free bunny post so it would stay on top, but I want to paint that one. I'm going to look around to see if I have anything to use for it. Thanks.


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Hi everyone, I have been working on a couple of projects. Painting a jar to hold some sand from Santa Monica beach that I want to take back to Mo. for my niece in law--She loves the beach and went to Santa Monica twice on their visit out here. DH and I took a ride over there yesterday to get the sand, then we strolled out on the pier and had lunch at the Mexican restaurant at the end of it. Was so pretty, but the wind was pretty chilly, especially in the shade. I'm also working on a bunny plaque, just have some more detail work to do on it.

Son and his family are coming here for dinner after church on Sunday. Have eggs ready for a little egg hunt for GD and I made up a big yellow basket for her. (she loves yellow)

Anj, I'm glad you liked that pattern. I usually forget to go check our freebie sites each season. Want to try to remember because they often give us some really cute ones. Glad you are getting some rest, sorry your back has been acting up. My DIL has back problems like that too. She goes along fine for awhile and then suddenly she's laid up with it, often not knowing what caused it to flare up!

Bebe, that is so great that your GSs enjoy painting. I've let my little GD paint since she was two. Mostly she just likes the pretty colors at this point. I'm hoping she will be my little crafting buddy when she gets older! ;o)

Phonegirl, you are always sooo busy, don't know how you keep up with it all. I'm really glad that business is so good you can consider opening more offices. I've never had bread pudding that I'm aware of, but it sure sounds good. I remember watching Sandra Lee on Semihomemade do one in a crockpot. She used raisin bread and a box of pudding among other things. It sounded pretty yummy!

I'm off to check Holidays, then may watch a little television with DH before bedtime. I'll check back tomorrow.


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Hi All,

I just spent 6 hours in the yard cleaning and made a world of difference. I'm already stiff and sore but got the biggest part done. I still have my garden to till but it's to wet.

Luvs, thanks for the patterns and I do need a reminder for them.

Anj, hope your feeling better. How was your cake???

Bebe, it's great to have you here chatting and sharing ideas. It'll be interesting if your little ones turn out to be famous someday. Alredy doing a color wheel, that's great.

I will share my bread pudding recipe if any of you would like to try it. I need to get ready to go BBQ some TBones, DH thinks he's being neglected with me staying out in the yard for hours.

Where's our Belle lately? Doesn't seem like she's on here as much.

We plan to go to DS's for Easter tomorrow. We are having BBQ Ribs and then instead of the traditional Easter Egg Hunt we are going to put up trim boards. How's that sound for a change? I told him it didn't matter to me what we do but we might get to play a little wii so that will be fun.

I stayed up till 1 this morning painting on more pansies. I need more hours in my days! My sis is crazy about them and keeps buying me books with them. Will try to get them finished tonight.

I think it's great you two have you GK's painting. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it yet with GD. She does paint at Day Care so maybe I won't have to be the teacher. haha

Last night while I was cooking dinner she came out in the kitchen and ask if she could have some pretzels. I went and got her a little sandwich bag full and she ask if she could go share them with her babies. Her mom came and picked her up while we were eating so I hadn't been in the living room. After dinner I went in there and she had eight babies sitting in a circle and each one had either a plate or bowl full of pretzels in front of them with a fork or spoon. I thought I would die laughing cuz she had ask if she could share and I had said yes. Normally she just pretends, papa sat there and watched her do this and hadn't said a word. He also cleaned up the front room while I washed dishes so that was great.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Easter and have fun hiding and finding eggs. Now I do need to go cook so I'll yak later with all of you. Punk

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Punk, that is so funny about your GD. Mine is three years old and she loves her babies - but she seems to have a thing about lining them up, she does the same thing with shoes.

Can't wait to see your pansies. I haven't painted one of those in a very long time.

Your Easter dinner sounds great. I will be by myself tomorrow, the kids have other plans.


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Bebe, my little GD did the lining things up for quite a while too. No matter what it was, it had to be lined up in a row! LOL Sounds like you get a R&R day tomorrow--or maybe a little quiet painting time. ;o)

Punk, I just looked at your pretty pansies. I like them too, but have only painted them once a long time ago. That was great that your GD was having her own little party with her dollies.

Was hoping I'd have a project to post today, but it's not done. Not going to be able to finish it tomorrow I'm sure, so will post Monday or Tuesday maybe. Sorry!

Hope you all enjoy yourselves tomorrow, and let's hope we get some nice sunshine too.

Happy Easter and God Bless you all.


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Punk, I forgot to add that we would love your bread pudding recipe. Please share.

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Bread Pudding
6 slices of bread (I use 3 hot dog buns in a 9 x 13 glass pan since I never use all the buns and always have them in the freezer) If you use bread, remove the crust.
1 1/4 c sugar
5 eggs (I use extra large)
2 cups cream or milk (I use milk)
2 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt
1 tsp cinnamon
Butter buns and place in dish buttered side up. I cut mine in 4-5 pieces to help absorb liquid faster.

Beat sugar and eggs, add milk, vanilla & salt. Pour over the bread and let sit until absorbed. Can refrigerate and bake later.

Place pan in larger pan with hot water. Bake 350 for 45 minutes or until golden brown and done. Refrigerate and serve with whip cream or ice cream.

Can make a carmel sauce to pour over if you want a sweeter treat. I don't need the extra calories so I eat it with whip cream. haha

1 c butter
1 c sugar
1 c brown sugar
1 c cream
pinch of salt
2 tsp vanilla

Combine and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 4 minutes or until sugar is disolved. Remove from heat and add vanilla.

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Your bread pudding recipe is making me hungry! I'm going to have to try this sometime, it sounds easy and very yummy. ;o) Thanks for sharing. Luvs

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Gosh.....has it been that long since I visited here! My bad!

DH was off helping friends with their house, 5 days, and I used the time to really do some cleaning. Then on Friday I accompanied a very good friend to Eastern WA for a conference. Had a great time. It is always nice seeing old friends.

I did make time to finish up some old projects, and like you Luvs, have been painting Easter Eggs from Michaels. Have all base painted and about half with flowers and such. Was really smart for once, I varnished the eggs before starting to add the flowers. Don't like it-off it comes! We spent Easter with our DD and family. We took our Wii game and you can guess what happened after dinner. Great way to work of the fantastic potato salad my DD made. It is a "ritual" with our family to always have potato salad on Easter and I for one am glad she is now making it.

Punk...your multi expansions sound like more work! Sure hope they come off without a hitch. And now that you have experience in yard work, do you say "have rake-will travel?" And while you are doing my yard work I can have tea party with your GD....how fun! It is still a tad to wet here to do anything, but my fish are out and about and that's a good sign.

Bebe - the mermaid is awesome! Sound like a lot of work but well worth the effort.

Sometimes we just need to STOP! Did you read that Anj? You haven't been practicing say no.... slow down girl!!!!! You are burning the candle from both ends and you know what that means----burn out.

I would love it if anyone in my family like any kind of art, tried with my children and my DD is fantastic at anything she chooses to do - only she doesn't choose any art at all. She paints rings around me and it just isn't her "thing" which is OK but I would love to paint with her, much more fun than painting alone. My GS - so unlike paintingfools GS's, wouldn't sit still long enough to paint. He is an outdoor's kid no matter what the weather. AH! ya still gotta love the kid!

Still haven't gotten the picture posted here on the exchange-but will get her done this week!!!!!!!

Our morning game time is here, but am gaining weight instead of loosing. DH says it muscle mass and it weighs more than fat! You can imagine the look I gave him.

See ya all later...take care!


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