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phonegirlApril 20, 2009

Good Morning,

I have a few extra minutes this morning so thought I'd drop in and start the week while I enjoy my coffee. We are suppose to have three days in the 70's and no freezin' at night. WooHoo

I have a client tonight but should be able to swing the rest of the week with GD. Sat. at the park she played for 4 hours with her dad while us girls went shopping and yard saling. We took lunch to them and had a picnic. When we got back to their home we went out on the trampoline and swings for at least another hour. No wonder she's a skinny little thing.

Here's what $3 bought me at the yard sales. I thought I made off great. Does it make you wanna yard sale? haha

This is why I love it when I get the chance. Talk you all of you later. Punk

I started painting a new santa by Jean Zawicki on a tray last night. He was fun to paint so far. She does far more light shading on the face than I like so I'm changing that to suit myself. She is a good instructor from what I've read in the book so far. I think this is the first santa of hers I've painted, thanks to Bebe for sharing.

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What an awesome haul!! Thank you for the pictures! I love seeing what you get at yard sales. Luvs and I used to post our TS shopping pics all the time, but I guess we got out of the habit along the way. ha Lots of great painting surfaces. It will be fun to see how you transform them!

I'm just doing my waiting game, waiting for the kids to get ready so I can take them to school. Sorry I wasn't here much last week. Some different things came up. I didn't even get to pick up a paintbrush. Bummer. DH is off and at home all this week and he has some home projects lined up for us to do so I don't know that I'll get here much this week either. The only painting I'll be doing will be walls. ha Time to refresh everything for spring. I'll try to sneak in at night and see what ya'll have gotten posted and chat if I can though. We have 80's this week and I'm planning on soaking up some sun! Woohoo! Where's my shorts?? ha Have a good week! ~Anj

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Hi Anj,

I posted the pictures so I would have something later to compare to. Our TS doen't seem to offer much here and never any painting books. I don't need any more books so that's probably a good thing.

Hope your painting goes well with DH having the week off. Will he help you paint inside? My DH would be running as fast as he can if I was painting inside. I hired my sis to help me a couple years ago cuz she loves painting walls and we gotter done. I'd rather tole paint.

I didn't have time to play on here much last week either. I will be spending less time on here now that our yard needs TLC every week but I will try to check in when time allows.

Did it hit 80 today? It is nice here and my client cancelled so I'm hoping to paint on some santas after dishes are done this evening. I'll talk to you all later. Punk

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Punk, you sure got some good finds. I love hunting for "treasures" to paint. I really need to start stopping at some of the YS, there are so many around here every weekend. I'll look forward to seeing how you paint these up.

Anj, I loved our TS posts, but now that DH is home all the time, I don't always want him to see all my finds at once--he tends to get that worried look on his face! LOL

My friend Linda and I have gone together a couple of times. There were a few TS fairly close to each other doing 50% off on Mondays after 5. One of them does the same thing on Saturday mornings--but I've only gone once--it was a mad house! LOL

I want you to know that I painted today. Almost have it finished, just need a little more shading and detail work, so I should have a pic to post in a day or so. Amazing how quickly time flies by when I go in there and sit down and paint! Keep saying to myself "I'll just do this one more part then I'll take a break"--first thing I know a couple hours have passed and it's almost finished! LOL

Really HOT here today! Predictions were for 101 degrees, I'm not a fan of really hot, so it was a good day to stay inside and paint. It is nice to wear shorts again though.

Anj, good luck on getting your painting done. I'd like to do our family room, but DH just groans when I mention it--and I really don't want to have to do it all myself, so guess it will stay the way it is for now! LOL

Show coming on that I want to watch so I'm going to sign off. I'll catch you all tomorrow.


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I can't imagine it being 101. I don't like 90.LOL It hit 78 today and that is warm enough. It was enough to make the clematis start growing. I need to get the water on but we still have alot of compost to move in the garden this weekend so I'm trying to hold off.

Business has been slow this week and it's hard to sit in the office when it's beautiful outside. I think everyone is just out in their yards, instead of shopping. I bought alot of spring and summer outfits last fall so I need to bring them out and start wearing them. Most of them need to pressed so I haven't taken the time to get on top of that. It is suppose to cool down the rest of the week but I know the warm weather will be back to stay soon.

