Happy Sunny Monday

phonegirlApril 19, 2010

Good Morning, I think the nice weather has finally made it here and the sun is beautiful this morning. Amazing what a nice sunny day does for the mind.

Hope you all have a great week and get some painting in. I need to do some staining outside but don't do much until the weekend.

What's everyone up to this week? DH Birthday is the 22nd so I'm sure I will be having a party that night. Will be making a homemade German Choc. cake. Other than that it's just another work week.


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Had a lot to do today and tomorrow. Nice and sunny so have some outdoor things to get done while I can. Starts raining on Wed-Sat. Probably get some painting done then. Worked on getting our stuff put back in the attic over the weekend. Found some of my TS finds to paint while we made a dent in it. Am excited to find something to paint on the pieces again.
Happy Birthday to your DH PUnk in case I miss it on the day! Mmmm German Chocolate cake!!

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Happy raining Evening!

Punk....you asked about laurel, it is a broad leafed bush used for privet hedged. Here it stays green all year long and is so easy to start from clippings. It is much lighter in color so it helps break up the darker green of the fir and cedar trees.

Happy B'day to hubby!

We worked outside again yesterday and most of today, trying to beat the rain...we lost! Still can't fine the hole in the pond....

I also worked putting together a new project, took the idea from Joyce Morrison,changed it a mite and changed out the flower for some by Marlene Stevens. Going to be a banner for DH, who will be another year older 2 days after Punks DH. So, for now I hope it rains so I can paint!

Well, going to up my feet up and rest a spell,

Take care!


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I see the gangs all been here today! All of you have so many things going on and sounds like most all our areas are expecting rain this week. I like Anj's way of thinking--rain means painting time!

I looked at some patterns today, but didn't get a new project started yet. I had agreed to do a tablescape for Earth Day over on the holiday forum, so I put that together today. Tomorrow is movie day--not sure what we're seeing this week. I might get a chance to start a project in the afternoon---we'll see.

I am still just in shock that Bebe sanded off that egret! Bebe, you did a beautiful job on him, and I was in awe over how wonderful the feathers looked. You must have had a few hours of painting time invested in him--I'll bet someone at your booth would have wanted him! Next time you sand something off--please don't tell me! ;o(

Okay, time to watch a couple of my recorded shows. I'll catch you all tomorrow sometime.


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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the BDay wishes for DH. No German Choc. cake. Don't have time to post alot but I'll tell you more about my week later. Couldn't go to bed w/o seeing if we have any new projects posted though.


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Nope, sorry Punk, dead as a doornail on here this week! I started a project yesterday but will be a day or so before it's ready to share. Know you are super busy with work and yard work, hope your DH is feeling better now. Luvs

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Hey ya'll. Sorry, having computer problems. Must be this site. Every time I try to come here and open up a post it freezes up on me. Gonna try to hurry and get this thru before it does it again just so ya'll know I'm trying to get here. Later! Hopefully!! ~Anj

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Well it's Friday night again and I'm just getting home for the second time today (10 p.m.). It's hard to go back to work but we have to do what makes our company grow.

I plan to go shopping tomorrow and hope I can hit a few YS if it isn't pouring out. Rain is in the forcast so we'll see.

I did get my garden seeds so if I get back in time will go plant. I bought some gourds that are Swan Neck so hope some of them make it.

Our weather doesn't seem warm enough to plant but we had one day at 78 this week so I know the warm weather will come and so will the mosquitos. Yuk, I haven't missed them for some reason.

Luvs, I hope you get time to finish your project. It inspires me to see others projects. I started on a cake tin so hope it turns out ok. I didn't care for my last one and it's still in the closet.

I want to paint on some stemware but need to go find them out in the shed. So glad they didn't make it to the Country Seconds and I can still pull them out. I have so much to donate and need to get on it.

Anj, so sorry to her the puter is giving you problems. I haven't had any issues but haven't had much spare time to be here this week.

