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luvstocraftApril 26, 2010

These Mondays sure do roll around quickly don't they? I've got a pretty sunny day, but some showers are predicted this week. Need to do a little yard work to tidy things up. Some of my rose bushes are full of blooms now, and the buds on the shrub roses are just starting to open--love it when my front planters are full and overflowing with roses! So far I have Iris, cala lilly, amarillys, fushia, angel's trumpet, and another bush who's name escapes me, all in bloom now. I love this time of the year when everything seems so fresh and pretty!

My friend/neighbor went on some trips and has brought me a cake tin and a wooden tray. She is so sweet, always keeps an eye open for things she things I might want to paint! I need to "pick up the pace" around here and get some projects done. DH keeps talking about taking off on a motor home trip too--so I need to get some things lined up to take along to paint on as well.

Punk, I know you are planting garden this week. I'll be envying you all those fresh veggies when they're ready! How's your DH now? Lots better I hope.

Belle, did you ever find your water leak from your pond? Bet that has been lots of work and worry. Hope you get it all done soon. How are your friends coming along with their house building project? Is it nearing completion?

Anj, what did you discover about your computer? Always something isn't it? Looking forward to you being able to post with us again soon.

We know Bebe has been busy with her paintbrushes. Loved seeing her beautiful cabinet and box. So neat to come here and see what other's are doing--keeps me motivated!

I'll check back tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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Good Evening,
Luvs, I still need to go buy corn and then I will be done with the garden. I went out tonight and started planting some flower seeds but lost my balance and broke my thumb nail so had I had to fix it. This was not on my agenda but since I had to come in I did get my cake taker and snowman done.

Where does DH want to go this time? I'm so amazed that you paint on your trips but I'm so glad! I'm sure having the MH where you can put all your paints and such makes the difference. Maybe you'll get a few more ideas while out and about too.

Do you know what you will paint on your cake tin and wooden tray yet? What a great friend to pick up things for you to paint on. Sounds like she has good taste at that. I still have 2 more cake tins to paint but I'm sure it won't be any time soon.

We are suppose to get rain every day the rest of the week so I'll try to do another project if I'm stuck indoors at night. I love it that it stays light so long now.

Best head to bed.


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Back again! Just read Belle's post on last weeks. And I just commented on your pretty cake tin, Punk.

I haven't decided what I'll do on the two remaining cake tins that I have. I already have one with roses and another one painted with a Christmas holly design. I thought about doing one with a Happy Birthday design that was in one of my books--we'll see.

Punk, was it you who wanted to paint Iris? There's a pattern for some in the latest issue of Painting magazine in case you get a chance to look at one. It is gorgeous!

Belle, quit all that practicing and just "practice" on a project. No one but you will know if they don't come out exactly the way you want. I loved your story about DH being able to run so fast! LOL

Guess Anj's computer is still on the glitch, sure miss having her stop by.

I made a little gift for my neighbor today with the Cricut. Little stacked blocks that said "All things bloom with love". Used an open flower design for all the O's on the words. Then I antiqued them since she likes older looking things. DH was rushing me to get them wrapped and take them over before it got dark and I completely forgot to take a pic of them! I added a card just thanking her for always being so thoughtful--she's the one who always finds me trays or something on her trips. She seemed really thrilled with them, and that makes me feel good.

Got a show I want to watch so better get off here. TTYL


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Hey ladies....I'm back. Have no idea what was going on with my computer. DH's laptop was having problems too so maybe it was our service provider?? Who knows. Anyway, had a very busy weekend and I let DD skip school on Monday so we could go have some bonding time together and get some summer shopping done. We all need some new clothes and shoes so it was nice to get to spend some one on one time with her. We had a great day together. Yesterday I had to play catch up around the house and spent the afternoon running kids around, doing homework, picking up DS #2's glasses, and Boy Scout meeting til 8. Grabbed some pizzas for supper and we still made it to bed rather late. Oh luvs....DS#1 tells me he has to build a castle to turn in in a week and 1/2!! Remember the big castle project from a few years ago! Yeah, same project different child. Dang I should have kept that other one! ha Except for of course this child waits til the last minute to tell me about it and we have no boxes or anything saved up with which to make it. grrr. We'll get it figured out though I hope. Working on it this weekend.
Soooo, the only painting I've gotten done is a couple of shelves painted for the girls room, and 2 signs basecoated and decided to paint some flags on my pencil box so have it prepped and ready to paint as well. Is that it (looking around)...yes, I think that's all. ha
Anyway, am working on filing and laundry today so better get on it. Ya'll have a good day. I'm gonna jump over and look at the projects you mentioned before I go. Later...~Anj

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Anj, so glad to have you back posting with us! Glad it wasn't a major problems with your computer. Gosh, I sure do miss our daily chats! I do remember the castle project--and now you have to do one again! You might have to make a trip to the grocery store so you can empty out some Pringles cans or something for "props" while you are building it. ;o)

That is great that you let DD go shopping with you. It's good for the soul to have a break in the routine sometimes. And it makes good memories of time together and gives her a chance to open up and talk with you about things that are important in her teenage world. ;o)

Gotta go meet a friend for lunch. TTYL


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Well Anj it is good to have you back. I can relate to computer issues. I left the office with no internet tonight so will see what tomorrow brings. Can't work without internet.

