HaPpY BiRthDaY Luvs!!

anjabeeMarch 3, 2013

My sweet friend! Hope your day was wonderful!

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Oh Anj, that is so sweet of you to remember. Son's family all had the flu so we are celebrating this weekend--I didn't want to go over and deliberately expose myself to it even though I did get my flu shot. (So did they!) However, two friends took me out for dinner one night and another friend took me for a movie and lunch the next day. Also got presents from another friend and lots of cards and calls from family/friends so it was all really very nice. Hugs, Luvs

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I'm so glad you are getting pampered and it's a week long celebration! ha That's the way we like to do it at our house. ha Hope your family gets over their sickness by the weekend. I've heard a lot of people who got the shot this year still got sick with it. Different strain than they planned for I guess. Stay well and have a great weekend too! Eat a piece of cake for me! ha ~Anj

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Happy Birthday Luvs! Went for a check up for a sore on my nose that wouldn't heal and while talking to my Dr., same one for over 30 years and I worked for him, anyway in his ramblings about one thing or another he called me elderly! ELDERLY!!!!!! I gently reminded him he was only 10 years younger than me and I would get even! He got even right then, had to go to a dermatologist (sp) and they removed the sore and froze several non cancerous sun spots and let me tell you that hurt! Anyway, hope your special day was just that, very special for a special lady!

Anj.....I went back and posted on several of you projects I missed in the gallery....you are so good! And it sound as thought you are as busy as ever! And isn't it just totally unfare for the kids to get older, or maybe not. The problem and challenges are still there, just different ones. Don't know how you do it girl! And your outdoor activities, could you come for a visit? Any time would be fine, well maybe in a month when you don't have to wear rubber boots to work through the yard. And I love Peonies are so pretty and really good slug bait.

Luvs....read about your photo project....Wow! That is something I think about doing, but there are so many pictures. I did sort them with the help of my daughter and we put names to everyone we knew, but didn't break them down to time and places and in some of the old pictures, that is unknown.

So Luvs, did you use the shutters? We are still in the winter mode here, although my water iris are showing green and the roses I didn't trim back are showing leaves. So many things in the yard I usually do in the fall didn't get done and I can't just blame the shingles, it was more like being lazy! Just doen't seem to be enough hour in a day.

It was nice to see Punks post, and she is as talented as ever.

As to what I am doing in the paper craft world, I use more cutting dies and stamps than my Impression machine. To my way of thinking the cutting machine is more of a scrapbook tool than card making, atleast most of their cartridges lean that way. Which is great, but I want more lacy cuts and lots of layers. So it dies, punch's, inks, and lots of paper.
Sorry about the quality of the pictures, new camera = worse pictures!

This is one of my favorite digital stamps, I used Copic markers to add the color....markers are a new challenge!

These little boxes hold bite size pieces of candy and the photo doesn't show the glitter and bling. Were really fun to make!

Anyway....I will try to visit more often and post shorter posts.

Take Care All!


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Belle I am so sorry about the pain you had to endure, but glad those all were removed so no worries about them now.

Love your creations! I would never be able to give that lacy one away if it were mine! So beautiful. Will it fit in an envelope okay with all the pretties on it?

And you just know I'm loving those cute Halloween boxes. So fun! You are a very talented lady, and your work is always so nicely done. Thank you for sharing pics with us.

Anj, the flu bug seems to be gone for now, thank goodness. Think we are getting together today for a little outing but haven't gotten the call yet. Maybe too early with the time change! LOL

I'm feeling better, still have teary times most every day missing my sweet DH, but then I dry my eyes, call a friend or take my dogs for a walk and perk up again.

I had a friend coming for lunch the other day, so actually went out to the shed and brought in a few St. Pat's decorations to make a centerpiece for the table. It felt good to do something I've always enjoyed again. I need to select something I'd like to paint, bet that will feel good too once I get started again.

I can relate to your comment about the yard work. I swear my grass grows better in my flower beds than in my yard! I need to get out the rake and hoe and clean them out again. Think I might go get some mulch and layer it in there thick to discourage the weeds and grass.

Will you be planting a garden this year? I know you always grow zuchinni and make bread for your freezer. I have a small area where I will put out a couple of tomato plants I think. Just fun to walk outside and pick one to go in a salad.

Well, better get the dogs out for their walk. So good to hear from you both again.


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Good morning. Just sent my oldest off on her first real away from home trip. She flew for the first time by herself. I'm a nervous wreck waiting to hear from her on the other end. She flew to New Orleans to meet up with her aunt and uncle and cousins. They are taking her on a cruise to Mexico for her Sr Trip.
So much stuff going on over here. The usual school and church activities and spring cleaning. Baby every week day still. She is not a napper, so a lot of entertaining to do. It is warming up a little here. 60's today and possibly a record breaking 70 tomorrow! Woot! I am in need of some warm weather. Will enjoy it while it lasts. Not getting much painting done though.
Sorry you are sad and missing R, Luvs. That just means he was well loved. I'm glad you have people around who love you and things to do to keep your spirits up. I can't wait until you start painting and creating again. =) And I love all your creations Belle! It all looks wonderful. Any one of those is guaranteed to brighten someones day!
I've left this sitting here a while since I got sidetracked on something else so better post before it happens again. Talk to you again soon. ~Anj

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Your kids are all growing up, Anj. Not "babies" anymore, huh? How great that she gets to go on a cruise!''

