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nightlillyMarch 16, 2007

After seeing Luvs' beautiful roses, I got looking around for One Stroke videos and found a bunch of Donna Dewberry videos for pretty cheap. I order 3 of her 30 minute episodes, 2 on vhs for $3.95 each and one on dvd for $4.95. I didn't think they would come in so soon but I got them today and watched them back to of them were on roses and one was tulips and dragonflies.

My camera should be here today too. I was having a bad week but today is looking

I have a back tooth that chipped and has become infected, I'm taking antibiotics but one side of my face is swollen and my sister keeps making "Godfather" jokes, which doesn't help cuz I laugh and it gave me vicodin for the pain but I don't want to over do it. The first day I took the vicodin, I slept 18 out of 24 hours...I think I over medicated but the pain was driving me

Anyway, I'm off to practice my One Stroke roses and when my camera gets here I'll take some pictures of the 2 foot Easter eggs that I made for the front yard.

Have a great day,


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Nightlilly~ I had an infection in one of my wisdom teeth that was removed and it's so close to your brain you don't want to mess around with it. Please take care of yourself. I looked like a multicolored chipmunk. ha My skin bruised from the swelling and turned every color in the rainbow. Hope you are feeling (and looking) better soon. :)
Good luck on your roses. I know the practice will pay off for you and we look forward to the pics with your new camera!! ~Anj

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Good for you Nightlilly, I know with your enthusiasm and talent you will have it mastered soon. Isn't it fun to watch D. Dewberry paint? She just makes it seem so easy--and to know right where she will put each leaf or flower. I do have one problem with watching the videos--the sound of her voice sometimes starts to put me to sleep. LOL

Sorry about the tooth--hate to say it, but are you going to have to have a root canal to fix it? Been there, done that! Have to say that the Dentists are so good that we really don't experience very much discomfort.

What are the titles of your videos? Just wondering if I have the same ones. I had ordered some of the VHS tapes from her PBS shows for $4.95 at one time. Then I found a few other tapes at Joanne's for $5.00. DH says I should just buy the DVD's, but they cost allot more than the VHS, and I don't mind watching them either way--so might as well save the dollars! LOL

Can't wait till you get your camera and can post pics for us to ooh and ahh over.


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Thanks guys, I'm feeling a lot better, the swelling has gone down a lot but there is still some stiffness and I still can't open my jaw more than a 1/2've been eating a lot of flat foods and applesauce, pudding, etc.

I posted news pics of a couple projects. It started SNOWING today so I didn't get outside to take pictures of the Easter eggs, they're out in the front yard on the lawn.

Luvs, I bought my tapes and dvds from, I probably ended up paying more by the time you add taxes and shipping. The titles I have are "501 I Do" (she paints roses for wedding favors), "102 Just Roses" and "110 Frames and Flowers" (she paints a tulip, an iris and a couple dragonflies). I wish I knew when she is on my local pbs cuz I'd record her show. I looked at their website but their search option doesn't bring up anything.

I'm gonna sit down tonight and try my hand at some more roses.


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Nightlilly~ glad you are feeling much better. Hope you recover quickly. Loved your projects, just got done peaking at them.

I practiced a little bit last night with the folkart paint and it made quit a big difference for me anyway. Thanks for the suggestion luvs. I may be able to try an actual one-stroke project soon. :) ~Anj

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Anj & Nightlilly, How are your practice flowers doing? If you have any questions or concerns, I will be glad to try to help.

Don't know if I've told you this before or not, but loading your brush 3/4 full, starting on the chisel, holding the brush straight up, etc. just like you see Donna do, really does make a difference. Also, I found that using an angle brush makes doing the leaves and flowers easier because you can "lean" the brush so much easier.

Everyone seems to find the last three curved petals the hardest. If you stand the brush straight up on the chisel, lean the toe of the brush (white end) out, then press, pull, and lift as you curve the petal--they will come out perfect.

Have fun, and don't be shy about showing us your first attempts--all of us learned by trial and error too. ;o)


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Nightlilly, I ordered from Cutter's too. When they marked them down to $4.95, I ordered several. I have #102 Just Roses, #107 Outdoor Delights, #108 The Painted House, #210 Garden Party, and #312 Chic Antique Painting.

I also found some at Joanne's on sale for $5.00 too, and I have bought a couple with 40% off coupons at Michaels. I have Roses, Flowers in your Garden, Garden Bouquets, Glass & Ceramics, Walls & Floors, and Brush Stroke Basics.

It wasn't that I NEEDED all those to learn how to paint One Stroke, but I just love watching her paint! LOL

I can't get her show on PBS here either, guess it must just be an east coast thing. I was thrilled when I found the tapes so I could see some of her shows. Have to admit that some of the tapes are much better than others, but I can learn something from them all.

Your wedding favor one sounds like it would have some beautiful flower designs. The frame one sounds good too, and very useful if you are wanting to make things to sell.

Know you will enjoy them--just hope you are not like me--I sometimes drift off to sleep listening to her voice! LOL I've finally gotten to where I sometimes fast forward to the parts I really want to see--instead of watching it all too.

Know you will enjoy yours. Have fun.


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I love to watch her paint too. I think our local pbs does carry her show but I just don't have the patience to go through a weeks worth of programming guide to find out when it's on, one of these days I suppose I will

I tried painting some roses the other day but I think I'm going to have to break down and buy some Folk Art paint. All of my paint is DecoArt Americana. I have a few bottles of FolkArt but they're either metallics or other odd colors.

I do have trouble with those last curved petals, I did find it easier with the angled brush though. I also found that I have trouble reloading my brush. It sounds stupid but for some reason the red color seems to slowly work its way over into my white when I load. I know it's probably a little to do with the paint but mostly to do with the way I load the brush. By the time I'm on the last couple of petals the paint is all a pink well, it's more practicing for me I guess.


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