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luvstocraftApril 7, 2010

Thought we might need to start a new post now that Easter is over.

The weather is so wonderful now! Took my coffee outside on the patio and just enjoyed looking at all the fresh new leaves, rose buds, blooming shrubs and the gorgeous sunny blue sky. I want to be sure I really soak all this in before the weather starts getting too hot. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.

Not allot going on around here. I need to get busy on some painting projects--maybe a couple for Spring and then on to Summer and the 4th. I've also got a few rose bushes that are having to "lean" away from the shade caused by a neighbors tree on the side of the house--think I'll just dig them up and move them over closer to the house. I'm sure I'll need a shower and clean clothes afterwards--I always end up getting so dirty when I do things like that. I always laugh at pictures of ladies in long dresses and straw hats out in their gardens--sure not that way when I work out there! LOL

I hit a couple TS yesterday and just didn't find anything that really took my fancy. Ran across a couple of old painting books and thumbed through them--but really nothing I was inspired to make in them. It seems like our stores have less stuff than normal--tons of clothing, but not much of the "fun" stuff like wooden items, dishes, pictures, etc. Could the economy be causing people to keep things longer? Or maybe it's all getting sold on Ebay or at yard sales?

So are all of you ready to get outside and work in your gardens? Even if you are, hope you'll still find time to stop by here and keep in touch--I miss each of you when you are MIA. ;o)


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How I loved reading all of your Easter stories. Our family is all grown, the youngest being my SGS who is going on 17, no candy-just money which is OK with me.

Luvs...wish I had some of your weather! Anyone's weather, well maybe not Anj's. We have been getting high winds and snow. Can you believe it SNOW in WA in April.

I think you are right about people keeping things longer. But I also think our "kind" of painting is not the "thing" any longer, and you can go to Michael's (insert you fave store here) and buy our kind of decorative items for almost nothing. Remember when painted cutting boards were the thing, now you can't give them away. Guess we just have to ride out the trends but continue to do what makes us feel good!

I'm going looking for canvas to start two floral paints for the master bedroom. I found an iris pattern I really like and can work with so that they are not the same. Now all I need is intestinal fortitude!

My craft storage area is now clean. Space...I have empty space! I had to show off and took DH on a tour, all 8' X 4' of it, he just looked at me and asked what I was buying next. He's probably right. Michale's have a one item @ half off coupon good through Sat, can't pass that up.

Well, I'm off to work, almost done thank goodness.

Stay Well


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Hi girls.....
Well, I've been painting the past few days, but it's spray painting! ha Got some metal bunk beds given to us. They are nice sturdy ones used for the athletes when the olympics were here in SL. They were getting rid of them and I was getting ready to go purchase some so worked out nicely. Only thing is they are pink so have gone thru about 8 cans of spray paint so far and I'm leaving in a minute to go get 2 more to finish up. My pointer finger is killing me! ha Decided it was time to update the girls room while I was putting in a new bed so picking out some paint to make it more of a teenager room instead of girly like it is now. New curtains, lighting, art, etc. Also got a dresser given to us that matches one that I already had perfectly! So that worked out great!
Anyway, that's what I'm busy working on. Gotta get over to Walmart so I can hopefully finish this bed up while there is still daylight and nice weather to work in and get it put up tonight. ~Anj

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Hi all,

Luvs, your weather sounds beautiful. We are having 60 mph winds and snow so ours is nothing like yours. I was thinking I might go try to start a new painting project tonight since it's a night to stay in and stay warm. I should be thinking Spring or Summer too.

Belle, I have always wanted to paint iris too. I may go see what I have and try my hand at that too. I can hardly wait to see your pictures. I've been wanting to paint some lillies also.

Anj, I agree if one spray paints for to long that pointer finger really gets a work out. Hope your beds turn out nice and you got them moved in. BTW, what color did you paint them? Are your dressers wood color or painted. Sounds like a fun room coming up. If you take some pictures be sure and share with us.

I need to get my desk finished with my purple roses but not in the mood to paint on it tonight. I will get off here and go see what I can do to get motivated to paint.

Hope you all take care and paint more goodies! Luvs, I am so enjoying your signs and will do some blocks when DH starts feeling better. Test results are back and DH was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis too.


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So nice to sign on here this morning and find messages from you three! ;o)

Sounds like everyone is busy, busy, busy! Always things to do, huh?

