I pulled weeds yesterday...

anjabeeApril 25, 2007

Hey Luvs~

After the rain I had to go out and cut back my decorative grasses cause they were really bugging me and weed some. Have you been doing any yard work over your way? It's finally warming up again and I can't believe all the stuff that is blown back into our yard. Maybe everything will be dried out by tomorrow when I'll have some time to go work on it again. Are you doing any new plantings this year? I have a lot to do and we are still waiting for the right weather to plant our garden. Do you plant one or are you just into the flowers?

I'm done with my breakfast and need to go get my little one ready for her picture. Wish us luck, she usually won't smile. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I was wondering if your weather had finally warmed up. I've pulled allot of the weeds and grass out of my flower beds and applied some disease/insect spray to the roses. My roses are just full of blooms and I have geraniums, amarylis (sp) and some lilies blooming. The agapanthas (sp) should be getting buds soon too. I need to buy a few plants to fill in the spaces of the ones lost in the freeze, but I've been to Lowe's twice and nothing affordable has really struck my fancy yet. You notice I said "affordable", right? LOL

I wish I had a space for a small garden. I love being able to walk out and pick fresh ones right out of the garden. I have these solid wooden shutters that I curbed shopped. Keep thinking they would make a good garden box. I even have some chair wheels I could put on it so it would be easy to move around. It could go right on the patio--I need to get busy and put it together I guess. At least I could plant some tomatoes in it. I love vine ripened tomatoes (and fried green tomatoes too!)

Hope the little one smiled for her pic. Either way, I know it will turn out cute. Don't work too hard.


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We just cut our roses back a few weeks ago, but we already have a lot of new growth. I think a lot of my plants died over the cold cold winter. Sigh. Back to the garden center for me this weekend. The only thing that has bloomed for me are my tulips and hyacinths and my lilac bushes are blooming now. Most everything else is putting on new growth. Although my rhododendrons have a ton of blooms on them and they will hopefully bloom out pretty soon to give us a punch of color. Our fruit trees are blossoming now too so that is real pretty although messy. ha

I think your shutters would work great for a movable garden. I'm sure you could construct something pretty as well as workable. If you don't feel like tackling it this year though, a lot of people just plant tomatoes in big pots and they do good. That's the only way my one SIL gardens and she actually gets a good mess of veggies every year. If you lived closer I'd keep you in supply although the last 2 years the tomato bushes we've bought haven't been that great. Everyone in the neighborhood has complained. Hopefully this year will be better cause I live on tomato sandwiches in the summer. :) And coming from the south can you believe I've never tasted fried green tomatoes? I'm gonna have to try it this year.

Well, I got everything cleaned up yesterday and I'm off to start on my one stroke slate. I was thinking I may use one of the bigger slate pieces to make a big outdoor checkerboard. The kids would enjoy that I think. Talk to ya later. ~Anj

Oh, and touche'... little one did not smile for her pic. She pouted and glared until it was over. The girl said goodbye sweetheart and she said goodbye sweetheart back and gave her the biggest smile ever! URG!! Oh well. We captured her personality as DH says. ha

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Hi Anj, I just looked at your painted slate and got so excited! Just love it. Sure hope you enjoyed doing it.

Don't you just love this time of the year when all the new leaves are coming on? I just love lilac bushes--finally found one that can handle the heat here, but it is not big enough to bloom yet. I get all excited when I see new leaves coming out on it each year. Bet your rhododendrons will be so pretty. They always have so many blooms on them. The other plant that I miss from the midwest is the peonies. Used to have them lining the edge of our garden on the farm, and they were always so pretty.

I need to find something for GD's birthday the middle of next month. Got any suggestions for me? I've been looking at easels since she always wants paper and pens to "write" on. Saw some plastic and one wooden one at Toys R Us, thought I'd go check at Aaron Brothers or somewhere like that before I make up my mind. She has blocks, clay, board games, books, dolls, doll house etc. Getting hard to think of new things for her--especially since she would rather just play in the water or with the vacuum cleaner wands! LOL

Well, I better get moving. I'll catch you later.


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Hey Luvs~ I planted some more peonies bulbs last year so I hope they'll come out soon. The ones we had when we moved here bloomed so pretty every year and then all of a sudden just died so I wanted to have some more.
Suggestions on b-day stuff...hmmm. An easel sounds good and if you can find one with a chalkboard on one side as well? Neleh loves chalk. She is into play makeup and painting toenails and such (of course mom has to do the painting). Puzzles. And she got a little hand-me-down fisher price farm set recently that she has LOVED! And she LOVES her shopping cart and the groceries that came with it. And squirt guns. Her's is coming up at the end of May so I'll be shopping then too. Oh, I saw on tv they have those Color Wonder paint pages that just use water and the color stays on the paper. She might like that with her easel?? Good luck! ~Anj

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