Another Fabric Mosaic

texaswildJanuary 23, 2013

Altered slippers. Except for the black/gold and the red inside binding, the fabrics are Damascene - hand-loomed silk. The gold leaves are also Damascene. Can't see the shine of the sequins I used to cover the raw edges of color changes. This is fun to do, but dread doing the other one. I always had trouble w/the second shoe when, in my youth, I covered shoes w/brocade and made hats to match.

Cloth Mosaiced Slippers<?a>

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Those are so dang cute!!!

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I have the same problem with doing the 2nd of anything! lol that's why its best that I'm anti symmetrical!

this is so clever and wowzer I adore those fabrics.

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SLOW these are so adorable! Love the pictures of you in the vest too. You are so danged cute, you make me smile.

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Bowing in thanks. Started a new cloth project yesterday - inspired by Teesha Moore's Fabric Journals. Don't know what it'll end up being, but it'll be best friend Jeannie's b.d. present.

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LOVE this!!! What a GREAT way to redo these!!!!

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Those shoes are fabulous! Somebody stop me! I must not veer off course, but I sure would like to try that. So unique and charming.

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Thanks, Silva. Finished the second one last week, and have worn them to see if the Weldbond holds the sequins on - yep - it does. Silva: the process is to take your little screwdriver, loosen the soles about 1/4" inch so you can tuck the fabric inside and glue. When I covered shoes in my youth, I had a pattern for the whole shoe, but I was too lazy to cut out a pattern for these slippers, so I glued snippets of the silks. A friend thought it was one piece of fabric. The Weldbond is wonderful for this project. It's a very easy project. I know what you mean about veering off course. My mind is twirling in new directions, so as SOON as I finish this awful birdbath I built last summer, get back from PV and recover, I'm gonna chase another rabbit.

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