How about this one?

jenilynMay 24, 2007

Hey guys, me again. Here is another houseplan I stumbled across. I really like this one. Any thoughts on the layout? See anything you would change to make the most out of this small house plan?

Another question I had is the break down of the sq footage. Is the garage sq ft included in the total sq footage or is that in addition to the total sq footage?

Thanks guys!

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The rooms are a nice size. I think I would rather have the master closet and master bath flipped, if you have someone in the bathroom you won't be able to get into the closet. The coat closet is awkwardly placed. The porches are fairly narrow, and the MB shower is small. The bonus room is going to be a difficult space to work's narrow so you won't be able to put a pool table in it, but it would probably work for pingpong, air hockey or a home theatre. You'll have to float your LR furniture since there's a lot of doorways. The bedrooms are well configured for easy furniture placement.

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I agree on flipping the MBR bath with the MBR closet. Other things I noticed: there is no closet anywhere near the public entryway. There is a closet between the two side bedrooms, but I would consider that more of a linen closet for that side of the house than a coat closet for guests ... It would be interesting to see if the porches could be made larger; shouldn't be a big deal in the back if you're willing to alter the roofline; the front porch can't get much larger without fouling the driveway ... Personally, I would be sorely tempted to knock out a few walls around the dining room: consolidating the foyer, dining room, and living room would give you a great large room you could rearrange as you wished and it also might let you open up the kitchen wall with the range on it. OTOH, you'd have to make sure none of those walls were load-bearing. And maybe you want a formal dining room ... Finally, it might be interesting to trade the non-functional dormers over the non-garage part of the house for functional dormers in your "bonus room". That's a room which could seem much larger if it was filled with light and the extension that dormers could bring.

Nice house, though -- lots of potential, some good usable space.

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