Luvs, did you have time to paint and finsih your project? I can hardly wait to see what your up to girlfriend. I almost have one to share. I need to figure out what I want to add to the border to finish it off and add the smoke.

I'll check back later. Punk

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Hi Punk, I saw your Santa. He turned out so good, you really did a fantastic job on all the details on him.

Got my little project painted as well. Just need to speckle it and put a hanger on it. I really enjoyed sitting in there painting the other day. If we have a really hot summer, I may get to paint allot! I just don't enjoy the heat, just zaps what little energy I do have.

Do you make your own compost? Sounds like you have a large yard. My yard is pretty small, but keeps me busy keeping up with it. In fact, I have a bush now that I need to trim back--when it gets too tall, it blocks the water from the sprinkler then the plants in the corner don't get any. I planted or gave away all of my potted plants on the patio. Didn't want to have to worry about them if we took off in the motor home for a month! "Simplify" is becoming my new motto! LOL

Anj must be enjoying her week with her DH off work. Hope they are getting to do some fun stuff. I'm waiting to hear how the baby chicks are doing. ;o)

I think Belle had a busy week planned too. I sorted through my books and found a few to put on her exchange page, but I don't think she has seen them yet.
It may get pretty slow here now as we get busy with yards, travels, home improvement, etc. I'll still try to get by here before I go to bed each night just in case anyone has had time to post.

Have a great day everyone.


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We don't make our own compost as we live in a farming community and everyone has straw, manure, etc., piled and rotting every year. Our SIL has a feed lot so we got several loads last fall from them. We have 2 acres and I couldn't keep up with any more. haha I'll try to post a picture so you can see why my time here is limited.

Hope everyone is having a fun week. We are starting to get a storm moving in so hope we end up with some rain. I have alot of floweres that need water.

I will try to go through my books and decide what to part with. I end up going back and using something to add to my projects so I'm not wanting to part with mine yet. If this would of happened a few years ago I would of gotten rid of most. LOL Punk

Here's my piles!

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Hi everyone....just a quick post. We are working on home improvements this week and I need to do some cleaning today. Still haven't gotten around to my painting walls yet. Grrr. Maybe this weekend.

You ladies have been painting a lot! So glad to see some things on the gallery. Great stuff!

Don't worry Punk. I only had a few books until this past year so I still feel like I'm in the accruing stage too with lots of projects in them that I want to paint. And seeing how slow I am you know I'm not gonna want to part with them until I get them done. ha If you could only see all the post-it's I have sticking out of my books and mags with notes on them about who to give this to and what to paint this on or changes to make. ha And I just love looking thru them in my leisure time. I will have a hard time giving any of mine up too. They are still too new to me to part with easily. ha Plus I keep looking forward to when my kids are older and I have my g-babies nuseries to paint for. My DD has already picked out some projects she wants for her house (I'm sure it will change...she's only 14). Now with my mom wanting to learn I may pass some on to her.

Well, DH is ready to head out to Lowes so I need to wrap this up. Told ya it would be quick. Ya'll keep on painting while I'm away this week and I'll peek in when I can! ~A

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Good Afternoo All,

I got to stay home for a few hours so cleaned on my painting room. Thought I could share a few pictures and see if any of you can relate.

Anj, it's not that I don't have enough books to part with some it's just a matter of going through all of them. This cupboard with books is probably a little over half of what I own so you know I need to share. haha The others are in large file boxes.

Luvs, the wooden rack is the one my DH made and the new metal one has room for more so I wouldn't of had to throw some out. My Bad. The roller cart is what I had purchased to use with my nail clients but I chose to let it hold paint brushes, graphite paper, freezer paper and towels and just alot of other painting supplies. I can roll it close or out of the way, so I like using it. The racks on top hold my patterns for what I have scheduled to paint next.

Aren't ya all glad I don't have time off very often? LOL Punk

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Hi Anj, Glad you had a minute to peek in, glad you are getting lots of things done this week. You'll have time to paint later on. We miss you though, so stop in when you can.

