Wedding is over and my feet still hurt!!

paintingfoolMarch 14, 2010

My daughter got married yesterday and I am still hurting. It was a home wedding, my favorite kind. They were suppose to be married on the beach but the traffic going to the beach was so backed up with spring breakers they decided to cancel and have it at their home. It was beautiful and everyone had a good time. But just as they were saying their vows, here comes the Ice Cream truck. You should have seen the faces of the kids, you could just tell that they wanted to run out and stop him. It was really funny so we were all laughing. In one picture my little grand daughter got mad at the photographer when he kept telling her to lower her bouquet, she stuck her tongue out at him. I did the little bouquets and I cooked. But just with that I am pooped. Here are a few snaps of the family.

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Bebe, beautiful daughter and family and it all looks wonderful. I laughed so hard when I read about the ice cream truck and DGD sticking her tongue out at the photographer. That is pricelss.

Hope you are feeling better soon and have some painting projects to share with us. I miss not having several projects here every week. I need to kick it in the butt and do my share.LOL

Thanks so much for sharing your daughters wedding pictures. How's little GS doing now? Talk to you all later.


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Hi Punk, I am feeling better - we have a lot of pine pollen this time of the year and I always get sick from it. The wedding was special but I am glad it is over. They have been engaged for a year but decided to get married less than 2 months ago so the whole family pitched in. Her husband has 14 brothers and sisters, my daughter only has a brother but with everyone's help they changed the venue from the beach to the house within a matter of two hours. Amazing.

The last think I painted was the vintage tote I posted several weeks ago. Now I can start concentrating on painting a few things I have been wanting to do for a while now.

My grandson is doing wonderfully. He isn't exhibiting any systoms or ticks. I so hope the word will be passed about P.A.N.D.A.S. I just saw on the Today show that the little girl who had the constant sneezing last year was diagnosed with P.A.N.D.A.S. She is now symptom free after undergoing treatment. The sad part is there is no cure - the symptoms can always reappear if he gets sick.


Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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Beautiful daughter, my best wishes to her and the new groom. Now we know where you have been--it is allot of work to get ready for events like that! Loved both stories as well, those are the kinds of things that are so enjoyable to look back on and talk about at future family gatherings. So glad to hear that your GS is doing so much better now. What a big relief. Luvs

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OK!!!! Who stole my post?

It went something like this, Beautiful Bride! And the rest of the party look pretty terrific as well. Now we know where you have been and you have been missed.

It is very nice to also hear that your DGS is doing so much better.

Looking forward to see whats new in your painting world as well.


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Belle, that happens to me all the time too! I think I hit "return to forum" instead of "submit" sometimes. Still frustrating isn't it? ;o)


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Your daughter is just gorgeous Bebe!! What a good lookin family you have!! I see your GD sticking her tongue out. That is a wedding memory to give you a laugh. ha So awesome that everyone helped to get it changed from the beach to home in such short order. I bet it turned out more special even with the ice cream truck. Thanks for sharing your pics. Rest up now!! ha ~Anj

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