Brand new week!

luvstocraftApril 13, 2009

Hi All, Hope you had a wonderful Easter and are feeling renewed and refreshed.

I feel good today because I got all my housecleaning done before Easter, just want to change the bed linens today. Need to go shopping, DS has a birthday this week so need to get his present.

I didn't get the project I was working on finished, but no big deal. I think it just says Spring on it anyway. Need to get out to my shed and spend some time with my saw I think--so I'll have some surfaces to paint.

We had a wonderful family day. Have way too many leftovers! Little GD had such fun doing the egg hunt, and of course, Gpa had to help. She was so sweet about wanting to share her basket of goodies, and I loved hearing her tell me all about Jesus. She was really interested in all of it this year. So fun to see how their little minds absorb information and the excitement they show. Makes things seem fresh and new again. ;o)

So how was your Easter? Have you got a full schedule this week? Any new recipes to share?


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Good morning....or afternoon I should say. I happily slept in this morning because the kids are still out for Spring Break. Glad my kids are big enough to take care of themselves and their little sister in the mornings so I can sleep! They all went downstairs to G-mas and she made them breakfast. ha Nice of her.

Our Easter was very nice. We did our family thing and the Easter Bunny on Sat so we can have the more spiritual day on Sunday. The Easter Egg Bingo was a big hit. My mom prepared the plastic eggs with money, candy and little papers with funny things you had to do. Oh did we laugh and laugh until we hurt! So when you got bingo you got to choose an egg and do what it said inside. There were lots of eggs so everyone got a chance to bingo.

We always have potato salad for Easter too. My mom usually makes it, but appointed me to make it this year. Luckily I've had lots of practice under her tutilige so it turned out good. ha We had lots of good food as well and plenty leftover for a few days of no cooking for me! Yes, I like it.

Belle~ I'm really trying hard to slow down and not be such a hard task master with myself. I find myself thinking I'm being lazy, but then I talk to myself and say No, you are just letting go of some things. We Americans seem to feel guilty if we aren't working from sun up to sun down. ha At least that's the way I was raised. I'm slowly coming around to a more leisurly lifestyle. ha We'll see if it takes. ha Hard when you've got kids though.

Luvs~ we have a cold but beautiful sunny day today. I'm gonna get the kids outside to enjoy it and work em a little bit on the yard. ha
I am looking forward to getting my saw going again too. Now that Easter is over I'm going to work on my Americana things that I've already got cutout. May paint some today since my Friday didn't work out last week for it.

You all have a very nice day. Good start to the week. =) ~Anj

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Hi All,

I remember Easter with the kids and then with our GS and the latter was much more fun...wonder why that is?

Our weather is not spring like at all, snow, hail, heavy rains and winds...maybe it's just a late March.

Luvs....our DH share the same month - his is the 24th....that would make your DH older than mine. NO! WAIT! Isn't there something about year of birth? hehehe!!!!! He is getting ready to go over to the other side of the state to help our friends open the camp grounds of our Fraternal group. It opens May 1st, but there is always work to be done and usually one or two tree to fall-that's where he comes in as he used to be one in his working life.(A tree faller not a tree!) He also runs a cat or backhoe or most anything. So I will have a vacation while he is away, then we meet up north for a benefit dinner and them I will go back with him for a week. Did you all hear that sigh! The campgrounds is at the foot of the Cascade Mtn's and it is always cold over there this time of year, so out come the thermals again.

Anj....It sounds like you Mom and my Grandma were related. My DGM favorite saying was, "Idol hand are the devils workshop!" We never sat without some kind of work in our hands and I still can't watch TV without doing something. It just drives me crazy, and I don't have far to go anyway!

Our neighbor just came by with 12 glass blocks to drill and to help bribe my DH, I am making him a Banana Cream Pie from scratch and this might be fun since I don't have any recipe book and am using a online site. Wonder if he will notice?

Ya'All Take Care!


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Hi....I'm sitting here waiting to go pick up DD from her belated basketball dinner. She'll be calling me any minute. Been running the roads today. I did manage to get some painting done, but it was just to change the color of a sign DB gave me and paint some picture frames. I'm getting ready to paint my bathroom walls and the color won't work there anymore. So nothing really fun painted today. What are you all working on this week? Hope to get to something more fun on Friday.

