Are we not chatting this week?? =D

anjabeeMarch 9, 2010

Don't see any chatter over here this week. I've been out taking care of other things. DH tore his Achilles tendon and one other tendon in his foot. Completely torn is a 4 and his is a 3. They said he'll recover in about 2 weeks. He's on crutches. Been working on some school things, my class, and my SIL has me looking for Noah's Ark patterns for her today. Been on the phone a lot too with family. My MIL called last night and said they think my FIL had a stroke. One thing after another. Anyway, I am painting a tiny bit, but interrupted a million times so it's going slowly. Hope you all are having a good week. I'm looking forward to possibly going to see Alice in Wonderland on Friday. Been waiting and waiting for it to come! ha Talk to you all soon. ~Anj

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Hi All,

Sorry to herar about DH, Anj. Always something. Hope FIL is ok. Let us know how it all turns out with him. I'll say a prayer for him.

You still sound like a busy person who's still going in alot of different directions. I had forgot you were back in class. How's that going?

We have alot of snow again and I'm ready for Spring so it makes me have more to do with the shoveling. Business is good and I love my new employee. She has had to take some time off for family and friends but she does a great job selling.

I will try to get back to painting soon. Punk

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Blah! That says it all! Must be something to do with it being March.

Anj....sorry about your DH and hope he heals fast. My prayers go out to your FIL and family, hope is was only a slight stroke and leaves behind no damage!

What kind of Noak's Ark patterns are you looking for? Might have one or two around. I did one years ago that had Noah and his wife standing under an umbrella and holding a rainbow banner that said "God Keeps His Promises"

Punk...would love to have your snow right about now, my yard looks so bleak....I haven't gotten things back to normal in the 2 years after our flood and now DH want to re-landscape the remainder of the front yard... It's a small area of lawn and he want to put it into a rock garden with flowers. He mows the lawns...I weed the flowers.... something about this doesn't seem quite right.....riding lawn mover....back breaking weeding...HUM!
We have had a dusting of snow but mostly rain. But I do have a showing of some bluebells along the stream, and my daffies are up and almost blooming. DH gave me a beautiful basket of Prim Roses, one of my faves, to help cheer me up. Guess I don't do "sick" very well. Still wearing the patch to keep thing on the level, but still very tired.

My step GS was in the state high school basketball playoffs and wanted GP and I to go to Spokane for the tourney, couldn't even muster energy to do that and then the silly kids won first place. Go Pe Ell Trojans! GP ordered an ice cream cake and we celebrated once he got home. Two 1st place teams in one year is awesome.

Haven't painted since the bunnies and I have several cut outs waiting for me....need to get a move on!

Well, that my life in a nut shell...gonna go take a nap!


PS...Luvs.....where you hiding girl?

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Hi All, darn, I had posted to this--must have clicked on the wrong thing---AGAIN!

Anj, so sorry to hear about DH and your FIL. Hope both are feeling better soon.

DH and I saw the previews to Alice when we were at the movies on Tuesday. Haven't decided if we will see it yet.

Belle, I've been playing a bit with my new Cricut and reading some blogs and such for ideas of things I can make using it. I'll share my first project--just some wood blocks I had Mod Podged thinking I'd paint the letters on--but cut them out with my new toy instead. I've got some done in red that I plan to spell out JOY with as well. It is so fun to watch the machine cut--so I'm sure I'll be doing more projects with it soon.

I've also been out pulling grass and weeds out of flower beds and spraying the new growth on the roses so the aphids and such will stay off them. DH has been sick for a week--just can't get rid of the cough--went to the doctor yesterday and got prescription cough medicine so hoping that will help. No, I haven't caught it YET--it's usually hard not to when sharing the same house. Hoping my extra vitamin C will protect me! The doctor also gave him a pneumonia shot yesterday and he said his arm hurt all night. He's napping now to catch up a bit.

I started a little painting project, but will be a couple days before it will be ready for a pic. Got to figure out something for a friend's upcoming birthday too. Might have to look though a few of my books for ideas. Probably something "Springy".



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Luvs....It sounds like you have found a great new toy! It is easy to use? I've never heard of it before you girls started chatting about it, so do tell. PS...your block are ghoolish!

Hope your DH is on the mend and that the cough med is working.

We had quite a scare last Sat., our GS was visiting with us and saying a final goodbye to our old dog. They went for a long walk in the near by woods and when they were not back by dark, I call out the searchers. DH led them right to him, both dog and kid were "hunkered" down and ready to spend the night. Our GS loves hiking and has many trails and is always "Boy Scout" ready, he had a knife, matches and tinder, food, water and 2 space blankets all in a small, neat package. The Search and Rescue people gave him an applications to join their group. I gave him a big hug.

