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phonegirlApril 13, 2010

Good Evening Everyone,

We had some wind today but other than that it is warming up here. I walked around my yard tonight and the flowers are growing. As the old saying goes "April Showers Bring May Flowers" so rain is a good thing!

I need to spray some Post and stop the grass in my flower beds one of these nights. Then I will take the Roundup and get rid of some weeds. We seem to have the dandelions coming strong this year and I don't have enough hours to dig all of them. What do people do that can't spray?

I didn't paint anything tonight but will try to get something started this week. Why is it that we can't get motivated and yet we have so many projects we want done? I'm sure with myself, if I paint a project and don't really like the outcome it takes the painting spirit away.

Hope to hear from all of you this week and maybe see some new projects.


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Good morning! We have lovely sunshine today, but still a little cool after our rainy days. My roses are just loaded with buds so I should have a bunch of roses soon. Better pull out a couple of pitchers or vases so I can bring some inside to enjoy!

Punk, I only have a small yard, but I sprayed and sprayed the clover and dandelions this year! I think most of them are gone now--but they are sneaky little plants and spring back up when I'm not looking! ;o( I almost feel guilty when I kill the dandelions because I actually love their little fuzzy flowers and cheery color--but while they were okay when I lived on the farm, California yards are supposed to be more "refined". LOL

I totally understand what you mean about the disappointment when a project doesn't come out the way we wanted. But, hey! We just have to shake it off and move on to the next one. There are just some times when we haven't been painting for awhile, or when our minds are on other things, and the brush just doesn't flow like we want. I usually always feel a bit of disappointment with my projects because they NEVER look exactly like the one in the book I'm following! LOL (then I shrug it off and determine that mine looks pretty darn good for MY skill level--and most other people will never see the original design anyway!) ;o)

Well, I mowed this morning. Now I need to run the dustmop. DH and I are doing movie day today--haven't gone for the last three weeks! Not sure why exactly, other things came up and one day we just weren't in the mood. We are seeing the bounty hunter one with Jennifer Aniston.

Anj, how is your weather? Warming up now? Are you going to be planting your garden soon? Have you been doing anymore crafts classes? I wanted to tell you that I took some old magazines and books to our little library store yesterday and then looked around. Got excited because there were some tole painting books in one of the bins. I sat and looked at them and they were really really old ones and nothing that "called to me". LOL I sure would love to find more old issues of Tole World and Paintworks however, since I never subscribed to either of those magazines so don't have many of them. I've really enjoyed the ones I found before Christmas--been reading about painting landscapes and such--might actually get brave enough to try one someday! ;o)

Belle, is the job all done? Hope the new lady will work out okay. Nice that you were able to help out in spite of how you've been feeling "under the weather" lately. You have a big heart.

PF, when is your next painting class or conference? How are the "newbies" at your chapter doing--hope they didn't give up! Do you make signs or yard stakes that you display for the holidays? My neighbors have come to expect them from me now--I usually always have one on my side yard gates and our lamp post.

Well, I'd better get moving again. Coffee cup is empty so that's my signal that I've been here long enough. ;o)


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My "job" is done! It was fun but I'm glad it is over.

Our DGS and his GF were out this weekend and we did a lot of yard work. We loaned him money to buy is rifle and now he is working out is debt, his words. I am turning flower beds into rock gardens. We are planting lots of evergreen trees and laurels. Less lawn, it now takes DH most of a day to mow the lawns, tiring even on a riding mower. The GF just "had" to help me plant my boxes and as her parents own a nursery - I let her help. All in all it was a great day.

I see many new projects have been posted and they are all great. I spent 2 days trying to get the darn rooster painted. Thank goodness I used a practice board. I still can't get it right so I am doing it my way. The artist uses a mix of 90% water to 10% paint as her float/shading, hers looks great - mine looks like a 2 year old's finger painting. And it is all to be done with round brushes...not going to happen here! May be I'll post a photo - someday.