Belle~ I cannot sit and watch tv without doing something else either. Makes me nervous! ha I used to cross-stitch or read, but DH likes all the lamps out when he watches tv at night so that's out. I usually turn to food. ha I can eat in the dark. ha
Sounds like you have some busy times ahead. Hope to hear from you as you can get here.

Luvs~ what's up woman?? ha It's raining cats and dogs over here. Can't you do something about that? ha The grass is finally greening up though so that's nice. Some of our fruit trees are blooming out.

Well, there's DD. Gotta head out. ~Anj

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Hello, I posted to this and I guess it flew out the window. So now Luvs you have posted your adorable bunny and her companion ladybug. Great project!

Anj, life is short so do what makes you happy. My GM always said I was like a fart in a hot skillet and it use to make me pretty mad cuz momma always said no cussing!LOL I still am not one to sit idle very long. Just wish I accomplished more in a day than I do. I've worked up to 22 hours a day in the past and you couldn't pay me enough to ever do that again.

What kind of potatoes do you use for your potato salad and what do you like in it? DH has quit eating them and hasn't had a bout with gout so not sure I'll ever eat another. Sigh At least not when he's home. DH also quit tomatoes and it's amazing that could be enough to stop the gout. He loved both so I can't cook with them and tempt him.
Belle, I want some of your PIE, it sounds wonderful. Can you tell I have the biggest sweet tooth? I don't eat as many as I use to but I'm still bad. For sure your husband isn't a tree, he's a tree faller? You made me laugh girlfriend!

Glad you all had a nice Easter. It was the quietest one I've ever had but we got alot stained for DS's home. The gal he lives with has a little girl so we bought her a Baby Alive instead of an Easter basket. First time for that one. He said she already had several and didn't need another and she loved her new baby.

I got my home cleaned and finished up with my client earlier this evening so painted alittle on my snowmen. Sis bought me a new paint racks that holds 160 bottles of paint so I went through and threw out some of the older ones and now I have room for a few more. haha I still have some stashed somewhere but not sure where. Sad

DH cut me out a few more santas to paint so can't wait to start on some of them.

It's already tomorrow so GTG hit the hay. Punk

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Happy Wednesday All! I was up early this morning to take my dog to the groomers. Waiting for them to call for me to come get him now.

Today is my DS birthday, so we're going out for dinner and then cake and presents afterwards at his house, so I'm looking forward to that.

Belle, you are so cute! Made me laugh with your story too. Nice that you and your DH have so many friends and always have projects going on.

Punk, your GM's expression made me laugh out loud! I can remember mine asking if I had "ants in my pants" when I was fidgeting and not wanting to sit still. LOL

I still like to read while we watch tv. DH thinks I'm not paying attention--I tell him I'm used to "multi tasking". LOL Wish I could still do cross stitch, but it hard on my eyes. I do sit and make fabric yo yos while I'm watching tv sometimes. It's going to take me forever to have enough of them to make something! LOL

I have lots of books folded open to projects that I think I'd like to paint, but need to decide what's next. And I'm always changing my mind! Still can't think of any quick, easy things everyone would like to make and take back to the relatives when we go to the midwest in June. Just so hard to know what other people would like--and I've already sent most of them my one stroke rose welcome signs--those were fast and easy. Maybe I should do something "Patriotic" since the 4th will be the next holiday.

Anj, we are not getting the rain, but there have been lots of dark clouds lately. And it is downright chilly! We have sun and blue skies today, but still chilly. Predictions for next week are for the 80's and 90's--I don't like hot, but that actually sounds good to me right now! BRRR! Not used to the cold anymore!


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anjabee's raining raining raining here the rest of this week, but we are getting 70's next week. I like it when you have good weather....means the next day it's coming to me. ha
I'm waiting to pick up DD from school.
I think something patriotic would be fun. That's what I'm working on next. Need to add to my collection of Uncle Sams. =)
Have fun going out with DS and family.

