I have a few questions - or should I call a store?

desertstephMay 29, 2014

like HD or Ls?

lol! just trying to perk things up here...

ok, anyone know what kind of paint for a metal door? does it need primed? it'll need stripped/sanded I'm sure. too hot these days I think but I can plan for the fall. It takes me forever to even plan. or ask the questions.

how about some wood trim outside? looks like some unpainted wood between the door frame and - something. I already forgot what - maybe the siding. I was looking around the door to be sure everything was caulked good for the summer and stopped at that wood. I think it should be painted before I caulk? or should I caulk and then paint? the caulking says paintable.

such decisions!!!! I'd be in a terrible mess if I needed to decide on a counter top or something major.

That does remind me tho - I was thinking maybe next yr I'd get a new counter top. I was fairly set on Butterum Formica. Then I had ants last spring (or summer). they were so very tiny! the light bulb went on signaling me that IF I had something like Butterum for a counter I wouldn't have even had a clue there were ants on the counter top!! This old white laminate suddenly looked just fine - even with the gouge on one end of it. maybe I can paint that... it also keeps the white mw from sticking out like a sore thumb next to bisque fingers. I'm pretty sure there is no chance I'll find a cheap mw in bisque to match the other appliances!

btw, Jed was helping his dad with projects last weekend and I've always told him family comes first - sooo - no clothesline yet. no curtains up in the LR/DR yet.

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Well, for the outside of the door, most likely you want oil based enamel, especially if it's older, since that's probably what's on there already.

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about 25% of the outer side of it doesn't have any paint on it... I'll ask Jed what IS actually on it. I'm hoping he'll make it this wkend to do a few things for me.

thx for your input. do you think oil would be best with the AZ sun beating on it? do they make special door paint?

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If there is bare metal, you want a metal primer, such as Rustoleum. Remove any loose paint, and if the old paint is shiny, rough it up with sandpaper. Once it is primed, you can paint it with any durable house paint.

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We have a metal front door but unfortunately it is white which shows everything. A new roof and roofing dust all over the front door. Don't paint it white....

We paint our door every 4 years or so (when paint from the trim starts coming off). We sand the trim areas where needed, chalk, prim it and then paint it. We had to do it more often until a painter told us with the enamel paint to let the primer set for a week before applying the paint. Such great advice which works wonderfully. Wish we had known this trick years ago.

Oh, if the hot sun beams down on your door you might have to paint it more often.

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good to know about the letting the primer set

on my way out with the dog I did take another look at the door. the bare area isn't as big as my eyes/mind 'saw' it. it's about a 4 x 6 spot with a strip about 1 x 6 running down below that.

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" a metal primer, such as Rustoleum"
' thx MC! I've seen spray cans of that at W. Is it ok to 'spray' prime it?

would it be the same for metal cabinet handles - primer and then paint? or just scruff/sand them and then paint?

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btw MC - how about more pics of your new place?

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Spray primer should be fine. Use a hard paint (like spray paint) on handles, as soft paints like latex wall paints won't hold up.

BTW- I updated my build thread.

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