A nonsag thinset for vertical mosaics.

MoccasinMay 8, 2010

Hi. Just visited the Bathrooms Forum.

This new thread is beginning, and I know you folks are interested in doing some mosaic tile work on a vertical plane.

Laticrete 255 is the product this DIYer used and now is crazy about.

Here is the link to the thread:


Here is a link that might be useful: Laticrete 255 worth it, says user

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Sounds interesting. I have never tried any thinset. I have always used silicone. Things can shift with it if heavy. Thanks for the information.


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Shades, I know nothing about what you do with the tiles. So I just drug this tidbit of information in like a cat bringing a mouse as its treasure.

Do you ever visit the mosaic and glass forum, just below this one in the GWeb list? I visited a couple of times, and they speak a different language there, I think. :) Could not follow the conversation at ALL.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

HaHa, ML, one of our cats brings his treasures to our front porch. I'd much rather have the tidbits that you offer! I'm going to file this away for reference for our prep-sink backsplash. That sounds so 'grand' to me--you know it's just the small sink we're installing in the new playroom!

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OH ML I was not blowing you off at all. I just have never tried thinset. Feeling sort of intimidated by it. I started with silicone and have just stuck with it. Heheheh No pun intended.

Yes I used to go to that group years ago but got run off by some trouble makers. Just never felt the need to go back.


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Chris, my-girl, dinna fret yeseff.
It never occurred to me that could possibly be in your head, and I know I'm right.

Intimidated by thinset? YOU?
Oh no that is not possible. I know silicone is very good stuff, and works fine, but one of these days,

JUST DO IT. IT WILL BE OKAY. Your learning curve is pretty quick.

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Not to intrude on recs here. But I use whatever works for me and so far haven't gotten into too much trouble. I did buy some decent thinset for my counter edge. But will use premixed grout. Have been told more than once not to use this stuff, and read poor reviews. But for the kitchen counter and backsplash it works great and doesn't soak in food, liquids. Far easier to clean.

I would think a good thinset is important for areas with a great deal of water exposure. Or like the ceiling in a shower.

What makes this forum fun is I think most of us are off the grid and have a creative spot for making our places a comfort zone. Along with many of us (me) looking for economical ideas.

Am really glad the forum has started to jump. We needed all who are on board recently. Love the ideas and seeing our little world created in so many ways. It is nice to see the garden areas too.

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