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luvstocraftApril 25, 2008

Hi Anj, Well, here it is Friday again. Seems like the weeks go by so fast. Not allot of activity on any of the boards, so guess everyone is able to get out and work/enjoy their yards and being outside again.

I'm "thinking" about painting, but haven't actually started any projects yet. Did sort through all my painting books and got them sorted a bit. (How long will that last????) LOL At least by looking through them again, it reminds me that I have lots of patterns I'd like to use. So I have no excuse not to paint!

Some I ran across again would be really cute for my front yard. Either to hang on my lamp post or the side gate or maybe on my front patio somehow. They are a sign that has different designs for each holiday. Would be fun to paint up all of them and then be able to switch them out. Am I that ambitious? (Probably not--but I might at least get a few of them done.)

I used to paint allot of the cutout shapes and had them sitting or hanging all over the house. I still have a few, but that is not as popular now. And I had lots more wall space in prior houses and my style was more country too.

So what's going on at your house this week? Did the tile guys get finished? Have you been outside doing things in the yard more? Any new TS finds?

Speaking of that, I took some donations over, so had to go inside for a quick check. Found a cute pitcher, sort of soft blue with a white daisy design. Then I had to go to Dollar Tree and find some white daisies to go in it. Put it on my kitchen table. The pickins were pretty slim--way too much plastic stuff and no good wood or metal items to paint on.

Just wanted to stay in touch, really not much interesting to write about. I'll catch you later.


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Hey...I'm babysitting my niece and nephew right now and have one home from school "sick"...think he just wanted to stay home with his cousins. I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon and we have a big family picture tomorrow and then a bbq at my DB's house afterward. After that I hope we are going to get a toilet and sink for my bathroom! Yes the tile is finished except for being grouted!! Hallelujah!! haha DH's been working late every night and hasn't gotten it done but maybe he'll do it Sat or Sun. I think it looks good.

I went to the TS on Mon and bought a few things. Found a little Christmas box with a handle and a tree cutout. I am going to put some paper behind the cutout and paint the box for one of my gifts to give this year. Do you remember the box I did with the milk and cookies last year? The people I gave it to have commented on how much they loved getting it several times so they will be getting another painted item this year. ha I can't believe I'm still thinking Christmas. I'm stuck. ha I also bought a little coaster set to paint to put in a happy box for my SIL. I've been collecting things for it for a while. I also bought a nice legged cabinet with drawers and shelves. I liked it so much now I just have to get rid of something so I'll have room for it. Hey wonder if it's one I could turn into a sink for my bathroom. ha I'm gonna go measure!
Next week on the calendar is looking pretty slow so I may get to paint more then. Fingers crossed. ha Have a wonderful weekend. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Isn't it wonderful when you discover people who really like and appreciate your painted items? Then you really feel good about creating things for them because then you know your creations are "going to a good home." LOL

I've made and given away so many things over the years, and actually had some of my co-workers make comments like "If you get my name, paint something for me." or one time a gal said " this is really lovely, but I was really hoping for one of your painted jars." Needless to say, she got a painted jar the next week. ;o)

I've also ran into some who while they appreciate the effort, painted items are just not their "thing".

Funny you said that about Christmas, even though I've been looking for Spring/Summer/4th of July projects to do--my mind is still lingering on a couple of Christmas projects I wanted to paint but haven't yet. I'm sort of thinking that I should do some work on both. That's the only way I'll have things ready on time when next Christmas rolls around. Seems that when I wait until the season arrives, then I get too busy and don't get them done!

Love your idea about the "happy box", how fun that is! You are such a sweetie! I'm sure your SIL will just love it. ;o)

That's neat that you do a family picture, how fun. And it will be a treasure for future generations too.

So did you get your hair cut shorter for summer? I've got an appt. on Tuesday to get mine trimmed and a body perm. And I've got a dentist appt. that same morning before I go to my hair appt.