You sound so busy running for the kiddos. Another castle project, sounds like alot of work but fun. What a mom.

Hope you show us picturs of your pencil box when you finish. I just put out an America blocks with flags dec. on my stacking plates tonight. I added an apple and think I will find a baseball and toss it with it for something different. I have a couple of tall candlesticks and a basket to put beside it too.

Luvs, how was your lunch date? It was Belle that is painting Iris but I do have a few patterns that I want to try someday.

I will have to check out that painting magazine if I head to the city. We don't have anyone around who carries painting magazines. This way saves me lots of money, I'm sure.

Belle, type in Chinese Lanterns and do a search so you can see them. They are so cute in a bowl for fall. Thanks for the info on the laurel. I'll do some checking on that too. Can't remember what else you mentioned on the other post but keep us informed on what's going on in your life.

My helper is flying out to Memphis in the morning and will be gone for a week so I need to get off here and go to bed. It's great having help so I'm sure I'll be happy when she returns.

We are planning on opening more businesses soon so alot on this little mind of mine. Also twice the training required so I will check back when I can.


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Darn! Darn! Darn! I lost the post I was going to post yesterday, only it wasn't the site it was my lap top....hit some silly key and POOF! everything gone! I was so mad I swept and mopped every floor in the house, and hour later I was still mad so I washed windows....them I can ran out of steam and crashed! is nice to see you again and still the busy wife and mom! And just think school is almost out and then you will have new challenges, but what wonderful memories you will have when you children are grown and on their own...gosh! Are they even "on their own?" Mine still come home to talk over things.

Luvs....AH! the pond. Haven't found the "hole" yet but we are moving in on it. We have half of the pond to go, but with the weather everything outside came to a stop. I know that my pond sound like so much work, but it is so nice to sit outside for a meal and listen to the sound of the water falls and watch the fish. The little birds are so used to us they bathe in the stream without fear and then there is the flowers during the summer, iris, water lilies, hyacinths, water hawthorn and lotus. It's worth it!

Work on our friends home stops during most of the summer, they are very active in our fraternal order, state officers and national chairman, and they help maintain our private campgrounds, so they are rarely home. DH and I are putting together a work party for the fall as a surprise for them, it should be a lot of fun as well as getting things done. And yes, it is nearing completion, all of the essentials are done as well as the wall and ceiling. The mud and tape comes next, then the texture which will be left to a pro.

Nice that your neighbors find nice things for you to paint. My BGF finds me thing as well, 1,000 teddy bears, or and entire ceramic village, 25 buildings. Do you know how hard it is to come up with colors for those old houses? Impossible! And she didn't want any of the painted ones I donated the ones I have finished to a charity. have been busy painting and now your helper is off for a week and your plans to branch out...WOW! And... DaaaH! I never thought about googling the lanterns and I do it all the time and about the iris...I read the instructions way! Well, maybe I'll change the oils for acrylics, maybe not! Well see.... My pansy's have given me a closer look at what I can do and what I don't know! I don't know flowers!

Well, this chapter is getting longgggggggggg, keep safe!


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Belle, you are such a character! I love reading your posts! ;o) No way I would want to do 25 of anything! If I can manage two or three of the same thing, I'm doing good. That's why I could never sell and take special requests--well, that and the fact that I worked 40 plus hours a week back then!

I've been doing some painting today. Just a fun little sign for my side gate--from a book that I've had for many years and never painted a thing in it so far! I'll probably finish it up tomorrow.

I also made some more blocks. Did patriotic this time, says "I "heart" USA" on one side and just USA on the other side. Decided to do both sides in case I use them on the table or somewhere that both sides might be seen. Just used the Cricut for the lettering---so fast and easy!

Talked to my sister in Mo., says they're getting rainstorms but luckily already got their garden planted. She also said they've been finding lots of mushrooms (morels). I always loved hunting for them along the creeks and trees--and enjoyed eating them even more! Gosh, I sure miss that--don't have them out here in Ca.

