My vinyl tile and my laminate plank samples match!

desertstephMay 23, 2012

nothing like confusing me...

bought the vinyl tile (1) a few months back. Just picked up the laminate sample the other day. I put 'em down by each other on the floor today (to view all my options) and I had to get a closer look at those two. I did and they match! for pete's sake... now I am confused. Especially since i still want to use sheet vinyl in the bathrooms and laundry in case of spills.

sigh... this will involve more thinking on my part. That can really hurt too!

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Why is that a bad thing? You could use them both! Are they wood look?

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I'd love to see their match. Are you using them in different spots? Why is it a bad thing? (Clearly, you know what you like! you just maybe didn't know it ;) )

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Agree with kirkhall. You bought two of the same because it appealed to you. Some day when we do vinyl in the rest of the house I am hoping to find some close enough to what we have so it blends. I doubt we will be able to find an exact match.

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it's probably not a bad thing. It's confusing to me. I didn't need another choice, option, decision - lol!

I was looking for light colors, not much of a pattern... not a wood look. I did pick up a few of those tho. I still like the cheapo wood looking laminate I bought months ago better.

will take a pic later and post

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here are 2 pics of the vinyl and laminate. the vinyl tile is on the left. In the top pic there are 2 samples of the laminate on the right. I think the top one looks lighter because of the lighting and camera angle. In real it isn't lighter like it shows here.

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I have that vinyl floor in my kitchen (but mines is slightly darker) and I like it. It does look like tile. My floor can not support tile (I think) so I felt more comfortable with tile. Now having said that....I have had the floor down for 3 years and on one single tile the top layer peeled off a corner. I am not sure how that happened. Otherwise I have been happy with it.

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I meant more comfortable with vinyl....

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WOW Steph. Your vinyl tile looks exactly like what we will need to match up with our sheet vinyl. Is there a brand and color name on it I can look for? I really like the color.

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shades - I'll look on it. there's nothing on the vinyl - I have looked trying to figure out if I got it at lowe's or HD. the laminate says on the back, I just don't remember right off. maybe swift lock. I looked on the lowe's site and didn't see it tho. It does have a bit of very light yellow in it. I wish that could be seen in the pics. might try another pic today in daylight.

I wanna know what your sheet vinyl is then - lol! I'd rather have sheet vinyl in bathrooms and laundry/mud/dog room.

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Steph it is a congolium (SP?). No idea what the name of it is as it came with the house. I really like it but doubt we will be able to match it.

this is the kitchen floor. I had them change the cabinets to a straight L and not that curved J that is in the picture. It took up too much of my dinning room and they made a plan mistake I insisted they change . But this is a pretty good picture of the floor.

I never thought to use the vinyl tiles. in the rest of our house. I thing I will leave the carpet in the guest room since we hardly go in there and the all is left is the hallway and master bedroom. The rest of the house is already vinyl and I wish I had done it ALL in vinyl but I did not know how much easier it is to care for verses yucky carpet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vinyl

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I made corrections then hit submit instead of preview Hope you all can figure it out. I need to go do dinner.LOL


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it read fine shades.

I tried to take a better pic today. didn't work. the color doesn't show up. could be the camera settings which i know nothing about.

thought i'd post 'em anyway. btw, they're both very smooth, no ups/downs/dips/texture, etc.

this was my first attempt today. 3 guesses what happened...

then I managed to get this one (no 'foreign' object in the way). color no better on it tho. It looks pinkish, but it isn't. My cabs photograph that way also.

I forgot to look on back of the laminate for the name/make. hopefully, will remember tomorrow.

I'm sure looking forward to the easier cleaning of lam/vinyl over carpeting - especially w/ the dog hair and desert dirt blowing thru here.

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LOL Steph and helper. So cute. Thanks for the try. Your flooring might be a bit darker but it does give me hope to be able to find some thing close enough to ours already installed to work. It never occurred to me to use the squares. I am sure I can do that myself.

Our flooring is not totally smooth but it is very easy to clean. It has "grout lines" built into the pattern but they are not dipped as much as they appear.