Found a great buy on Roc Lon (blackout fabric) at JoAnn's so I bought enough for the rest of my life. It makes a great surface for wall or outdoor hangings and it doesn't need to be hemmed, so you just cut and paint. My kind of material.

Punk have you ever considered using your parents home as a weekend/weekly rental? Our circle of friends rent a home several time each year, choosing different locals each time. We pay for the time plus cleaning/damage fee and have never had a problem. Most homes are listed with the local chamber of commerce. For us it is a quiet time with lots of good food ....did I mention I don't cook, so I gladly do the clean-up. Don't know your location other than the general area, but it might be a nice get-a-way destination.

Luvs....I'll still take your weather! Seen any movies lately? Have the prices gone up? Heard they were going to. My fave live theater just raised their ticket price, ouch!

Well, going to paint my rooster my way. Ya' All take Care,


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Hi Belle, you are absolutely right--just paint that rooster your way! You will be happier with it if it reflects "your style" anyway. Half the time, I skim through the instructions and think "that's too complicated" and then just do my own thing using the pattern too. And I almost always substitute colors I have on hand that look "close" to what is on the design. No more heading out to buy a whole handful of new paints for each project! I need to use some of these old one up!

Tell me more about the Roc lon. Is it anything like the paintable canvas? I think it would be fun to paint some little flags and things for outside. I've never even seen the paintable canvas at Michaels--but then I probably don't know where to look for it. Where do you buy the Roc lon?

My DIL loaned me some of her Cricut cartridges, so I finished up a set of Summer blocks last night. I'll share pics of them later in the season. Trying to enjoy Spring right now.

I really want to do some painting now. Cleaned all my brushes good yesterday and straightened up my work counter. Should be good to go. ;o)

That sounds like so much fun to rent different places for weekend getaways. Fun way to get to enjoy different architechural styles. I can remember when I wanted to stay at B&B's when we traveled. DH wasn't as crazy about it as I was! Now we have the two fur babys, so only travel in the motor home so they can come along!

Gotta get busy. I'll check in later. Today is DS' birthday, so will be going there this evening.


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Hi all, boy this week sure flew by. So glad your done with work. Your Roc Lon fabric sounds pretty cool. Is this what you painted your Halloween scene on?

You do love DGS and GF and sounds like the love is returned. I'll bet your boxes are beautiful. What are laurels?

I think we are going to sell the folks place. It sounds like quite a neat thing with all of you getting together and renting a plae. I just don't have time in my life for this any more.

I can't imagine any painting of yours looking like a two year old's finger painting! How ever this really cracked me up and I'm always ready for a good laugh. Now show us the Rooster and let us tell you what it looks like!!!LOL

Luvs, how did DS's BDay go last night? I can hardly wait to see what new projects you come up with using the circuit cart. you got from DIL. It's great that you are having so much fun with this.

Anj, slow down and come and play with us if you can find an extra minute. Tell us what's going on with all the kiddos and more about your business.

Bebe, hope you can find some time to come and chat with us here and explain why on earth you sanded that beautiful BIRD down. How's all the Grandkids now?

Joan, been missing you over here so hope you come by and post.


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The rain and wind have returned and Thank Goodness! We have spent the last 2 days cleaning out the walled garden. Didn't realize things were so out of control. It is controlled now, everything but the flowers are in the compost pile! And I am so sore! My legs hurt so bad, I can't kneel down so I bend over, anyway DH brought out the old swing cushion for me to sit on as I weeded. We are also digging down to see if we can find the leak in the pond, so far not luck, but then when do you ever find a leak on the first try!

