Tiny Hong Kong Condo 300sq/ft

dilly_dallyMay 2, 2010

This is a video tour showing great use of space with sliding walls. I love the clean modern look while retaining a cozy relaxing feel.


Here is a link that might be useful: LINKY

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Most tiny apartments I've seen on the internet are very cramped looking. This guy has done a done a great job of opening up the the space by thinking outside of the box...

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WOW Amazing. Bet that cost a bundle to put together. Really neat looking. Thanks for the link.

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What great ideas this architect has. High tech for sure.
Some things are familiar looking, like the Murphy bed, and the built in coffee maker. Asian culture has used the shoji screens which can reconfigure space, but this apartment/condo goes much further than simple screens.
It is like he lives in one of those fold out closets. I wonder if this is a prototype for a commercial product?

How about the way the tub is built, and the guest bed folds down to cover it!!! So in 300 sq ft he has guest quarters, a screening room, a full size bed for himself, great light, a tiny but functional kitchen, and space which still looks
clean and neat. He must be very organized.

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Actually a tub that converts to other uses is actually a very old idea. In days of yore the bathtub was commonly situated in the kitchen and used as the base for the table. Of course nowdays we don't heat hot water on a nearby wood fired stove, and bathtime is not just on Saturday nights, so that would be impractical for contemporary living.

I do like the guy's idea where the Murphy bed when folded up, automatically drops down an upholstered bench for seating. Most Murphy beds give give you a wall of wood when folded up and serve no other purpose.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

That's amazing! LOL, he has about the same amount of square footage as our new addition, but that's where the similarities end. I thought I had some good ideas for converting it to an efficiency, if necessary, but this guy is doing things that I'd never imagine. (With a budget I'll never have!)

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I saw this on 'green homes' on TV. He sure does have a lot of great ideas! I can't imagine living in a space that tiny, though - especially with DH, 2 teens, 2 dogs and a cat!!!

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Prairie-girl, I recall him saying he took this tiny apartment from his parents, and it had been a room for them, a room for his 3 sisters, and then he had the living area which was mostly a corridor. So that was six people living in the 300 squ feet. Space is really at a premium there.

Don't know how their culture feels about pets. I presume that an animal lover would have to be pretty dedicated to keep a cat or dog successfully in such limited quarters. More likely a small bird better suited, you think?

It did not say in the video where the rest of the family lives now, but it did say (best I recall) that he did not want to let the place go.

Bringing anything new into the apartment means editing and removing another object or function, and for me it would be some difficult choices to make. But his place is gorgeous.

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