Haven't been on here for a while

mary_ruthMay 14, 2012

I have had health issues and a big move to Florida from Virginia. I used to live in Fort Lauderdale (before moving to Va) so I am back 'home' for good. We are now in our 1800 sq ft house and we are staying put.

We have a small yard 1/4 acre and that is big enough when you are retired and mowing and taking care of plants is concerned. DH will retire in 7 yrs and I am retired already (forced with disabilities) so we are 'in the retirement mode' and getting things simplified and customized for us.

I have already visited a few threads on here and will visit more often to follow along and get more familiar with the posters here and their projects.

I have been a member of a few private decorating board and used to have my Blog up and running, but things dry out with projects when your house is done. I am always interested in how houses get used and upgraded.

I am looking forward to interacting more with posters here.

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Hi mary ruth. Sorry to hear disabilities have caused such drastic changes in your life. Getting old is the pits.

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Welcome Mary Ruth. We are beginning the "should we downsize & simplify" phase too. Our home is not so large but has an upstairs for the spare bedrooms, and the 2 acre wooded lot is becoming increasingly hard to manage. I do love to work in my gardens though!!

Good luck with your move back home.

Sorry about the disability - hope you are adjusting well to all the changes. Marti is right - much of getting old is the pits!! Trying to learn to be thankful for my good days!

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Thank you!
marti, I fell 4 yrs ago and have had 6 surgeries including Cervical spine (and maybe one or two more in my future), and lots of other 'ailments' that come from being 'sick'. I am on the up side now, have limited abilities, cannot do what I used to do, was in my late 50's full of energy, working, had my own kitchen remodel business and doing projects, my blog and learning photography. Then fell (upside down on my head) then somehow 4 yrs went by, I sort of 'wake up' and I am not able to work outside the home and I am in my 60's and retired! Like a bad dream filled with 6 surgeries to fix parts to work again, and lots of therapy.

BUT I am going to make the BEST of it! I am alive and can do things for my self and can function better now. So, it is not all bad, just trying to find my niche in the world again!

I am originally from Nova Scotia, Massachusetts then to Florida, Virginia and then now back to Florida. I am an East coast gal. Love the palm trees here and the climate is mild.

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Ouch! I almost had a fall myself a couple of weeks ago and it really scared me. I probably would have broken my hip or leg. My dh has had 1 back surgery and a couple of other procedures, none of which really helped. I'm trying to get him to look into that new stem cell spine renewal procedure.

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We have to be so careful, especially us who like to do things ourselves! I am not going to do anything that requires a step ladder! lol

I hope your husband gets treatment that leads to relief. I had two Cervical spine surgeries and one was outpatient! Those new micro tools are amazing for speeding up recovery time!

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welcome to our world! at least a few of us here have disabilities. I do - and mostly slept from 2001 to maybe 2007 or 2008. such a bummer. I still have time spans when I sleep a lot but it's much less now than back then. I'm certainly not able to do what I used to be able to do - and it's so frustrating!

I've known a few people who have had back surgery and it's not helped them... hopefully the newer micro surgeries will work better.

marti - I just heard Suzanne Sommers on tv yesterday saying she grew a new boob using stem cells. They've done it in Japan but she worked to/put it off til she could get it done here. I find that just amazing! maybe I could grow a new brain - lol! my thinking sure isn't what it used to be either.

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desertsteph, Why grow a new 'boob' when you can grow more brain!!! I agree!

OH MY I know it is awful to have all those years 'gone' and wake up (awareness) come back when you are older!
At least we are STILL here!

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