Punk, you are just too organized! ;o) My area is a mess right now. Please tell me that is a new water basin--mine hasn't looked that clean since I bought it! LOL I do have a bookcase with a whole shelf stuffed with painting books like you do, and then the shelf above it is full of painting magazines. My 2nd bookcase is full of gardening, decorating and crafts magazines that I don't want to part with! Luckily both bookcases have doors covering all my "treasures". LOL That nail cart seems perfect for being able to have things close at hand. I have jars on my countertop holding brushes, and one of those shoe pocket things hanging on the wall holding the alcohol, spray sealers, rub on paints, paint pens, etc. Have to get off my stool and walk over to get what I need out of it, but it's only a couple of steps. I also have cabinet space for more of my junk--oh I mean painting/crafting items! LOL I used to have a paint rack similar to the one your DH built for you. I really liked it but it wouldn't fit on my countertop because of the upper cabinets, and was just in the way sitting on the floor so I passed it on. I'll post a couple pics for you, there have been a few changes since these pics were taken, but not much. Please note, I had cleaned up a bit before the pics, usually stuff is all over the countertops!

Nice that you have so much land. Do you have cattle or horses? Do you mow all of that? I see some mountains in the distance--but where are the trees? I can barely keep up with my little yard, don't know what I'd do if I had more! LOL


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My painting area never looks nice, I just cleaned it.LOL Your painting room looks very organized to me. What do you have your paints hanging in? I don't have any wall space but that is a wonderful way to see them. I gave up my utility room for my nail table and access. I love to look at the way others store things and I'm glad you have a sink right there. I'm always running to the bathroom to clean my basin so I have to go back and clean it afterwards cuz it's the main bathroom that guests use.

My water basin is OLD. The secret to keeping it looking good is fill it with hot water and add Ivory dish soap and let it soak a few minutes then wash it with a rag. I have ran it through the dishwasher after that and it also helps keep it looking good. I use Q Tips to clean between the ribs in the bottom. I should of taken a picture before cleaning it and you would be able to relate to that I'm sure.

When I'm painting alot my whole area is a hugh mess with everything out. I wouldn't ever accomplish much if it wasn't. LOL I keep telling my DH I need a paint studio but he doesn't want to add on.

We don't have any animals except a cat. We've had cows and horses but always ran them out at the folks place. Those are hills in the background and the other side of our place has mountains with trees. We don't have many trees around the garden area. DH does mow the whole 2 acres and enjoys having a large yard so far.

Anj, I hope you and DH get all your projects done. Sometimes having help is worth alot but it sounds like your the helper, am I right?

Well we are going out to dinner for DH birthday so I best get off here and get ready. Since I went in late today I don't have to do much besides brush my teeth. I'll be back this weekend if not before. DD just called and the University yard sale is this weekend so just might have to work that in. Woohoo


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Hi everyone! Hope you are all busy and having some fun. I'm getting nervous that our trip is getting close and I don't have very many things painted up to take with us. I'll probably end up taking some things I might have wanted to keep for myself! LOL

Anj, I stopped in Joanne's yesterday and looked at their Patriotic items--they had some really cute cut out houses painted in Prim style. I immediately thought "Anj would like those". They had some wooden stars on wreaths and other signs too, but the houses were the cutest.

I finished up the backs of my last two projects and got the hangers for them. Looked through some of the patterns I've marked that I want to paint trying to decide on my next project. I think I might make some less detailed signs so I can do some multiples quickly. We'll see, just depends on if I'm "in the mood" or not! LOL

Nice weather here, cooled back down, sun is shining, and the air even feels a bit moist. I'm so glad, I sure wasn't ready for HOT just yet. All my roses, Iris and other flowers are starting to bloom and I just love walking out in the yard and seeing a new one "smiling" up at me. ;o)

Well, I'd better get moving. My dogs are ready for their walk. Hope you all have a good day.


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Looking forward to seeing your projects. Don't give away anything you might live to regret. haha Those who do not tole paint love it no matter how detailed it is so hope you find time to paint some things up to take on your trip. We had snow again and it's cold but it warms up enough every day to melt again. When do you plan to leave on your trip and where ya headin'? I hope we can go and run with our friends more in time. We seem to do more with family and since they are #1, I'm satisfied to be spending spare time with them for now.

I went to a few yard sales today and got a few things to paint on. Good thing we're heading to Spokane next week end (whole family so will have to take 2 vehicles) or I might go yard saling again and find a few more goodies and not have room for them. Maybe I should go paint something while I do a load of laundry. Isn't it funny how we have to be in the mood to want to paint something? That's why I have to stay up late during the week. It takes me time to wind down from work, dinner then kitchen clean up.

