The 'father' of a dw knocked on my door today...

desertstephMay 27, 2012

lol! the guy half of the couple i bought the stove from knocked on the door today to see if I still wanted the dw! I'd been wondering if she got her dw changed out yet. I've also watched CL in case she forgot my name /#. But her dh remembered where he delivered the stove and he'll deliver the dw tomorrow. And while here he said he'd check my car - lol! it wouldn't start today - even with a new battery. not even a peep out of it. He saw it setting out there with it's hood up (flipped it's lid). I was so disgusted w/it I just left the hood up all day - (don't get me mad - I can be vicious).

Such a nice couple. I was thinking of that dw the other day when planning my list for the electrician when he comes out. Figured I'd let him put in the other one and maybe if it's old enough I'd check if it had other panels on the door. Now I won't have to think about having him back to put this one in later.

Another weird thing happened - when I left the new place just at dark (still enough light to walk around to the old place) I noticed a light - IN MY CAR! what the heck? the inside light was on! I couldn't get it off either so I just shut the hood (kinda hard) and boom! the light went off. That could have just been good timing since I'd also just shut the front door after fiddling w/the switches. But why was it even on?

ok, ghosts... I'll take the key out in the morning and see if it starts on it's own. either way, it's going to the car doctor.

And what with a guy showing up here in a truck, my car out there w/it's hood up and the puppy barking (and barking - I"m sure it was a leaf or 2" long twig cause the guy was long gone) my neighbor lady behind me called to see if I was ok. After hearing about the guy, dw and car she said if I needed her to take me to the store tomorrow she'd be home. (how nice of her!) Her ds works on cars at a local Nissan dealership - I'd planned to call him tomorrow to see what could be wrong with a dead (new) battery and no sound at all (starter? alternator? there was a time I'd have known the answer to that). But I thought I should wait til I wasn't so mad at the car. Didn't wanna use any bad words even tho he is in his early 20's.

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the dw was delivered earlier. It's a GE and looks very nice.

I tried the car - and it started right up. It's haunted.

AND puppy barked at this guy with the dw - TWICE! I clapped for her and gave her a cookie each time. So proud of her. At 1.5 yrs old I think it's about time she barks at more than paper and birds!

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Congratulations on your new DW(and stove)
and on the puppy's alarm system bark !

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Oooh, what a nice man. You know most people wouldn't follow up with the dw.

Good puppy! I hope the treat encouraged her to bark at strangers from now on.

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thx ERF!

marti - yeah, I know. I was shocked. I'd been watching CL for them to list it - figuring they wouldn't think to keep my ph# (Or bother). to just stop in here to see if I still wanted it - and then to even offer to check out my battery (plus deliver the dw). wow. such nice people.

THEN with everything going on - I forgot to pay them! and they just left... I was just heading to the door (w/purse in hand) to head down to their house when I heard a knock ... they came back. I was just so glad they did.

and yesterday the car died on me again. just down the road from my mechanic. he sent someone down to jump it. It reacted weirdly. he suggested a short somewhere (not me either!).
I stopped on down at the shop and the guy came out and thought something looked weird and tightened something. But the car was dead again today... I'm beginning to think it is this new battery and/or maybe how it was put in. Will be calling the mechanic in the a.m. (even tho I'm scheduled to have it in there on Monday a.m.). the way it is now I'll need a jump to get there!

now i'm afraid to go anywhere for fear it won't start when I'm done and ready to come home. I'll be stuck out in the heat again.

and yeah - I was glad to hear puppy bark at a real person! I did wonder if she barked at him 'cause he's bald (shaved).

btw, the dw is a GE - hope I don't hate it. I opened it and it looks like it's never been used!

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