Luvs & Punk.....Roc Lon is a very soft but substancial material that is also called Black Out fabric and is used to back drapes so that less or no light comes through the drapes. It sews easily and is easy to paint. Yes I used it for my Halloween scene and it was so easy to use. You can even roll the project until you seal it, I think the sealer would crack. I purchase mine at JoAnn's Fabric, in the drapery area. It usually runs about $5.99 per yard, but I wait until they have a coupon special, I got mine for $2.99 per yd. I put a link to PR's site where she shows how to's and some of the projects she has made using Roc Lon. It does not fray or curl and you can sew it,or use seam tape, I haven't tried the tape wet. I don't know if you can use it instead of canvas, but I don't know why not, it doesn't seem to stretch or change shape.

Luvs...glad you are painting again, it is always nice to see your latest project. DS's b'day...don't you just hate to also realize their b'days make you somehow older? I do!

Punk...I competely understand you desire to sell your parents property. It can be quite a physical drain, luckely our DS wanted to "rent" DH's parent home, so we were not faced with the renting/selling problem. We rent to him for a small fee, just enought to cover the taxes and cost of insurance, that kind of stuff. Helps us out and leave some extra money for his family.

The weekend rentals are really fun, lots of sight seeing and we always do garage sales. Plus all of the good food. We all have done catering in our own lodges(fraternal order of Eagles, or Elks) so there is always good food. And the cost is usally lower than a "motel" room and you have all of the conforts of home.....well Luvs, you have that when you travel anyway.

My Rooster....he is in the rooster's only coop! I was so "bummed out" by not being able to "get" the artists technique right that I knew I would "scramble some eggs" if I tried to finish him! So he is resting for a while. I'm on to a spring banner guessed it...Roc Lon.

Just peeked out the window and I have at least 40 Ringed Neck Pigeons feeding as well as that many Morning Doves. And in the middle of this moving mass are scores of small birds in various colors. So beautiful! The pigeons are on their way north and only stay around to "chow down" and will be back in the fall. you have them where you are? They are bigger than a regular, city pigeon and have a yellow ring around the neck.

Well, lost this post once, put my finger on some key some place and poof! Everything lost. So posting while I still can see some typing.


PS..I have trouble with videos starting and stopping and have found that if I start the video then pause it, go do something for 15 or 20 minutes, and then resume the video, it will play right through.

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Another week has pasted and I'm tired and ready to go back to work. The yard is looking nice but I didn't get my garden planted today. Had a nice visit with a friend and DS so that's more important any way.

Belle, sounds like you are a work aholic. But I can relate to sore bones after a weekend working in the yard.

I think you made the right decision to put Mr. Rooster up for the time being. Some day you will probably grab it and finish it the way you want.

Thanks for the link to watch the video. I try to not go to videos on my computer because it always causes problems. I will just wait and see your projects more than likely.

Luvs painted a new Welcome sign and it's so Spring that it almost makes me want to go paint.LOL

Luvs, how did you clean up your brushes? I haven't taken very good care of mine and should go help them out.

I'll close for now and try to get back some next week.


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Punk, you sound tired--or maybe that's because I am tired too! LOL Had a busy day with little GD, and while I do love my time with her, I'm exhausted at the end of the day!

Glad you liked my little sign. Sort of wished I had used a different "font" for the Welcome part--but it's just going out in the yard anyway so no biggie.

I just usually put some brush cleaner in my hand and twirl the brush around in it then rinse it really good. I did have a couple that had dried paint near the ferrel and I soaked them in a bit of alcohol to loosen it. I know that is not a popular method, but it works for me and makes the brush useable again. I don't usually buy expensive brushes anyway.

My yard is not greening up like I want. Need to give it a good feeding of fertilizer I guess. It's an old yard with a Heinz 57 variety of grass. Really need to dig it all up and have it sodded--but keep putting off the expense of doing that. I've turned the sprinklers on now too, so hopefully that will help too.

I enjoyed painting on my little sign, so hope to start on another project this week. I got the laundry and vacuuming all done this weekend, just need to do a bit of mopping and wash some mirrors then I should have play time--or painting time in my case.

I'll catch you all tomorrow. Take care.


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