Happy Belated Birthday and it's March already!!

anjabeeMarch 8, 2012

Thought I'd start a new month and post a link to your b-day message Luvs! Sure hope it was a good day!

Here is a link that might be useful: b-day wishes!

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A belated HB to Luvs....gosh I have to retype my user name and passward so many time I was beginning to think I had been gone so long I had a senior moment and forgot how to get in!

I am home for good...I hope! Mom is back at my sisters and is doing quite well, as they say, for her age. She lost 35# since this operation thing and the Dr., say's she need to put 15# back on,, Mom said that is the first time anyone told her to gain weight.

We had a fund raining event for my neice and raised over $3, 000.00 in one afternoon.....but I'm to old for this kind of work. I organgized and ran the raffle and my dogs were tired at the end of the day.

Anj....I sincerely wish I could help you with your pain issues, have they suggest traction? DH did that for over a year and it really helped and the gizzmo isn't very expensive, just a head contraption and an over the door hook. You add your own weights, most anything will work. Either that or leg traction......somethings got to help!

I haven't picked up a paint brush yet, need to do some Easter Eggs for my DD....sigh! I have made lots of card...Oh! How I love making cards! I watch a YouTube vodeo and then go at it....some failures but most turn out just fine. Now I need to find an outlet for them, thinking about checking out a really nice gift shop in town. Most of their things are mass produced, but maybe?

Luvs....isn't it hard to "weed" out all of the books? I still have trouble doing it, but am trying to keep to my Motto....not used it in a year....out it goes. Wish that worked for my vacuum.

Talk about snow! We have had all of yours Anj. We have snow on the ground now from last week and it has been cold. The most we have had is 22" which for us is really a lot at one time. Atleast it isn't that much rain!!!!!!

Better close for now and finish folding the laundry....another one of my least favorite jobs!

Take care....


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I just got Christmas delivered to my door by a friend. Someone she knows was cleaning out their storage and she got 3 large tubs of wood cutouts and a large tub of paint and a bunch of painting books from her and brought them to me! Since my back has been out I have not been able to go to the TS to get any new items to paint or anywhere to get new paint. I was just lamenting last night about using up some bottles of paint and needing to go get some new ones, but did not want to go thru the pain of having to walk around in Michael's. What a blessing! Just thought I would share with y'all. I just completed a stitchery and painted a picture frame to put it in for the boutique. Working on painting a sign today. Will try to use my Cricut to do the lettering for it when I'm done painting it. Fingers crossed. Better get back to it before I lose momentum. Glad to hear all your good news Belle! Glad everyone is improving! Now you need a rest from taking care of everybody else! =) Y'all have a good weekend. ~Anj

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Morning! Feeling a little under the weather this morning. How are all of you doing? Hope it's a great day for you. Our weather is in the 60's this week! Hurrah! ~Anj

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Hey everyone. Just thought I'd let y'all know that I went to see an orthopedic doctor today about my back and he said things look positive that he can get me back pain free without surgery. He did some tests and gave me some exercises to do for 2 weeks and then go back to see him. He said my back was definitely impacted by the wreck and he couldn't believe that they didn't check that or xray or MRI it after the wreck. My lower spine is pushed forward and pressing on all the nerves in my back and the bad thing is that it has started healing that way so it is gonna take some time to break it from being in this position and get it back where it's supposed to be. He put me back on ibuprofen every 4 hours. My back is very inflamed to even touch it. No more heating pads except before I do the exercises to loosen up then ice ice ice. brrrr. I seriously hope this guy is gonna help me. I feel like he knows his business anyway.

Hope you all are having a good week. I have been painting for the boutique. Working on some paint cans for holding bird seed. Hope they turn out good. I think you may have painted this scene before Luvs. Will post when I get one done. Have a sign almost completed as well. ~Anj

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I looked and found Luvs sign that she did. This is what I am painting on the seed buckets. I'm not sure if I will have anything done in time for the boutique. Lots of things going on over here. Had people over trying to fix our roof yesterday and today. Had to cook for them. I had my MRI the other day and got the pics. Pretty scary looking. My spine is basically in an S shape instead of straight. Not sure what they are gonna be able to do for me. Anyway, just wanted to find Luvs sign. This one should be easy, but I haven't painted in a while so it's giving me fits X3. Hope you are all well. ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Luvs sign

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I think I am getting along faster on this project looking at your pic than I was following the directions. Thank you Luvs!!

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Kinda feels like I'm talking to myself here. =( Hope everybody is doing ok.