Belle, I haven't watched the weather reports lately so didn't know your area was still getting snow. Yes, it is pretty late in the season it to still be coming down. Know you are ready to be sitting out by your pond enjoying watching your fishies. ;o) So only a little bit longer helping out with the bookkeeping? Knowing the perfectionist that you are, you probably not only have the books all straightened out, but the whole office cleaned and organized as well! They are not going to want to let you go! ;o)

Anj, isn't it great when you can find something you need for free? I love that! Too bad the pink color wouldn't work in the girl's room. I can only imagine how your finger is feeling! You are such a go getter and always making things fresh and nice for your family. They are so lucky to have you for a Mom. ;o)

Punk, it sounds like everything hit your DH all at once. He's probably been having some symptoms right along but just chalked it up to "getting older" like most of us do. At least now, his doctor will be able to prescribe meds to make him more comfortable. I often tell my DH that nothing else matters much when you don't feel good. So you are still getting snow flurries too, huh? Spring is just taking her own sweet time this year isn't she? We had rain earlier this week, and I'm always so thankful for it, now things feel fresher and I'm reminding myself to get outside and enjoy it before the summer heat arrives and keeps me inside!

Well, I'd better go get dressed and try to accomplish something today. Sounds like there will be new projects coming soon. I had a couple of patterns that I kept trying to fit onto things I had on hand--but may just have to go cut out a piece that will fit right. I'll catch you all later. Have a good one!


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We have a saying here in WA., if the weather isn't to your liking, just wait around for 5 minutes and it will be. So far today we have had beautiful sunshine, rain, snow, thunder (to light out to see the lightning) and hail, and it's only 11:15 AM. My "new" outdoor kitty wanted out doors so I opened the door and out he shot and right back again, it was hailing.

Luvs...meant to ask if your area was effected by the quake in Mexicali (sp)? sure hope not! I remember living in Santa Clara and our first rumble, something you never get used to! But then, we have had some big ones here as well, guess there is always something no matter where you live. Hope you are enjoying your garden and the sunshine. So looking forward to the "WARM" weather.

I also had a good laugh when I read what you said about my cleaning the office as well as doing the books......YOU do know me to well! I am teaching a permanent replacement and we have arranged the office for her, which is as it should be and very different from what I would do...but it's almost hers!

Anj....your bed project doesn't sound like much fun. Did the kids pick the colors or is it a case of "Mother Know Best?" I always love things that are free! Well...most of the time, know anyone who want an older (20's or 30's) china cabinet? My DSIL gave me one that is smallish but where to put it and how do you say no? They just arrived with it and I smiled and said "Oh! Thank You.....

Punk...I am sorry to read that your DH has RA., but there are some really good meds that help with the inflammation and the damage. I also hope that he has a really great DR., who will work with him so that the side effects of RA as well as the meds are limited. Something I didn't know for a long time was that it also makes you feel tired.

Hope everyone got in some painting time, my rooster is still on the tracing paper...soon!

All Take Care


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Punk~ if your DH is not allergic to honey bees then he could try apitherapy. (Getting stung by bees for medicinal purposes) Sure helps with all kinds of arthritis. My DH swears by it. Had arthritis real bad in his elbow, swatted a honey bee down and stung himself with it several times around his elbow....has had no problems with it since and that's been a few years ago now. His brother had him do his shoulder cause he had arthritis there. Has not hurt him since. Something to look into if he can handle it. ha

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My goodness, most people dread the thought of a bee sting, don't think I could handle doing it to myself on purpose! LOL Wonder how that "cure" was discovered?

Belle, I had to laugh at your weather description! That's allot going on in a short time. I can only imagine your kitties surprise at the hail coming down on her! Hey, do you have a covered porch area? Maybe you could use that small china cabinet there and decorate it with birdhouses, nests, flower pots, etc. Might be a good place to showcase some of your painted seasonal items too. Just a thought. And I agree--it IS hard to say no.

Punk, I think signs and blocks are fun to make. I've always painted on blocks--maybe you remember the ones I did for Halloween? I've saved lots of inspiration pics of blocks and signs both painted and with the vinyl on them. Sure some cute ideas out there on the blogs and Etsy. I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with too.


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Hey gals....just sitting here working on my littl christmas ornies as I'm getting caught up on some of my shows that I've been missing. Tend to fall asleep about 1/2 way thru them these days. ha Love that most of them are on the computer so I can watch while I paint.
DH is working today and I just have my nephew here from the sleepover until 4pm. DH is taking me out on a date later tonight so looking forward to that. Ya'll have a good weekend. ~Anj

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Hi all,
Went out to the folks place and started cleaning today. It was such a mess but I got alot of the main floor cleaned and the LR and formal DR shampooed. This is when a large 3 story home is no longer appealing!

We will be taking out our DF out for dinner for her birthday tomorrow but don't know where yet. She's not one who expects something real fancy so hope it's just good food.

Anj, sounds like you are going to be ahead for Christmas this year. I have so much Christmas I didn't get painted last year and just haven't had enough painting time lately.

I'll have to tell DH about the honey bee stings. Ouch!!! I'm allergic to them but I don't think he is so maybe that would help him.