Hope we hear from the rest of the gang pretty soon. Funny how we miss not hearing from them when it's been a few days. We have such a fun group here and I sure wouldn't want to loose anyone.


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Hey girls. Where did all the time go this week? Wow it flew by. As predicted...I didn't get any of my projects done, but DH got a lot done. You got that right Punk..I have been the helper. Oh well, I work better alone. ha I did manage to get my van cleaned out and vacuumed which it really needed. Sounds like ya'll have been busy too.

I stopped in the TS the other day and found a little wooden Christmas wagon that was falling apart for a buck. I want the wheels off of it for another project down the line. I also found another prim picture. This one is a print on paper. Looks like someone tried to do a re-paint job on it, but messed it all up so I'm using it to make a pattern so I can just paint the whole scene and use the same frame. Is that copyright infringement if I'm just doing it for myself? I looked the print up online and it was worth $35 before, but now there is paint all over it and scratches (TS doesn't handle with care). I will try make a few changes to it so it won't be exactly the same, but give me your ideas on that. The other one I re-painted was painted by someone,but I didn't think of the copyright thing before and I did make changes to it. I'm close to getting the pattern done so I want to start painting it this week if possible. Have one Uncle Sam based. That's as far as my painting has gone this past week. I will try to do better and get something finished up this week to post. I have one other U Sam cut out and ready to paint and a Ms Liberty cut out. Went thru my mags the other night and found a couple more U Sams I want to do for my collection. Ya'll may be sick of Uncle Sam before I'm done. =)

Your painting areas look so nice. I need to clean mine up and take a pic, but all my painting stuff is hidden except for a few things on my hutch shelves. It's my office too so right now there is a bunch of paperwork strewn across my painting area. =) It is due for a cleanup this week.

Luvs~ Thanks for the heads up at Joannes. Hmmm wonder if I can plan a trek over there this week. It's kinda far from my house so I like to hit 2 birds with one stone when I can. Hope you can come up with some cute things for your trip.

Our weather was so nice at the beginning of the week. 80's Ahhhh. Some of our tulips came up which was so nice. DH had some casualties with the weed whacker so he brought them in to me to put in a vase and they are so pretty. It's been raining for the past 2 days and looks to be rainy again today. Went back down to 60. =( I like the heat! Luvs~ I'll trade ya!! Anytime!! ha

Well, the time has come for me to get ready for church. Ya'll have a wonderful Sabbath and I'll try to get here more next week. ~Anj

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Good Morning to All of You,

Anj, it was good to hear from you. I wouldn't worry about repainting something as long as you don't try to sell it with your name on it. It'll be fun to come here and see your finished projects. I will never get tired of seeing to much of anything painted so please share all.

DH is out painting two cake pan covers for me right now. I'm going to try to paint one red, white and blue somehow and give it back to sis. I would like to try to paint the four seasons and air brush around them on the other one for something different. This will probably be more than I can handle. I bought a tray at Target to paint for DH's mom for Mothers Day so thats my project I'm working on. I must stay focused so I get it done.haha

Oh by the way my painitng area is already looking like someone uses it. I have several paint books and patterns out all over the bed. I was looking for something to paint on the tray and kept finding other things I want to paint. LOL

I'll check in later and see if anyone has posted. Punk

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And I'll add my good morning wishes to you all too. Anj, it's nice to hear from you, I always look forward to your "hearing" from you. So glad you and your DH got lots of things done while he was off. "Helper" is a nice word--I always say I am the "gopher". LOL

Punk, I can totally relate to the work space getting cluttered again quickly with books, supplies, etc. Worse than that, I usually look through my books for ideas while sitting on the family room couch, so the table next to me gets piled sky high with them--most opened to pages of things that I'm sure I want to paint SOMEDAY! LOL

I just couldn't get started on another project this week. Have several ideas bouncing around in my head so maybe I'll get going tomorrow. Once I get started, then that's all I want to do until it is finished!

Anj, our weather these last few days has just been perfect, cooler but not too cool, sunshine, nice little breeze, clear skies, white puffy clouds. I've gone out and just sat in the swing a few times just to enjoy it! We took the dogs for their walk yesterday, and I loved seeing so many flowers and new leaves--Spring is my most favorite time of year. (but sometimes I say that about Fall too!) LOL

See you all later.


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