I have started a chicken basket I found online, how I hate base coating! It's a very small basket that I might enlarge to hold fruit.

Take care!


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Gosh, Belle, are you saying that he got lost? Since he was so prepared, it almost seems that he might have wanted to spend the night out with the dog. Glad it all turned out well.

My new "toy" is really just a cutting machine. It uses special little cartridges that tell it what to cut--no computer needed. (You can buy additional programs that will let you download from your computer as well.) It came with one cartridge that has both some shapes as well as letters. It is mainly for making scrapbook pages or cards, but it will also cut chipwood and vinyl. Allot of people are using the vinyl to decorate plaques, plates, and even do sayings on their walls. You can google it if you want to see or just go to . It cuts fast and is fun to play with. ;o)

I finished another project that I'd had pending. Now I need to move on to Easter or Spring projects I guess. However, if the mood hits, I still have several Christmas things I wanted to paint and may just go ahead and work on some of them too. ;o)

Anj, I sure miss you on here. Hope DH and your FIL are both doing okay.


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I'm so glad DGS is home SAS. That's enough to do bad things to the heart! We do need to meet in Spokane someday. Oh heck if you get that far you might as well come on over.LOL


I bet DD would love a machine like yours and if you keep posting things like this, I might need one! Those signs are so cute.

Anj, how's everything in your life now? Seems like it's one thing after another.

DH's gout is a little better. I bought him lots of Cherry juice today so hope that will help. It's hard when someone is hurting and there's nothing one can do.

I'm going to go throw another load of laundry in and maybe I can paint something.


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Punk, my oldest sister has had many bouts of gout over the years. The worst being when it was in her big toe--very painful and made it really hard for her to get around or wear shoes. Her doctor gave her a prescription. I'm not sure what causes it, but know it can sure be miserable. Hope your DH gets it under control soon.

My DH still has a lingering cough, but the worst is over. He had two or three nights of chills and not being able to sleep well. A lady at the drugstore said she's been coughing for three weeks and nothing she takes makes it stop. She said she's using cough drops and lots of hand sanitizer now and just getting on with work and life hoping it will finally stop.

Punk, glad you liked my little blocks. I've got to add a few more things to the red/white Joy ones to "dootsie" them up a bit. I'm just learning, so hopefully projects will get better with practice--like everything else in life, right? LOL I bought some pretty papers and hope to do one for Spring now too. The bigger question is, where am I going to store all these new projects as well as the supplies for creating them????

We are having such pretty weather right now and the roses I pruned back are just bursting out with new leaves. I mowed the lawn yesterday and really noticed how fresh the air smelled after our nice rains. I need to get out and walk today and check out all my neighbors yards and flowers too. Oh, you are right, the walking does help with the weight loss--and attitude and how you feel in general as well. Down a little over 15 lbs now--slow but steady. Not easy, but just trying to stick with it!

Better get going and "do" something around here! TTYL


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OMGoodness Luvs...those blocks turned out super cute! I've been playing around with scrapbooking papers too. I may have to invest in one of those. Hope R is feeling better!
Belle~ yikes on DGS and sorry about your dogchild. But nice that DGS was so prepared.
Punk~ sorry about DH having gout. My MIL suffers from it from time to time as well. I told her about cherry and blueberry juice to help it. Hope it goes away quickly.

Ok you guys. It snowed all weekend and I had a busy one anyway so didn't get to paint. The sun came out today and I said I'm getting the heck outta this away I ran to go thrifting! ha Took my DM with me and we hit the one by my house...found 3 books
Bearing All SEasons and Somebunny Too! by Colleen Parry
Bearing All Seasons by Colleen Parry
and another book that is for quilts, but it has some cute patterns of beehives and things in it so I got it. Original price $15 on the quilt book and $8.99 on the painting books. I got them for 25 cents each.
But then.....I went to the second TS and ya'll....I hit the motherload. I couldn't help but wish ya'll were all there with me. There were AT LEAST 20 stacks of painting books about 2 ft tall each!! A lot were multiples of the same books, but OH MY GOSH! I was having a complete fit!! I bought 37 books!! at .25cents each!! They were brand new!! It looked like some store dumped their large inventory. It was crazy! I was going nuts. I went thru all the stacks and grabbed hundreds of books to throw into my buggy...then I went over to the furniture section...found a nice comfy red sofa and went thru every one of them until I whittled them down to the 37! I just so wish ya'll could have been there! So I'm gonna put my feet up and go slowly thru all these books. I'm so way past excited!! ha I promise I'm gonna quit playin around and get something finished. Have several things started but need to buckle down on it and actually paint.
Oh...FIL went to the dr and they think he did have a stroke but cannot get him in to run tests for 2 weeks??? Crazy. DH's foot is better. He is off the crutches and hobbling around on it this week. Talk to ya'll soon. ~Anj

