Please help with counter/backsplash choices

kmmhMay 20, 2013

I know I need to pick one, before the other, but I am having trouble finding inspiration pictures that have both elements that I like. We are getting white cabinets, wood top on the island and medium wood floor.

The backsplashes that I like in pictures are usually shown with a white/light counter which I don't really like with white cabinets.

Here are two examples of a backsplash I like, but I don't love the counter.

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designer Fiorella Design

Traditional Kitchen Tile by Charlotte Walker Zanger

Here is another tile that I like:

Contemporary Bathroom by Austin General Contractor Soledad Builders, LLC

Here is another tile, but I don't like it with that counter:

Contemporary Kitchen by Denver Kitchen And Bath Exquisite Kitchen Design

The counters I see that I like are usually darker. I don't like granite with a lot of movement. I do not like man made materials with chunks in them.
Love how this counter looks, but what backsplash?

Contemporary Kitchen by Toronto Interior Designer Meredith Heron

I like this counter also, but not the backsplash:

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco General Contractor Mascheroni Construction

So I guess I have to compromise on either counter or bs, There are very few of each that I like and since the bs seems more prominent to me when looking at a kitchen, maybe I choose that first?

Feeling slightly lost, thanks for any insights...

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Why does the lack of inspiration photos mean you have to compromise? I think that the backsplashes you like would look fine with the counters you like. Is the problem that you can't visualize them together?

It seems to me that having a photo of them together that you don't like would maybe mean you would have to compromise; NOT seeing a photo of them together is just lack of information.

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So here's a mockup with the tile from your 3rd pic, soapstone counters, and Kraftmaid shaker cabs in Dove White.

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Thank you cawaps! I guess I have a few problems. One is that I don't see the types of things I like in pictures, and when I do, it seems I like them separately , but not together (which is maybe why I don't see them together?)

I probably border too much on mathy matchy (or at least coordinating). I have trouble with putting two different whites together. I hate orange and pink together, I don't mix black and blue...

Thank you for putting those two pictures together. It is a the type of picture that I am looking for.

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I think it's difficult to go wrong with black (or charcoal) and white with a pale pastel color backsplash. Looks like you really like soapstone (a favorite here on GW). I think soapstone would look fantastic on white cabinets with a pale green backsplash.

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I like the 4th picture circular pattern tile with the 5th picture charcoal long as the counter is plain like the one in the picture.

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If someone can i.d. the other tiles in the pics or find a better resolution image of them, I can drop them into my little mock-up.

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Sorry I haven't responded, these last few comments got lost somewhere in the end of school year shuffle!

Thanks Pricklypear cactus, you helped me verbalize what I like. I never thought about it that way, but I do like a pale backsplash.

Joaniepoanie- I like the ann sacks tile too, but that backsplash definitely needs something plain on the counter!

Cawaps, Thanks again!! Are you using photoshop to do that?
Here is a similiar green one I found that I like, link to it below:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here is another one I like.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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