Do any of you like "fried green tomatoes"? I love them even though I should avoid fried foods. I want to stop by the farmer's market to see if they have any green tomatoes--just one of those Spring rituals that I think I have to do. LOL

Belle, I'm like you, I always start typing and end up with a book. I'd better get off here and get back to my painting. TTYL


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Good Morning,

Belle, I was talking to a friend yesterday and she said the Chinese Lantern plants can be invasive so you may want to check with others in your area before planting or be ready to conain when you do.

Loved reading about sitting by the pond and listening to the water, birds and watching the fish. What a wonderful thought that brought to mind.

Luvs, your patriotic blocks sound neat. Hope you will be posting pictures soon.

Anj, hope you can slow down and play more here soon.


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Ah! Luvs....Morels....dusted with flour and fried in butter! I can feel the extra pounds settling on my hips right now. Ours aren't out yet, but usually are by DH b'd which was the 24th of April, so anytime now. We have both the early, which are bigger and the late Morels. I have never tried fried green tomatoes but really want to, how do you make them? Any special secrets?

Like Punk our weather has been miserable. Lots of heavy showers and lots of wind, even some thunder and hail storms, then 5 minutes later out comes the sun. But by the time I change shoes and grab a jacket its raining again. This type of weather also means no frosts, so my seedlings have a better chance and I don't have to worry about covering them at night.

My pansy banner is taking a sabbatical, I have the flowers done, they may not be the all that good and they are not "color balanced" but I like them. Now I need to do the leaves and then the gold swirly stuff. I really want to do the gold stroke work so I am saving it for last.

I spent the evening working on a new project, but not painting. For the last 18 years I have saved all of my pennies for my DGS. I have a ton of them and no counting machines I started wrapping them yesterday (why didn't I do this over the years?). Anyway, they are going to be part of his graduation gift. So far I have wrapped $274.00 worth of the coppers and have not reached the 1/4 mark and I now have muscles I don't ever remember having, I know they are there because they are talking to me and I don't like their kind of language! DGS just might get them loose in a bag!!!!!

DH tended bar at a local dart tournament and didn't get home until 3 am but made over $200.00 in tips, he is sleeping and I am just plain tired but still awake enough to think of ways to spend the extra cash.

Question time: I bought 2 sets 3, graduated in size, contoured stars to go along with my patriotic theme living room but can't find anything to paint on them. Do I just do solid colors that I can pull from other projects I have done or paint them to look more like a flag? They are 15", 11 1/2" and 7 1/2" point to point. I do like the flag hearts in one of the Switch a roo's books, but don't know if they would look good on a star. Guess I could paint them and if I don't like them do what Bebe did and start over again. Gosh I liked her Egret!

I had better get "something" done today, maybe a nap!

Keep Safe!


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I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that had tole painting on old doors with a gallery of pictures. I just bought an old door and shutters from a yard sale and want to get some ideas to tole paint on them. Thank you so much.

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Fairywingz...sorry I don't have any suggestions for you, but glad you stopped by and hope you come back often....this is one great forum!

Thought I would share this picture with all...DH and I have been working between storms to get the yard and pond in order, this is what happends at the beginning of the last storm.

The wind started blowing and it was howling in the fur and cedar trees, me I wanted to "head for the house," but DH said "What do you think I worked in for all those years, this is nothing" He changed his mind really quickly, when the tree branches landed in the pond and several near us. This was maybe 15 minutes ago, now it is almost dark (4 pm)outside and the hail is pounding down. This is more like February weather, which was more like May weather. Go figure!


PS the water should be up to just under the top of the dock on the left of the pond..still have a hole!

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Oh, my goodness, Belle. Do be careful, those storms can be scary.

As for your stars, have you thought about covering them in Mod Podge and scrapbooking papers? There are so many cute designs. If you paint them, do you want the Primitive look? I posted a couple sites on the Discussion side for ideas for Fairywingz doors and shutters. Maybe one of them would give you inspiration for your stars too.

Fairywingz, good luck in your search. Be sure to check out the two sites I listed for you on your other post, they have some neat stuff. Hope you will stick around and paint and visit with us.


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Belle, I thought I posted last night suggesting that both you and Fairywingz check the links I posted on her post on the Discussions side for some Primitive painting ideas--but my post isn't here now! Hate it when I don't hit submit! Darn!

Anyway, I had also said that you might want to consider covering your starts in scrapbook paper. Here's a link to one that is kinda cute--there are so many choices of paper and just gluing it on with Mod Podge is so quick and easy. The Mod Podge dries clear so works as the glue and top coat--I still like to spray on a coat of sealer when it's all good and dry.

Take a look.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scrapbook covered star

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