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Oh gosh, I'm so sorry I've not been over here to chat with you two! I came by a couple of times but seemed no one had been here so I didn't post.

Belle, so glad you are home. What a blessing you are to your Mom and neice. That raffle was a great idea, I would never have thought to do something like that to help the family with all the expenses. So glad it was successful.

Anj, the situation with your back sure doesn't sound good right now. You poor thing having to go through so much pain and your family is always so busy too. Loved that your friend thought of you and brought you those bins of wood cutouts, books and paints! Woo Hoo! I would have been green with envy too, but the most I've done with my books for the last year is look at them, so know I don't NEED more. LOL

With that said, I did end up buying myself a late birthday present and got another Renee Mullins book. I haven't even painted the designs from the last one I bought, but I can't resist her cute designs. This one is little signs/banners painted on the Roc Lon that Belle had used. Belle, can you tell me where you bought yours? I googled it and got drapery lining sites and I looked at Hobby Lobby online because I have a gift card and nothing came up. Of course I know these can be painted on wood and other things too, just thought it might be fun to try the Roc Lon.

Gosh, all three of us have Cricuts now. We are going to have to share pics of our creations with it sometime too. Belle, I haven't made much this past year, but I did make a few cards and was pleased with them. Still want to do more, although they do take a bit of time. Good way to make smaller things and use up scraps too. What do you use for words? So far I've just used some rubber stamps--but I always hold my breath hoping that I get it on straight and it doesn't smear! LOL I love doing the vinyl lettering on glass and I've made several 2x4 block sayings--those get pretty heavy if you put too many sets in one storage box so be warned! Anj, I bet your kids like using your's don't they? Will really come in handy for some of those school projects too. Belle, I want to go back and relook at some of the items you had made for the boutique. You sure did some cute stuff I remember.

Anj, I'm surprised you remembered my little sign. It's still hanging on my side gate outside. Will be a cute design on a can. I can't wait to see all the neat projects you are making for the sale.

We are doing pretty good here. February was the one year anniversary of DH's diagnoses. We've come a long way in that year. Was a real learning curve for me in so many ways, but with lots of good helpers and prayers, we are doing pretty good. Sort of settled into a routine, and as soon as I finish the rest of my organizing projects, I'll be ready to do some painting projects. Actually, I'm ready now, been thinking about it and wanting to for awhile, but just haven't gotten started.

I do feel proud of my accomplishments though. Got the office/computer room rearranged, cleaned, and put a twin bed in there. I still have boxes of cords and wires in the garage to dispose of and a few more file drawers to sort through, but nearly completed. Then I sorted tools and kept only what I thought I might need and gave away the rest. Let son have first pick, then neighbor's nephew, the guy who helped with the motor home and my contractor neighbor on the corner all took some and I donated the rest. Now I'm doing the golf stuff. Kept DH's most recent bag and a few hats, shoes, golf balls etc. just in case he might ever wonder about them. (very unlikely, but makes me feel better to not get rid of all his toys) Have three of his golfing buddies coming on the 5th to see him and I'll let them take whatever they want then probably donate the remainder to one of the schools that have golf classes. DH had way more than he needed, five golf bags full of clubs, six pairs of shoes, lots of gloves, tees, balls, towels, hats, etc. Just no use in having them sit around unused.

Anj, I saw the birthday greeting. Thank you for your kind wishes. This one made me officially Medicare old! LOL Mentally, I can't believe I'm that old--but there are days I feel even older! LOL

I'll make sure I get by here more often this next week. Need to see Belle's answer about the Roc Lon fabric for sure.


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Sounds like you have been BUSY!! When you are done with all that organizing will you come help me?? I'm sure the people who are benefiting from your clean out are appreciative of the tools and things. Hopefully he won't miss them.

I am moving slowly. Had some rainy weather days and I wasn't feeling good so took some long naps and didn't get any painting done. Drew out a few designs for flags on some wood pieces, but haven't started painting yet. Takes me so long just to clean the kitchen or do small chores. Not sleeping good at night so I'm draggin anyway during the day. Not sure I'm gonna have enough stuff painted to put into the boutique. I'm trying though. The exercises the orthopedic dr gave me have the pain moving from down my legs into my central back, but still very painful.