Punk~ for my potato salad I usually use peeled red potatoes....chop and boil. Then I add boiled eggs (chopped), mayo, mustard, dill pickle relish, salt and pepper. You have to get that mustard/pickle ratio in there just right. ha My mom sits and chops up pickles, but that just takes way too long for me so use the relish and my DH and kids like it better. How can your DH do without potatoes??? We eat them so much. My MIL has gout too. Maybe I should mention the potato thing to her.
I've been getting rid of some of my older paint too. Need to stock on some new ones next sale I find. Need to make a list and carry it around in my purse. If I don't I tend to keep coming home with the same colors every time and not the actual ones I need. ha

Well, I'm glad everyone is at least thinking of painting even if we aren't getting around to actually doing any. ha Jk Ya'll have been putting some cute stuff up on the board. I'm only speaking of myself. Friday...fingers crossed!

Today I'm paying bills, filing and doing some work for DH. Joy. C-ya. ~Anj

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Wait a minute! Why are you gals getting rid of your old paints???? Gosh, I keep mine until I can't revive it anymore! If it seems a little thick, I just add a capfull of water and shake it up good. Only throw it away when it gets too dried up to even rehydrate! I do watch for sales too, and try to add some fresh new colors. I'm hoping Michael's will have their 77 cent sale again soon. Luvs

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Luvs...the ones I've been throwing away rattle when I shake them. ha I think they are past the point of rehydration. hahahaha

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Anj, in that case I can see why they need to go! LOL I also have to say that I hate it when my paints start to get those "globs" in them! What causes that anyway? Makes me think of blood clotting! LOL Stirring them doesn't seem to help much, so I usually just fish them out of the bottle--seems like a waste of paint though. ;o(

Son's BD was nice, had dinner at Harry's Pacific Grill, then cake, ice cream and presents at his house afterwards.

Today I'm meeting a friend for lunch, then DH and I need to go to the storage area and start the motorhome and check that everything is okay with it. We always take the two dogs along, it's a gated area and they love to be able to run off leash there.

I haven't quite decided on my next project, but have a few "contenders" to choose from. Hopefully, I'll get started on one of them this afternoon.

I see Belle posted some books on our exchange forum. This could be a really fun thing for our forum. Thanks Belle, for coming up with this idea.

Hope you all have a great day--make time for a little fun if you can.


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Luvs and Anj....only have a minute....goofed up in the Exchange link...we can't sell anything so I listed my email addy. Please contact me and I will send out your books. No charge at all!


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I saw your message Belle, I had forgotten that as well so glad you remembered in time. I've already sent you an email. No problem, we'll get more listed soon so you will get some goodies too. ;o) Luvs

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Hi everyone, I know it says "Brand new week!" but I am just getting around to reading it. Where does time go? I sometimes feel I never get anything accomplished even though I think I am working pretty hard. It must be the age thing. I am so sore this morning, my GD's spent the night and they sleep in my bed with me - banishing Poppa to the other room. The oldest is 8 and moves a lot in her sleep. The youngest has to sleep right next to me with all 23 of her stuffed animals and babies. I couldn't move! I was so close to the edge of the bed I had to tuck my right hand under my hip because there was no where to put it. Then she wakes up at 2:30 am and says she is hungry - two hours later with all the babies with her she falls back to sleep. We had to get up early for my son's ballgame so I can hardly wait to take that nap. I remember when we were young and had a double bed, both kids would get in our bed in the middle of the night and the poodles would be at the foot of the bed - so I learned to sleep in tight quarters - but I don't remember being so sore the next morning - could it be the age thing again?

Luvs - you and your GD seem to have a really good time together. I think whatever you do for your relatives will be great and they will love it.

Anj - your potato salad sound good - we use sweet pickle relish instead of dill, we add chopped onions and celery and my mom would always top it off with sprinkles of paprika. You know my husband has gout but has not had a problem with it in over 20 years. It took a long time for a diagnosis but the doctors said when the uric acid levels get too high it will cause gout so he prescribed a medicine for him. He has taken it ever since and hasn't had any problems. There were some foods he was suppose to avoid like sardines, soy sauce, - things like that but while on this medicine he eats what he wants. I think it is called Allipurinol (mispelled).