Belle, when are you done working? You sound like you enjoy it. I love a clean and organized office but sometimes it's impossible for me to stay organized while selling and doing books too.

Luvs, glad you got some rain. We are having weather like Belle. It turned cold with wind this afternoon and now it's pretty nice out there.

I do remember your Halloween blocks and just love all your new ones you've been making. I'll bet it's a nice change from painting at times.

Best go check out the Holiday forum and then head to bed.


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Punk, are your folks still living? Do you just go out to help them? For some reason, I thought your Mom had passed. I agree, cleaning a three story house would be way to much at this stage of my life. I can barely keep up with the small home I have now.

I saw your lovely rose tray over on the gallery. You did such a nice job on it--just know your friend will be thrilled to tears!

Anj, be sure to show your ornies when you finish--we don't care what season it is, just love seeing painted items. DH laughs at me when we go to craft shows--says I'm always most interested in the painted wood items. I told him that's because that's what I love and I like seeing whats popular now (and getting ideas!). ;o) (Of course, we all know I already have more "ideas" than I will ever get around to actually painting!)

I just keep changing my mind about what I want to paint next. Just need to start on one of them and get it done! LOL

Supposed to have more rain coming tonight. Should have mowed my lawn the other day, but put it off. I am so good at procrastinating! LOL Each time I have DH turn the sprinklers on--we get a nice rain and have to turn them off again. Hmmm, wonder how long that will work????? LOL

Better get busy. TTYL


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Luvs, my parents are not living but we still own their place which has the home, shop, lean to, barn, chicken house and grainery. We sold all but 100 acres and don't know if we'll ever sell it.

DS has wanted to buy it but it would be alot further for him to drive to work. He owns three businesses so he's a very busy guy and I don't know if he'll want to now that he just built a new home last year.

At this point it's up to me to clean, paint and keep up with maintenance after renters move out. DH cleaned the yard and garage and storage today and I shampooed two more BR's.

We need to put in a new sewer system that will cost $15,000 so won't be renting until that's taken care of. The biggest issue is it has a full basement and we need to replace the pipes under it! Theres a new camera out that can go down the line and see where the problem is so will probably try that before we do anything else.

I'm not wanting another renter at this time so once it's cleaned will not have to deal with it for awhile.

We went out for dinner with our friends and enjoyed steak at a family resturant we have only eaten at twice. Will be going back again with the great prices and service. I ended up giving her the stemware and a different tray with roses I had painted. I just wasn't happy with the way the other turned out. I also made them BBQ country style spare ribs for tomorrow night's dinner.

She didn't want to go shopping today so she said we will do it another time. Her way of saying NO MORE, I'm sure.LOL

Laughed at your story about turning sprinklers off and on. That's my job so once they are on I don't shut them off unless it rains for a week straight. Is that the difference between paying for water on a meter? I'm so thankful we don't have to worry about that. If we did, I'm sure I wouldn't have all of my flowers and large yard. Can't emagine what it would cost to keep up with 2 acres.

We got a nice rain tonight so that should help my flowers. DH mowed lawn for the first time and did ok with that. I'm sure glad cuz it could be more than I want to handle right now. I forgot to tell him about the bee's and he's asleep now. Darn

I started painting on a ceramic santa tray tonight. I just didn't know what I wanted to paint and it jumped into my hands! It will be nice to get it finished after all these years.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and got some paintin' done.


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Punk, I still have some books out and folded open to some Christmas designs too. Painting Christmas things always makes me "happy", so I may still work on some of them too--otherwise Christmas will arrive and they still won't be done!

Oh, now I remember about you renting out the house. Gosh, these last people didn't stay very long did they? Just long enough for you to have to clean and redo everything, right????? We used to own a 2bdrm,2ba. condo that we rented out a few times after DS moved out of it. What a hassle that was, so I know what you are going through--sort of! ;o) The place sounds really nice, sure would be nice if it could be kept in the family.

All of us thought your tray was lovely. I think we painter's are just too hard on ourselves! I'm sure the one you gave your friend was lovely too--bless your heart! ;o)

My DIL brought over a few of her cartridges for the Cricut, so I need to figure out a project to work on so I can use them. Maybe I'll do some blocks for Summer. I already have some paper that might work for it.

I have a sort of weird shaped wood tray that I had picked up for 99 cents that is really pretty wood with an indented center portion. I've been trying to find patterns that might fit it and sort of hate to paint the pretty wood though! Then I thought I might just do words like Welcome or the Arnold's in the center and leave the outside wood unpainted. Decisions, decisions,--no wonder I never get anything done, I can't make a decision! By the time I'm finally ready, I change my mind again! LOL

Gotta get going. I'll catch you all later.


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