Well, I'd better get moving here, coffee cup is empty so that means I need to go get showered and dressed for the day! LOL


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Morning Luvs....How was your weekend? Mine was really busy with family stuff. We did our big family picture on Saturday. They turned out better than I thought they would with that many people.
It does make you feel good when you create something that other people really appreciate. These people are really sentimental with family things, but I didn't think they would be over something from a friend, ya know, but they said it would be a treasured holiday keepsake from now on. That makes me feel good. I mean, you don't want to go to the trouble if they are just gonna throw it out. ha

If you are wanting to get ahead on Christmas then you could do something every other project. I'm sure none of us here will mind Christmas in July. ha I know I won't. I have a few I'll post along the summer too.

I cut my own hair not long ago. Got crazy one day and just whacked it off. I got it shaped up on Friday...into a layered bob. It's maybe 2 inches below my ear and not quite to my shoulders so I guess that's considered short even though I wouldn't mind it being a little shorter. DH doesn't like it short so I'll probably let it grow back out again. What's up with men and long hair? ha Good luck on your cut and with the dentist. I need to make an appt for all my kids soon. DD needs braces as well. It's so easy to keep putting it off. ha Bad mom!

I was going to tell you that if I go for a while without posting or checking my emails (nothing new there I know)ha my computer is having a little problem. 2 of my fans have gone out so it overheats and turns itself off. I don't want to burn up my hard drive so I try to turn it on for a few minutes to check in here and my other board once a day and then turn it off. But just in'll know I blew it up. Hoping DH will remember to pick up the fans soon. ha I'd sure hate to lose my brain! ha That's what it would feel like I have so many things stored on this thing.

Anyway, my DM has commandeered me to get her out of the house today so I'd better go get myself ready to head out. Maybe we'll go across town to my favorite TS or I can talk her into driving over to Hobby Lobby. As if I need more projects. ha Have a great day! ~Anj

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Morning Anj, Glad the picture turned out good. It is hard to get one with allot of people, either someone doesn't like the face they made or someone looks away just a the wrong moment. LOL

I love your idea of doing something Christmas every other project! That way I won't be so behind come December like I always am.

I have today free, DH has to go to a meeting. And I'm not in a housecleaning mood at all, (Am I ever????) And it's on the cool side outside so won't be doing any yard work. So think I'll get some wood cut and sit and paint today. It''s about time-- I seem to let other things get in the way all the time.

I'm sorry to hear your computer is acting up. Sure hope your DH remembers to get those fans soon too.

Hope you and your Mom had a fun day out, get any new goodies?

I stopped the other day, got four books, and some pretty floral plates for 79 cents each. Now I just have to do a table centerpiece of some kind so I can post them on the holiday forum. LOL

Better get going, before I let the rest of my day slip away--I can spend way too much time on these forums and checking out the blogs! LOL


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Hey, I'm in the same boat over here not wanting to do any housework or anything really. ha I'd really like a nap. Been feeling a little worn down the last few days so hope I haven't caught something.
DH has my fans on order from his friend who does computers so I'm hoping they come in quickly. The last one working is on the fritz now so I keep having to tap it. ha They've all decided to die at the same time.
My mom and I did get to stop at the TS and of course you know I can't come out of there without something! ha I bought 2 cross-stitch books that have reproduction samplers that I want to do. I'm gonna have to start doing that at night while I'm watching tv again. I used to do it all the time, but stopped for some reason. And I found an old bobbin that I've started collecting for .50cents. I was pretty excited about that. And I got a hard plastic speckled confetti bowl like one I have from my g-ma. I don't remember what it's called, but I like them. I want to say malamine, but I don't think it's that. A lady at the checkout said it looks like the one Rachel Ray uses for her garbage bowl on her show. Let's see if I can remember what else I got...a tiny star cookie cutter, an old milk bottle with an eagle on it, a star silicone jello mold, seems like there were a couple of other things, but I'm not remembering right now. ha Anyway, it's always fun for me when I get to go thrifting. ha

Guess I'd better give my puter a rest and go find something for lunch. TTYL ~Anj

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