Excited!! TS finds....

anjabeeMarch 2, 2007

Had to show ya'll what I found at the TS today!! I think I spent about $20 on everything.

Picnic basket that I plan to paint the top, I'm going to take the apple off and make that thing into an earring/necklace holder for my DD, love the flag in the heavy wooden frame.

Little Americana doll, tray in the background haven't decided if I'll leave it or re-paint it, the bags have misc little snowmen and angels in them that I'll paint for my mini tree next year, picture frame and a few books.

Don't know what this will be yet.

Got the fishing basket for my mom's den, got that Americana basket for $2 and it had the original tag on for $39!!, that viney thing was new in the bag(took it out so you could see it better)is a multiple pot hanger, then a little sign hanger, and the mini radio flyer (it's heavy)$2!!

And lastly this thing is probably a pot holder, but I put my red wooden bowl full of potpouri on it instead.

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Wow Anj, you had a great shopping day. Love the way your red bowl looks in that stand. Love that little red wagon and all the baskets too. You sure got some good finds. That wooden piece looks sort of familiar--can't remember where I've seen that shape--maybe a bear or perhaps it could be a snowman--you will have to use your imagination a bit and let it tell you what it should be! ;o) Thanks for sharing, I enjoy seeing your finds. Luvs

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