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Hi yall, my hubby has gout also in the joint of his big toe. But years ago a Navy Doctor prescribed Allipurinol and he hasn't had any problems since. Gout is caused by an over abundance of uric acid in the body. He takes the Allipurinol every day, not just when he starts getting the swelling and such. The medicine keeps the uric acid in check.
Luvs, way cool on the painted blocks. (my grand children taught me that word - way cool).
Anj, we have had a nasty winter, lots of rain and the temps have been way below normal. This time of the year the temps should be about 78 degrees but today it only got to 65. Anything below 80 and I freeze. I was so glad we didn't have the wedding on the beach because I knew it would be too cold for me.

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon. Yall ask your doctor about the gout medicine. It has worked for my hubby.

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Anj, I can't even imagine how excited you must have been at finding all those painting books. Were they good ones or really old ones or what? Were they by authors that we all know and love? How fun for you! I'm sure you couldn't even think about going to sleep last night until you had looked through each one of them! Luvs

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pezabelle wonderful! You hit the mother load! I belong to a Pez collecting group and always love to read about some Pezhead finding a cache of old Pez and here you found new books and so many! Congrads!

DH and I actually went TS and Antiquing this week. Was totally useless yesterday though. He found a cross cut saw and 5 old wood planers and for a really great price. I now have to come up with a pattern for the saw. It's at least 5' long...Oh! Boy! I found two small plates to resurface and paint and a large metal something. I included pictures. Don't know whether to just clean it or clean it and then paint it black. What do you all think? The silly balls were included and they are brass, another great find. Well, better get thing moving...ME and hopefully paint today!


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Belle, that is a unique piece and those balls are so neat too. I kind of like the rusty color, but do whatever goes with your decor. Can't wait to see how you use it. Can't wait to see what you paint on the saws too.

Anj, are you still looking at books? Did you get some good stuff. Do I need to send you back to get some for me--at my expense of course. ;o) I went to a couple today and found three books--not very good and 99 cents each but I bought them anyway because I was jealous of your finds! LOL


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Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd give and update on DH. Bebe, the doctor put DH on three different drugs, one being Allipurinol, so hopefully in time he will be better. As of yet he's not. How long has your DH been on this drug? I totally dislike reading the side effects but can't say mine is any better.

Luvs, how's DH cough coming along? And Anj, how's your DH's Achilles tendon?

Belle, love that wire thingy of yours. If it's not a nice rusty color, I'd spray paint it. They have some pretty neat colors to choose from nowdays. Black would always look nice.

I can hardly wait to see that saw painted. Do you have any idea what you will paint on it? I found a couple DH cut out of wood the other day and put them right back in the box.haha

I'm so far behind around here and not sure I'll get caught back up but will get off here and try. It's so fun to have all of you for inspiration, encouragement and friendship. Thank you DF for all.


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Punk, we miss you and all the projects you seem to paint up so quickly. Know you are busy with work and taking care of your DH too. Maybe things will slow down a bit for you soon--or maybe not, your type of business is in heavy demand with everyone feeling they need to have a phone in their hand at all times nowadays! LOL (Good for your income though isn't it?) ;o)

I really miss Anj too, we used to chat daily, but she only gets to pop in once a week or so now. Her life isn't likely to slow down any either--with the kids getting older and having even more activities!

I've been working on an Easter project that I found in one of my older books. I'll be sharing a pic soon, just need to finish a few more details on it.

I took down all the St. Pat's stuff but haven't gotten it packed away in the shed yet. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow and pull out the Easter goodies at the same time.

Gotta go now, little GD is on her way over. TTYL


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Well, I thought I posted here but I must have hit the preview button and forgot to hit submit.

Punk, my husband has been on allipurinol since 1980. He has not had another attack since. He also has not had any side effects. I have a friend that the doctor gave the same meds to and he only takes it when he has an attack, I don't think that does him much good. The allipurinol helps with the uric acid which causes the inflamation in the joints. I hope it helps your hubby.

Can't wait for all of us to get back to painting.

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