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anjabeeApril 14, 2007

Hey Luvs~ did you see the cute teapot and cup fountain in the June Q&E Painting mag yet? I'm not adventurous enough to try my hand at it, but I thought you might be. :) I wonder if anybody over on GJ has done those? I don't think I've seen any like that over there yet. Anyway, just curious if you had seen it.

What are you up to these days?? ~Anj

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Yes, I did see it. It is just darling, and they have the perfect teapot and matching dishes for it. I love it, but I have never tried drilling holes in glass. I know several on the GJ forum are doing that now.

I was always thinking about trying the garden "flowers" made from a plate and saucer attached to a pole. Thought that would be an easy project to try the drilling on, and TS plates are not expensive so if I broke a couple it wouldn't be a big deal. But even that is still on my "to do" list. ;o)

I've been "practicing" some shabby chic roses. Similar to the one stroke ones, but softer colors and more "ruffly"--sort of like the ones Painting Fool paints.
I'm still not satisfied with my efforts. I bought a 99 cent suitcase that I want to paint with them on it, and I have a metal file box that I'd like to do them on too. Anyone who didn't know better might think my efforts look good--but I am sure not ready to show them to all the good painters on here yet. Maybe in a week or two if I keep at it.

Well, now you and Nightlilly have me thinking that I should look up some red, white and blue patterns and get started. As slow as I am anymore, it will take me that long to be ready! LOL

We are getting a nice soft shower today--we need lots more rain this year. Today is DS' birthday, so we are going over there for dinner and bd cake this evening. I had little GD Fri. & Sat. while they went to Las Vegas--fun but both of us were pretty tired last night! ;o)


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Happy birthday to your GD. We had cake and ice cream for my 7 yr old today too. His b-day was Thurs. Yesterday he got to do whatever he wanted. He requested sprinkle pancakes for breakfast and then picked his favorite restaurant for lunch. We took him to a place here called Boondocks where they have a really long outdoor mini golf course and then we let them ride the go-cart race tracks. They had a lot of fun and it was a nice day to get out of the house.

I like the plate flowers a lot, but I know your list is as long as mine. Do you think you'll make any more totems this summer? Did you bring your other ones in for the winter?

Hey, my painted stuff will never be up to par with the expert painters here, but it's my relaxation and it's just fun for everyone to see new stuff and get ideas. I'm sure your flowers are great no matter what you think, but I'll be patient until you get your technique down. ;) ha I'm still working on my DDewberry. I think I'm about ready to actually paint something. Probably start with a pot like everyone else. ha I've got a couple of more Red, White and Blue things to paint so at least I'll have a few things to contribute to the board. I hate when it gets slow and people start losing interest in posting. I wish it was really busy like some of the other boards, but then I'd be on here even more so I'd never get anything done. ha

Guess I better get these heathens to bed. ha I let them stay up a little later tonight because we had company over, but they are going to be hard to wake up in the morning for school if they don't get to bed soon. TaTa ~Anj

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Sounds like your son had a great birthday. Bet the other little ones enjoyed helping him celebrate.

My "little boy" turned 41--how is that possible?????? Can I possibly be that old???? Ha ha My GD doesn't have her birthday until next month.

I agree--wish this board were really busy too. I had thought we would have allot more painters here during the winter, but no such luck. I keep thinking that I need to get busy and do more things. Sometimes hard for me to figure out what I want to paint. Problem with painting is that there is not much to discuss--just need pics of projects to post. Now that I've shown most of my previous projects, I won't have anything to post unless I get busy and paint some more things!

I have a sister in law who decorates year round with red, white, & blue. She even uses those colors mainly in her wardrobe too. She just loves them so much.

I've got to do some housework this week--sort of put it off last week--but will try to get some painting done too so I'll have something new to post here.


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Woops I guess I read that wrong didn't I. ha Well, Happy B-day to DS. ha I know what you mean. It just feels like yesterday that they were babies. I was hugging my 12 year old this morning and she is almost as tall as I am. I'm short (5'2") so I'm sure they'll all surpass me in height and that is just going to be so weird. ha But they will always be our babies, right?

Well, I commiserate with you on the housework cause I gotta get a mountain of laundry done today myself along with a big to-do list. It just so gets in the way of things I really want to do. ha Maybe we'll get to sneak in some fun somewhere in between. :) ~Anj

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They are fixing a big pipe somewhere between here and San Bernardino this week so they have asked us to conserve on water useage. Just the 16th to the 19th, then again the 22nd to the 24th. We turned our outside sprinklers off and I won't do any more laundry until Thurs. Sort of messes up my normal routine, but no big deal since there are only the two of us.

I vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the master bathroom, and mopped all the hardwood floors. Now I'm taking a break on here, then need to clean the kitchen a bit. After that I hope to get in a little painting time.

Should start a couple of projects so if I am not in the mood to work on one of them, maybe the other one will "call" to me. LOL

I love it when the house is all clean, but it just never lasts long. And housework is sure not my favorite thing to do. I don't even think I am very good at it, but do it well enough to get by I guess.

Well, better check a couple other forums and then get busy. I'll chat with you later.


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