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anjabeeApril 8, 2008

Where are you hanging out lately and whatcha been up to? I have been working around the house and running the roads. I'm off to the library here in a few minutes. They don't open until 10am and I want to see if they have any new painting mags I haven't seen. Haven't bought any of the last few Quick & Easy ones cause they didn't have much of interest in them for me. After the library I'm gonna try to hit the TS. I found a wooden shovel the other day at one that I need to find a pattern for and a fish plaque I need to paint for my brother. I also got some $1 store stove covers spraypainted black and I'm gonna paint some stars on them. You know how you kinda go in and out of the painting mood....well I've been out and I'm back in again so hoping to get some projects completed this week. Let me know what you've been up to! I'm missing our chats. Thanks for the info on those mussie tussies too. Those are really cute ones! =) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I came over here thinking I would give you a shout to see if you were around--and here you were! LOL

I just finished painting two Santa spoons, they are outside so the sealer can dry. Think I'll give them a couple more coats--want to be sure the paint won't scrape/scratch off while they are stored.

They turned out okay--not as good as the ones painted by the lady where I got the idea. I'm sure you or Bebe could have done them so much better--I'm not very good at painting little things.

I also just started a narrow little plaque with some roses on it to hang in my bathroom beside the medicine cabinet mirror. It's such a narrow awkward space and I didn't like what I had hanging there before.

I hadn't been in the mood either until today because was a bit concerned about my mammogram. They found a spot. I had to go back for another mammogram and an ultra sound, then they were going to do a biopsy yesterday. When I got there, they couldn't find the spot anymore, it had disappeared! They took about six more mammogram pics and said it must have just been a cyst that had resolved itself. Wahoo!

I got out this morning and did some trimming, then I mowed my little yard. After I had a bite to eat, I decided I wanted to paint a bit. I hope the mood lasts, there are several things I'd like to get painted.

I agree about the last couple issues of Quick & Easy Painting, not much I cared about either. Sure hope they come up with some things I like for Summer, especially since I have a subscription! LOL I really need some things for 4th of July. Maybe some yard stakes or some signs to hang on my side gate.

Hope you have good luck at the TS, I've not been finding much at the two I usually go to. I did find two bunny bargains at Big Lots yesterday! Two bunnies for only 80 cents each! That's right--only 80 cents and the one had been $12.00 before. Wish I would have gone in there earlier, they might have had more. There were some cute feather trees with eggs on them too--but they were a bit squished and losing feathers already so I passed.

I'm writing a book here, see what happens when I don't chat with you for awhile. LOL



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See now I don't talk to you for a few days and this is what happens!! I'm so so glad that it went away! Thank goodness! Don't scare us like that! ha
I'm having major allergies right now. Whatever is blooming I wish it would stop! ha Having headaches everyday from it all. I had to go outside for a minute to pick up some rocks for a little project for DS and my nose started pouring. (TMI) The wind was whipping my hair around and I miscalculated something when I bent to pick up a rock.....fell over a tree stump head first...scraped my arm all up and I think I overextended my leg and pulled something. I quickly stood up to see if anybody saw me. ha My Gosh! I'm sure that was a sight! ha I'm staying my butt in the house. ha It's supposed to rain tonight and all day tomorrow so maybe that will help with the allergy part....I'm not sure anything can help the clumbsies. :D

I haven't been to Big Lots in a long time. I should go check it out one day soon.

I've got the tile guys coming tonight...I hope they are gonna finish it tonight. How many times have I said that? ha 6 months this has been going on! I was really hoping to have it completely finished this weekend, but DH is going to TX to a conference so it'll be another week before we get the new toilet and sink installed.