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yep, my little 'helper' (pita - lol!). She got in front of me to see what I was doing... I had to hold her behind me with 1 leg while I snapped the other pic. She's quick so I only had a second or 2.

I would prefer the built in grout lines! I don't like the idea of the breaks in the flooring. I worry about a puppy accident, a pipe leak, a dog dish knocked over, me dropping a pot of water, knocking over a glass of water (or pepsi) and it seeping down into the crevices. A major leak /overflow would most likely require a whole floor rip out - it's the smaller ones creeping thru to the subfloor and festering that bother me more. I do plan to put 'water alarms' in major water leak areas (toilet, under sinks etc).

I think the tiles are groutable - I just don't wanna grout 'em. If I don't grout it then I'll have little grooves where 'stuff' will reside! will probably use the laminate on the hallway and some sheet vinyl in laundry and bathrooms. I'm going to try to keep the wood laminate (a good Armstrong) in the kitchen for now and decide what to do about it next yr. maybe. If I like it ok, I'll just keep it.

where the hallway meets the LR/DR area is weird. I need to take pics of that and post for opinions on where to stop hall/start LR/DR different flooring - or run this laminate all the way thru.

actually, I think I need to check the price on this lam - don't remember what it was or if I even checked it at the time or just saw something I liked and grabbed a sample...

next trip to lowe's I'll see if that's the same place I found the tile. I hope so. I do need to go back to lowe's. If I go in with a list of 10 things to look at, check out, buy, I'm lucky if I make it thru 5 of them. I usually get too tired, confused, exhausted. The brain cells go dead and I just want outa there...

will also look at their sheet vinyl again.

shades - if you have a sample of your vinyl (left over piece?) take w/you to the store to match up. you might be surprised at how close you can come to it.

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Steph are your tiles the peel and stick tiles? Or are they real tiles? I thought you said they are vinyl. Anyway if they are vinyl I do not believe you grout those seams. They go together pretty close. The floor is primed with special stuff and then you lay the tiles. The primer was the worst part of the job.. Smelly and it takes time to dry. I do not think you are supposed to walk on it either.

The wet areas of our house is already all done in sheet vinyl. The only carpet we have left is the hallway, master bedroom and sewing room. The water will seep through your board like flooring too so you do have to be careful of that.

I do know years ago we had a bath done in sheet vinyl and the guy said is is much better to have that in wet areas.

I will take a piece of the vinyl we have down with me when I do go shopping for it.

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it's vinyl tile - peel 'n stick - BUT, it's not the old cheap kind. it's very solid. not something you'd see on the shelf and say 'oh, that's vinyl'. the lam is a bit thicker than this vinyl tile and the lam says it's 8 millimeters thick (on lowe's website). I've not seen vinyl tile like this before.

the laminate is Swiftlock and called Tuscany Stone on lowe's site. What shows on their site sure doesn't look like my sample - or what i saw in the store. (color)

didn't see anything close to the vinyl tile in their tiles online.

and I agree on the wet areas - would much rather have sheet vinyl in those spaces.

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Thanks Steph. I did some searching around on the internet. It just never occurred to me to do the tiles. We will have to be going to the big city within a couple of months so I will make it a point to see what is available and have measurements with me for what I need. I would really like to do the rest of this house.

One thing I did read was some one said the peel and stick is about the same cost as the sheet vinyl. BUT then you have to pay for instillation. I remember it was about $450.00 to do a small bathroom. AND being a double wide we need stock of 13 foot wide.

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shades - while next door i measured the thickness of the tile - it's 1/8 in thick. it's crossed my mind to cut it in half and then set them side to side (outer edge to outer edge) to see what depth of 'groove' would be between them. I do like the look of the tile over the laminate. The laminate will also be a bit higher than the kitchen flooring.

It also crossed my mind that I should just buy a box or 2 of those kind of planks that stick underneath each other to put down for closet flooring. duh. won't matter in there if an edge starts to pull back. If I see it, I'll just glue it down. That should be easy enough, it'd be done and I could put boxes in 'em!

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Steph, the vinyl peel and stick tiles I used in the cabinet bottoms are 1/8 inch thick.Going to do some more online shopping and then hope we can go to big shopping town soon.

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