My DF had a stroke and so I spent all my spare time with her. She is doing quite well so I'm so thankful for that. She was very lucky and all her tests have come back looking good. Can't imagine not having her in my life. I was so glad I had went ahead and given her the tray to match her stems.

Belle, Thanks for explaining what laurel is. I don't think I have heard of it. I just noticed my chinese lanterns didn't seem to make it over the winter last night and I was hoping they would come back. Have any of you ever grown these? They are so neat to set around in the fall.

Bebe and Joan hope you have time to come here and let us know what's going on in your lives at the moment.

Best go for now. Punk

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Hi All,

So sorry to hear you are having computer problems, Anj. Is it only when you come to GW or on other sites too? I haven't had any problems so maybe it is just with your computer. Hope it clears up and isn't a big problem.

Punk, I just got my latest project posted. It's the one I traced the pattern on before I had basecoated. It worked out fine, I was able to just go ahead and paint the background and the rest without having to start over again. Not as easy, but it worked out okay. ;o)

I hope your gourds grow well for you, gourds are fun to paint on. I'm looking at two that I painted to look like Annie and Andy several years ago and they make me smile. I also have one painted as a garden lady, and a snowman--started a santa one but have never gotten it finished yet. These were all grown by my oldest sister in Mo. They dried them and then mailed me a box full.

Anj, are you getting rain? We just had some come through this past week. It left snow on the mountains north of us and really put a chill in the air. Thought it probably headed your way. Oh, have you guys seen "How to Train your Dragon"? If you don't see it at the movies, at least watch for it when it comes out on video--it's fun. (They could have made the dragons cuter though.)

Hope Bebe and Belle have been busy painting something to share with us. I need to choose another project and get started. I was pretty pleased that it only took me part of two days to get this one done. ;o)


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Evening All, I had such a fun day. Got up early and done most of my laundry. Then headed to a customers to drop off a new battery. He dropped his phone while planting trees and it didn't do well with the watering.

Then on to the kids and done some YS and shopping. I'm hoping to get my garden in tomorrow but if it's as cold as it was today, I'll probably try to do some each evening next week.

Luvs, if you have time, please post some pictures of your gourds. Yours sound so wonderful and I will need some inspiration to try again, I'm sure.

I've painted some but didn't really care for them. The one I like the best is at the office with all our Halloween decs. I painted a ghost coming out from behind a pumpkin.

Will try to stop by here tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone.


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Anj, I need your help please. I knew I had shown my painted gourds to you waaaay back when so wanted to go on Photobucket and find them again. Used to be, it would show like 20 pages at a time on the bottom of the screen. Now only four or five. You have to keep clicking next to go back further and it is slooooow. Any suggestions on how to find my old pics faster? Why do they have to keep changing things all the time?????? Probably faster to just take new pics of them! Luvs

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Good Monday Morning! Can't believe it has been a week without me posting my usual chapter.

I haven't gotten any projects done but I have been practicing on pansy's. I found two really great looking patterns and have been working like crazy and they just don't look right, so I went out and took several pictures of DH pansy's and even brought in one that hadn't been planted yet, so different! Now I'm am ready to go. During one of my "I can't do this" rants my DH come over to see what I was doing and asked what "it" was for, so I told him it was he BD present and he asked if it was for this year or next....he sure runs well for an old geezer!

Luvs...I have forgotten to seal my projects and ended up using sealer with my base coat. Most of the time, no sealer is OK, unless you have a really pitchy piece of pine. Your kitty is so cute!

Punk...what is Chinese lanterns, they sound kind of orangy..I like orange. I love all kinds of flowers and here I am making rock gardens where my flower beds used to be. I think I lost 3 roses this spring. They were showing leaves when one of our really cold spell hit, now nothing. One was a gift from my great Uncle, he propagated the rose in the 60's and it is called Lady Elanor after first lady, Elanor Roosevelt. I also forgot to tell you the laurel is most often called Mountain Laurel.

Anj...hope your computer glitch is fixed soon. What else is happening?

Well, I need to get my rear in gear and catch up on some housework then practice on some leaves.

Stay Well!


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