I can't keep up with my 8 yr old DGD. She got her Dad's old I phone and he gave me one too. Her's is set up so she can do Facetime and Text only. Let's us keep in touch better. And she has me playing some of her games like Zoo Story and Bakery ???. I sort of enjoy them and gives us more to talk about. She is so good with computer stuff, taking pictures/videos and sharing them with me.

Anj, I know I will always miss my DH, but just have to accept that he's gone on ahead and will be waiting for me when I arrive someday. Yes, I am truly blessed to have my son and his family close by and good friends to meet/talk with often. And I couldn't do without my two dogs, they are my best buddies and such good companions.

Been doing yard work while the weather has been so nice. Also trying to figure out how to stop water from running across the cement floor of my storage shed when it rains. I have a handyman who is baffled by it. We put L shaped metal pieces along the base on each side and glued them down with black tar stuff and then put caulking to seal them. That didn't stop it, so he put metal diverters on the roof. Still leaked. Next he wants to empty the shed and use the hose to soak the roof and try to figure out how it's coming in. Roof and side walls are completely dry! It's a big mystery for sure.

Better leave room for someone else to post. Will check back tomorrow.


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Thought I'd stop in this morning while I'm waiting on my breakfast. DD got back from her trip last night and is taking today off school to recuperate a little from her jet lag. She is making us lemon poppyseed muffins for breakfast. The baby is in her bed dancing along with Dora. ha She'll lay down and nap hopefully soon.
That is weird about your shed Luvs. Maybe it is seeping up thru the concrete?? Is it sealed? We had an old basement when we lived in MS and the cement walls would weep cause they weren't sealed. John wants to build a shed this year. A man sold him tons of big cement blocks so he wants to use those as a base. Plus we are wanting to get chickens still. I hope he has some time to build a pen and house for them this year. He has been ice fishing and now regular fishing every Sat with friends. He fell thru the ice last Sat on the edge so that was the end of the ice fishing for this year! ha Hopefully this Sat I won't have to run anybody anywhere and I can take the day to paint! Haven't heard anything about the boutique yet so maybe they decided not to do it?? I'm nowhere near ready! Think I need that adrenaline rush to hurry me along. ha
Looks like the muffins are ready. Gonna dash. Have a great day! ~Anj

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Yum! muffins sound good. Hadn't thought about the water seeping through the floor. I doubt that it is sealed. But the water actuall seems to be running across the floor, not just standing puddles. We'll see if we can figure it out. Just afraid it will rot the base framing and soak up the wallboards. Little DGD made the math team for her school and will be competing tomorrow. DS asked me to come along and I jumped at the chance. Win or lose, just so proud of her for making the team! Doing lots of yard work here, and trying to figure out what I need to do to simplify it. I hate to eliminate living plants, but I'm not able to get up and down easily for the weed pulling and planting like I used to. Looked through some painting books yesterday--that's a start, right??? LOL Take care. Luvs

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Very cool about DGD!! My 9th grader was just in a math competition last week! We are waiting to hear how he did. I hope she does well and how fun to get to go, huh!

It is snowing here today! UGH! We had such a nice week up to the 70's last week and now 40 and snowing like a fool. ha I'm ready for summer!

Yes, looking thru paint books is a definite start. Hope something sparks your interest. I signed up for that boutique yesterday. It's for May 3rd and 4th. I gotta get busy now. Maybe that will get me motivated! ha Hubby just lost his job again. Today is his last day. They started lay offs and he was the last hire so unfortunately he goes first. So he will be home all day every day again while he is job hunting. Not sure how much painting I'm gonna get done. ha

Just got all the kids off to school and the baby down for her nap. Gonna fix myself something to eat and then get to painting. Have a good day! ~Anj

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Oh gosh, Anj, so sorry about your DH's job. With this economy, it sure looks like lots of places will keep downsizing--not a good thing for sure. Will keep you all in my prayers and hope that an even better opportunity will come his way.

I sure wish you lived closer. Sorted painting books last night and tonight. Have four grocery bags full to pass on to someone else. It's almost embarrasing that even with donating all of those, I still have waaay more books with ideas than I'll ever get painted in my life time! Most of the ones I'm parting with are very "country" and "rustic" from back in the 80's. I loved them at the time, but just not into that anymore. Also parting with some of my old Decorative Woodcrafts magazines too.

Little DGD is going to stay with me for a couple of days of her Spring break. I'm looking forward to us having some "girl time" together. Hit the grocery store this morning so we'd have a good selection of fruits and snacks. And of course, we had to have some mac and cheese! ;o)

So glad you got signed up for the craft boutique. That means we will get to see some more of your great projects.

One of the gals on the other forum said Photobucket was doing an update and she was concerned whether it would break the links here. Will have to check that out.

Well, time to get to bed. I'll check back soon.


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Morning! I have one project completed and one almost done. I'll wait until I have the second one done to take pics and post them both at the same time. My camera skillz are not great. ha Tried to get a shot of the finished one but it's not coming out. Maybe while the sun is out today. 61 degrees!
I'm doing mostly Americana for this boutique and trying to come up with a few for Mother's Day as well since the other holidays will have passed.
Have had 2 home with strep and pink eye this weekend until today. Sent them all back to school. ha My throat has been scratchy so crossing fingers that I'm not getting it. I have too much to do to be sick! My 15 yr old DS is going on a week long hike/camp over spring break with his scout group. They have to pack everything in and out so I have to get some shopping in for that and also for Easter dinner with family and extended family. Doing ours at our church park again this year so we can hopefully get some kite flying in.
Brother just pulled in with the baby so I'll be back later to post pics! ~A P.S. You know I'd love to be going thru your discarded books! ha I've collected quite an astounding amount myself over the years! ha

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