I'm looking forward to seeing your spoons. I'm sure they look great. With DH being gone I'm gonna let some of the housework go and paint paint paint. ha I have so many projects lined up I could paint straight thru for a year and probably not get them all done. ha It's terrible how the obsession goes. ha

I need to get these groceries unloaded and get some lunch ready. I'm running later than planned today and have so many things going on tonight..2 school projects, scouts and church group for 3 kids and then one is going to a school concert in between that so I'll be running kids around as soon as they get home from school. Plus the tile guys coming and I wanted to make a special supper for DH tonight since he's leaving tomorrow. It never ends! ha Enjoy your retirement to the fullest!! ha It would be so nice to relax! ~Anj

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Good morning Anj, sure hope your tile guys arrived and the tile is finally all installed. You are going to be so thrilled when this project is all completed and the room looks all pretty again.

Well, I decided that I should work on getting some of my metal trays painted. I worked on a round one, trying to sort of copy a design from one of my ceramic plates with roses. While it looks pretty good from a distance, I am just not happy with it. I think the spray paint I used for the basecoat is too glossy. My leaves, which I usually love to paint, turned out terrible, and one of the roses I tried to do was red, and I'm not happy with it at all either. Think I will get out the alcohol and see if I can take it off. Might have to sand it, then respray and start all over.

I'll try to get pics of my Santa spoons posted in a day or so. They are okay, but not perfect. I sure need to paint more often--think I'm losing my "touch". LOL

Hope your painting plans all work out while your DH is gone. You can just do easy meals for the kids, and wait to pick up the house until the last day! LOL

Sorry about your alergies. I've had them allot this year too. Makes my nose so sore when I'm having to wipe it so much. Sure hope your arm is okay and your leg too. Isn't it amazing how we can mess ourselves up with just one misstep? Too funny about you worrying if anyone saw you take your tumble! I'm the same way--more worried about that than the damage I've done to myself.

My son, dil, and gd are away on vacation, so no little girl to entertain this week. I usually have her every Sunday afternoon and often at least one other afternoon. House seems sort of empty without her, but they will be back next week.

Well, I'd better get my shoes on and take the dogs for a walk. I vacuumed and mopped the family room floor but can't even tell it this morning. The dogs go out after the sprinklers have been on, then track stuff in on their wet paws. I tell my husband it is "job security", but it really feels like a "never ending" job. LOL

Have a good day, will look forward to seeing any projects you get painted.


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Well, something came up and they still didn't come to do the tile, but they swear they are coming for sure today at 4pm. Big sigh.

I bet your tray is pretty, but if you aren't satisfied with it then I know you'll just have to re-work it. ha

So far I haven't gotten any painting done. Bummer. But I will while the kids are at school this week. DH is supposed to be back on Thursday. He made a detour...got a rental car and drove to LA to visit his family. He hasn't seen them for a year so it's good that he got to do that. Neleh has been sick running fever since yesterday, but she's doing ok as long as I keep the motrin in her.

I know you are missing GD today, but hope you are enjoying yourself nonetheless. :) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Hope Neleh is feeling better by now. Always feel so bad for the little ones when they don't feel good.

I got my granddaughter fix. ;o) They got home at 6:00. DH went to pick them up at the airport while I waited at their house. God how I love it when she shouts "Gramma" when she sees me! ;o) Sure does my heart good.

We stayed to look at all the pics they had taken. They climbed one of those rock walls that are so popular. After a few tries, she climbed all the way to the top. DS said that they were waiting on the ground for her and just cracked up because when she got to the top, she started singing "Spiderman". Kids are just too funny, aren't they?

No painting here yet either. I used the alcohol to take the paint off the tray and then gave it a new coat of spray paint so I can start fresh and try again.

DH will be retiring this summer, and the IBM copier in his office will be passed on to the next local chairman. Decided I would get copies and enlargements made of patterns I might want to paint while it is still here. I only use them for my personal use, and it is so much faster than tracing them by hand. I'm gonna miss that machine! Might have to ask Santa for one of my own! LOL

Off to see what's going on with the other forums. Did you see the tea party post on holidays? Really some pretty settings. Judith does them so beautifully--her's really need to be in a magazine I think.


