Anj, how's your Mom

luvstocraftApril 16, 2007

Anj, I forgot to ask how your Mom is doing? Lots better now I hope.

Is she having to go to therapy?


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Thanks for asking. Yes she is still going to therapy. She went back to work a week earlier than the dr wanted her to, but she's doing good. She can get her arm over her head now, but getting it back down is a different story. ha She can drive herself now too. My brother sprained his ankle really badly and they are going to the same place for therapy so they have been trying to get their appts at the same time so she can drive him over. I told them it's the crippled driving the crippled. ha They didn't really appreciate the humor.:D They are both still hurting a good bit, but coming along ok. ~A

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Oh, that is good. I didn't realize your Mom still worked I guess. That is too funny about them both being "crippled" at the same time--what are the odds of that?

Glad she is able to drive herself now so you don't need to anymore. Hopefully, with the therapy and time, she will soon be out of pain and all better.


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Yes, she still works. She's an Administrative Assistant so she is a little incapacitated with not being able to type yet, but there are other ladies in the office she can get to do that. She is hoping to be able to retire next year. I know she will enjoy that, right?? :) I'll have a shopping buddy then and we'll be in the roads all the time. Better warn DH. ha ~Anj

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