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msjay2uMay 14, 2014

Hi everyone...whew it has been a long time since I been on here. Some of you followed me on my blog and journeyed with me through my renovation and it still isn't over.
Okay so here is the background:
My house is a log cabin which was later added on to. It is inefficient and even after renovating I still don't have room for all my stuff. Well I did but now my dad is here so now I no longer have room again. Back to square one. I was going to sell and buy a new house but thinking about it I would rather renovate and stay than to move and probably wind up renovating again. sooooo long story short I decided instead of listing it I am going to keep loving it.
here is the sketch to scale

room 1= unheated sun room and front entrance (never used)
room 2= my bedroom (originally the living room thus the fireplace in the front)
room 3= my dad's room with two closets side by side taking up the whole back wall and full of mostly my stuff
room 4= my livingroom with two storage closets
room 5= the kitchen
room 6 the mudroom/laundryroom back door here
room 7 the only bathroom

The problems:
-I want a bathroom and walk in closet
-I want a place for my grandkids to sleep when they come over (they now sleep in my bed and I sleep on the couch)
- I want some privacy
- I would like to have a dinigroom
-I would like a small enclosed porch

My proposal

room 1- my dad would like that as his bedroom... needs to be insulated and the door closed off
room 2- make that the livingroom
room 3- kids room/sewing room.... left closet for dad... right closet for all my fabrics and craft supplies (YES!!)
room 4- would like to take out the two windows between the storage closets and make that the front entrance

and make this room the dining area with a full wall of shelves for my books (this is an old photo but you see the area best here)

also in this room I would like a built in corner cabinet to hold extra dishes

room 5- still the kitchen
room 6- still the laundry area would like to close it off and make it an exclusive laundry room
room 7 still the bathroom

I am thinking the area where the deck is move it over a bit and make that the area where you come in and incooperate a sitting room/ enclosed porch and somehow include the entranceway, something a little bit wider than this

close off the laundryroom and the rest I would like to have as my bathroom, bedroom and walk-in closet. my own wing

I really don't want all the available space to be added on, just showing the max but I really can't afford all that. my bathroom can be 5x9 with no tub just a walk in full size shower, toilet, & sink

I don't know what size a normal walk in closet should be but I found a 8x10 closet that is big enough to have a few drawers for sweaters, about 30 pairs of shoes, and enough room for 2 people to hang a full wardrobe of shirts and pants Is that too big?

Bedroom, would like room for queen size bed, a chair, a 2x6 cabinet that has a fireplace in it,

-because the walls are logs no walls in rooms 1-4 can be knocked down and and between 5 and 6 the stairwell must remain
-the parking area has to remain untouched

Area A is my "wing and can come all the way to the house
looking at sketch 2:
in the space marked available I would like to have my entrance which is also a sunroom or place to sit and look outside (see photo above), and my bedroom suite which would consist of a walk in closet, bathroom and bedroom. I would also like my part of the house to be able to be closed off by a door so I can lock it and the kids can't get into it when I am not home.
Just because it is marked available does not mean I have to use the whole area. I marked off the maximum dimensions but I need to make this renovation as cheap as possible.

What i would like considered:

lots of light.
most bang out of a modest amount of space

What is the most efficient siding method?
where do I move my patio/barbecue area to? The checkered area in the arial is the current "patio" and the same place that I allocated for the addition

How do I get the plans drawn up?
What are some lessons you learned?
What is the most efficient way to do this?
How much do you think is the least I would spend on this renovation?

To me this does not look like a lot but I don't know maybe it is more than I think

I want a lot of space on a little bit of money.. you know....the American dream LOL


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oh boy. this will take some thinking. there are a lot of good people here to do that!

how does your dad get around? is he ok with the steps to bathroom? what about if/when he isn't ?

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He gets around just fine and has no problem walking to the bathroom, he is already doing it now.

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I HAVE SEARCHED AND SEARCHED THE INTERNET LOOKING FOR PLANS AND MOST HAD ELABORATE BATHROOMS THAT i COULD NOT SCALE DOWN. I just want something simple to take a shower and get the heck out. Always rushing in the morning and never linger too much in the bathroom. I am going to try to search tonight and see if I can find something. I could not make it work for anything and I know you must be stumped also because I ALWAYS get good ideas here. Making a smal house work is a BIGGGGGGG job LOL

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I had all this written out and then lost my connection.

But basically, I would rearrange the space you have as bedrooms and your added bath and closet IF you have space under the porch for plumbing.

I don't know why you have such a convoluted plan for your addition, but I would just add a single rectangular room to the back for your living/sewing space, with pull down beds or futons for the grands.

If you take out the window in your now living room, that room will be really dark. I'd rip out the fireplace and make part of that front room the entry so you have light in all your spaces.

But without knowing your particulars, it's hard to say.

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for small bathroom, see the 4th photo on this site. It's got everything, but packed into a small space.

Small bath with shower

Here are more ideas
Houzz tips for small baths

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post a layout of the bathroom. where's the door to it? is there a window?

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This is so confusing. First thing I would consider is your roof lines and how your addition can fit with them. It looks like the only good addition place is across the back and I believe your kitchen window looks out at that corner garden. Do not want to loose that.

I think you would be best off hiring some one to look at this to give you ideas on what can be done. Architect?? Designer??

This is a very small part of your plan to consider. That corner cabinet is a waste f space. Honest. I have had one just like what you are showing and it is almost impossible to get dishes in it. They just do not like this cabinet. I have a small gun cabinet at 24 inches wide and 6 foot tall and about one foot deep. It now holds my deer collection but I used it as a china cabinet for a few years and it was really useful . The wall space you show would handle a cabinet like this much better than corner cabinet.

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LOL I know it sounds difficult and I too am confused that's why i am here. Basically all I am trying to do is add a master suite and an enclosed porch. The deck has a roof over it so that is why I was trying to make my enclosed porch there. Shades you are probably right about the corner cabinet. The wall space that I have for it is 3' on each side which is about 1' larger than the normal cabinet so I thought that would make a difference.... I am trying to find someplace to store my pots and dishes as I still don't have enough room in the kitchen without storing in the basement (a MAJOR pain). I store my plates in a between the studs shelf in my hallway but the proposed design takes that out. Maybe somehow I can incorporate a small pantry closet?
Marti your family room proposal is the area where I am planning on putting the porch, bath and closet, but I added more sf to add the bedroom. Can't do the master suite in the front. the room on the right side was actually a porch that has since been enclosed and it is on a slab.with zero clearance under it. That would have also been my choice.
Here is my bathroom sketch.

I looked at the link with the bathrooms and really like 1.2 and 4.

I tried to use sketchup but could not make heads or tails of it but in the process I thought of another layout

With this one it creates an extra room that I have no idea what I would do with.I rather not add as much if I can avoid it.
Oh and removing the side windwos and putting in a door...the area is 5' wide and I thought dowble glass goors would be nice there plus then I could get furniture in and out of here more easily. Since the doors are glass no loss of light.
sorry for the delay, I wasn;t even notified that I had any responses!

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I would use the ? mark room for living room and your now living room dinning room with cabinets for needed kitchen storage. What you have marked dinning room as your sun porch.

You could use a large buffet or two on the new big dinning room. Good for extra pots and pans out of sight in lower cabinet.

I know this would be entering into your dinning room. We had a house that way one time in fact our house NOW enters into the dinning room. It is not a problem at all and does not feel weird. At either house.

Not sure if wall between room 2 and 4 is also logs. If not open up the door way. If it is log then it is fine as it is.

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