I have not used my cricut yet. Need to go get some vinyl. One of the signs I painted I wanted to use the vinyl lettering on. We shall see how that turns out. I really hope you will start painting again. It's so much more fun when everyone is showing their projects. Keeps us all motivated I think. Which Renee Mullins book did you get? I love her stuff. Have you tried any of your local fabric stores for the Roc Lon? Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Guess I'd better go get the supper out of the oven and get these kids fed. Talk to you soon! =)

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Hi Anj, so sorry your pain is keeping you from doing what you want to do. Those naps and some resting are probably just what you need right now.

I can't get out much to check for the Roc Lon, so was hoping for an online source. I will just use wood for some of the projects, but thought it might be fun to try the Roc Lon too.

This book is another in her mini seasons series. Some very cute designs I think. Her designs always make me smile.

DH hadn't used most of the stuff in the garage for quite some time. Usually couldn't find what he wanted so went and bought more instead of organizing. A cleanup out there was long overdue.Even if he went in there, he wouldn't realize anything was gone because of the FTD.

When I painted that ceramic carosel horse for my friend, I could feel it in my wrists. Hope they are not going to be a problem. Hey, if my project doesn't turn out so good, I can just blame it on that! LOL I do feel like I've lost ground by not painting for so long--makes it seem harder.

Take care and maybe we will both get back to posting soon. I agree, seeing other's projects makes it more fun and keeps us motivated. ;o)


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Well, I for sure am out of practice. Taking me forever to get anything done. A little frustrating. I hope your wrists don't give you problems. That will not be good. I feel like my eyes are going out some days. Kinda blurry. I saw in the Michael's ad that they had a desk style OTT light. Remind me now, but didn't you end up buying one a while back? If so, do you like it? The light in my office is always behind me. I bought a small light, but it pinpoints light and doesn't do much good. Need a broader spectrum. Was thinking about investing in the OTT light. Getting late. I have 2 projects to finish up tomorrow. I am running behind. Need to get hubby to cut out some bugs for me to paint quickly this weekend.

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Anj, I did get a small OTT light, the one that flips up, to take for painting while in the motor home. I have it on my painting countertop now, but also have a florescent under the upper cabinets so almost never turn the OTT on. To be honest, I really couldn't tell allot of difference in the light from it.

Oh, bugs sound cute. I've always wished I could think of a place to display some ladybugs, dragon flies, etc. outside. I'd do it for sure if I had a wooden fence, wouldn't that be cute?

Did I ever share with you that I painted a bowling ball ladybug for my neighbor? She put it on a piece of rebar so it would be up off the ground and it is holding up really well. Have I made one for myself???? Of course not! LOL

Got to get off here and go get something accomplished today. I vacuumed yesterday and dusted and took my car for an oil change this morning, so think I'll go do a bit more organizing in the garage.

Have a good one, hope you're having warm Spring weather to enjoy.


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So I decided to opt out of the boutique. Just couldn't get on top of things and I had too many unfinished projects and upcoming things with the kids and family were just gonna clash with me trying to craft. I have plans for what I will do for the fall boutique so will start working on those instead.
Our weather has been nice and springlike. Got out in the sun a few days this week, but then it started raining. Having my son's 12th b-day sleepover tonight. They are having fun playing video games. I'm about ready to go to bed. Hope you are all having a good week/ weekend. ~Anj

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Anj, I'm sorry I've only checked over here a couple of times lately.

Hope you survived the b-day sleepover, imagine they had fun but did YOU get any sleep???? LOL

Moving slow here. Still trying to clear out, rearrange, and organize around here somewhat. Had the carpets cleaned and then had the guy come back and clean my couch and loveseat. Makes the house feel fresh and clean now even though most of my stuff is old and well used. ;o)

I've still been re looking at my painting books and magazines. So many things that are so cute and would be fun to paint but I just can't seem to get started. Usually spend the morning getting DH cleaned up and fed, and doing a little laundry and housework--then I'm tired so not in the mood to paint! ;o(

I miss seeing and sharing projects with everyone. Oh for the good ol days, huh? LOL

So how are you feeling? Lots better I hope. I too have made it a point to get out and enjoy the mild spring days. DH and I have taken a few walks around the neighborhood even. Won't be long until I'll need to start trimming the bushes and vines again, may end up hiring someone this year since it takes me so darn long anymore.

Well, I see that PF posted a pretty box. Glad that she still comes by once in awhile. Our little forum has sure suffered from all of our busyness/illnesses/etc. hasn't it?

Hope Belle is doing okay. Maybe she will stop by again soon. Punk posts on holidays, but she is so busy she hasn't been painting either.

I'll try to remember to check for your reply the next few days.

Hugs, Luvs

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