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Luvs...I've been painting! ha I painted up a little ceramic piece (posted) and I've been working on the wooden shovel (almost finished) and my DB's little boat. Tomorrow I need to try to work on my washboard and get it finished. Maybe I'll start on a fish sign, basket or something else I've got waiting too.

Neleh is back to health...don't know what the fever was all about unless she's getting some more teeth in.

Glad your GD made it back safely. Sounds like they had a good time.

We had a copier that DH got from his work, but it's been gone for a while. They are really nice for crafting....now I have to trace them or scan and print them if they are small enough.

I did get to go over to look at the post. Haven't been over there for a while. Your tea table looks so pretty. I need to take some time to visit Garden Junk too. I'm sure people are coming out of winter hibernation and starting some fun projects.

Well, it's getting late and I want to get things set up to start painting first thing tomorrow. Later~Anj

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Good morning, Anj. I just saw your TWO posts! You go girl! LOL

Both projects look really cute. You really do such nice painting. Don't the Renee Mullins designs just make you smile? I love them too.

Does your DH get back today? Hope he had a good trip.

I've been going through some of my painting books to select the patterns I might want to do. Some of the books only have one or two patterns I'm still interested in. Guess I need to get busy and paint them so I can pass the books along. Other books that have allot of the cutouts just aren't popular anymore. I keep trying to think of other ways to use the design (and wondering if they will ever be popular again!) Would like to pair down a bit and get rid of some--but just never know if that will be the exact pattern I WANT later on! LOL Guess it is a good thing they are "skinny" books and don't take up too much room. ;o)

Hey, I've got to take a pic, but I did make some cones. Decided it would be fun to do, and I could use up some of my stash of craft supplies. I just used cardstock, brushed on some diluted Mod Podge, smoothed on a piece of fabric, and then trimmed it around the edges. I used lace I already had on hand, some beaded fringe I bought at Big Lots for $1.00 or $2.00, and some silk flowers I already had. I'll get the pic on here for you to see today hopefully. Have to post it over here since they have nothing to do with painting. They were fun to do but sort of time consuming, but I did make several all in one day. I'm going to put some shredded paper, candy and a few flowers from my yard in them and then hang them on my neighbors door for May Day. (Have to keep a couple for me too.) LOL

Did the tile guys show up and do their thing finally? Sure hope so. Bet your DH would be thrilled if it were all done by the time he gets home, huh?

I'll be back later, glad you finally had some time for painting. Are you just loving having your "craft room" now?


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Hey...DH did make it back finally. Glad to have him home as is our 8 yr old. He put off his birthday until this weekend to make sure his dad was home for it. ha

I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to just looking at the projects cause I can't get enough painting books. I take out a stack and look thru them while I'm watching tv. ha I'm hard pressed not to buy every one I find at the TS and the mags at the store even if they aren't ones I necessarily like right now. I think....maybe down the road I'd want to paint that. ha I don't know how you can get rid of yours.

I already replied to your cone post. They turned out so good. I don't know why DH's can't understand our need to be creative. ha

We hit a snag on the tile. We have a border of rocks that will run thru the square tiles....well they didn't have enough so DH stopped in Home Depot to pick up more, but he must have gotten a different lot because the ones he got had lighter blue stones, way more blue stones and the stones were much smaller. You know how they come in a rectangle on the mesh already for easier install. Well, the tile guy for whatever reason didn't notice and so it was old lot, 2 new lot, old lot, new lot, 2 old lot. I took one look and about started crying. It didn't go together at all and it didn't look good. So he was supposed to come back tonight to finish up....I went in last night and chiseled the wrong ones off the wall. I may have messed it up, but that would make me upset every time I looked at it from now on if he'd gone ahead and grouted it in that way. I bought new ones that match so hopefully he can get them put back in with not much hassle. We'll see. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, I gotta get ready to run to the grocery. I'm tired. I stayed up until midnight again last night. DS brought me a note as they were going to bed that he needed a big batch of homemade play dough to bring to school today. Nothing like advanced notice. I was already helping DD with a family tree project she was doing. Wonder if I can get a little power nap in today. :) ~Anj

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