Belle - my mother had a lot of sayings and now that she is gone, I wish I had written them down . I don't know where she came up with it but she told us we could not wear red shoes or red slips because only the bad girls wore that type of thing. I was in my thirties before I purchased a pair of red shoes and a red half slip at the same time - I felt like I was being very naughty when I wore them and I am sure friends wondered what was up with me because I kept smiling thinking I was finally being a bad girl. It's funny because I still think of that when I buy red.

Punk - how nice that your hubby can cut wood for you. Mine actually has a two year degree in carpentry but breaks my saw blades everytime he tries to cut wood. When he was in school his teacher sent me a note saying he would be happy to cut the wood I needed because it would be cheaper than letting my husband who keeps breaking the blades. I love cutting my own and I love the smell of wood when we go to Home Depot - I can't imagine what the salesman think when they see me sniffing the wood.

I don't think creative people like ourselves has the same kind of brain function as others - that is why we have to do more than one thing at a time.

I have to go check out the Exchange forum. Wasn't sure what it was about but it sounds interesting.

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Already Sunday,
The past week just flew and I didn't even have much time to check in. Looks like Belle has started her exchange and that's going to be fun when I have time to join in. Thanks Belle.

Belle what is your friend doing with the glass blocks?

Anj,Thanks for letting me in on how you make potato salad. That's how I make most of mine. I like onions and celery so sometimes I make a small bowl and add them. I don't think I've ever used relish but sweet or dill would work alright. Thanks Anj and Bebe, I'll probably try it this summer.

Luvs so glad your DS's birthday was nice. My DH's is Tues. and I haven't even thought about what I'll do for him except make a homemade German Choc. cake. We generally go get his mom and bring her in for dinner with us and the kids. I'm sure that's what will take place again since I'll be working that day.

How was lunch with your friend? Did you know that "Friends are a gift to ourselves from God"? Your lunch date made me think of this saying I was going to paint on something for my friends and never have. I thought it was a cute way of thinking.

Bebe, it's so nice to have you here with us, you naughty girl in red. Isn't it funny what our DM instill in us. I really like to wear red but I bought my GM a red lamp when I was in high school and she said what are you trying to do, turn my bedroom into a brothel. I was so stupid I had to ask DM what she meant. DM told me she was just ungreatful for her gift. LOL

I had another time in high school when I had the German Measles for the 2nd time in my life and lasted 2 months, it almost killed me. My doc. ask if I had gonnahrea cuz my urine was so yellow, I told him I didn't know so when my mom came to the hospital that day I ask her if thats what I had. She informed me it was from my high fever for weeks and left the room. I could hear her clear down the hall after leaving my room telling the nurses she wanted to see the doc. He continued to be my doc for years and we laughed about that incident several times. It's not always a good thing to be so sheltered. LOL

My DD brought me the cutest brick looking arched mirror with iron gates that close over the mirror to paint around. Almost seems a shame to take a chance on painting it and messing it up. LOL I do have some ideas for it though.

We did get some trees transplanted and some work done in the yard. I've got 1 more load of laundry to do and then I should be able to go paint on something.

Well best get something done so hope some of you have had time to do a little painting. Punk

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Just a quick check in here tonight--I'm bushed! Kept little GD overnight and all day today! What I wouldn't give for a fraction of that girl's energy. ;o)

I have a project selected, the wood piece cut out, and am ready to start painting it--but need a good night's rest first I do believe!

Good to hear from you Bebe, you've had allot of company lately. Imagine you are in need of a little "down time" before you are ready to start any more projects. So good that we can spend time with the Grandkids isn't it?

Punk, I can totally relate to growing up sheltered and naive--a miltary wife I met AFTER I was married clued me in on so many things I had never even heard of! She thought it was so funny that there was so much I didn't know about! I thought she was just making stuff up, so had to ask my DH about all of it! LOL Hope you have a fun dinner for your DH's birthday.

I'm gonna go watch a little television and try to get to bed a bit early tonight. I'll catch you all tomorrow.


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