Anj, are you getting rain today?

luvstocraftMarch 22, 2007

Hi Anj, Just saw the weather map, and it looks like the rain is headed your way. We just had two days of the nicest, gentle showers. Was glad to get it, so things can stay pretty and green.

We are supposed to have clear skies and warmer temps today. Need to get out and enjoy it a bit--might take the dog for a walk. ;o)

Hope your temps are warming up too.


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Luvs~ it was supposed to rain yesterday and today. I haven't seen a drop today! ha They are scattered so they must have scattered around me. ha It sprinkled a little yesterday and must have rained a good bit last night and I missed it because there were some puddles in our drive this morning. The grass is much greener today because of it.

It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend and we are going to get to a little over 70 degrees so I'm pretty stoked about that. The kids are out of school tomorrow so I'm hoping they will spend most of the day outside. I'll probably be out there picking up limbs and shaping a few bushes. I'm ready to get planting, but the weather is still too wishy washy for me to do much yet.

I've got to go pick up DD from soccer practice and head over to a couple of parent/teacher conferences in a few minutes so better make sure everyone has shoes on and faces washed. I have to drag the herd with me everywhere I go. ha

My mom is having rotator cuff surgery tomorrow so I'll be taking care of her for the next week or so. I've got a few things laid out to put the patterns on so I may get to paint a little this weekend. I hope anyway. They are springish too. Need to get my Easter things out of the attic and see what I've got. I still have to find that terra cotta basket and eggs. They have just disappeared and it's bugging me so bad! ha Can't tell by the number of times I've mentioned it, huh? ha
Oh,I better get going. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, We look like we might get a little more rain. I won't complain at all, we are behind our usual amount so far, and since we seldom get rain, need a few more days of it.

Sorry to hear about your Mom needing surgery. Just gonna increase the servings on your meals so you can share with them so she won't have to cook? Your Dad is there too, right? Hopefully, he will be of help to her too. Nice that you are there for her, but know you are always pretty busy already. You take care of yourself too, okay?

Doesn't it drive you crazy when you know you have something and can't find it? I know I do that kind of stuff to myself all the time.

I have been trying to get some Easter things out. I don't have a whole lot. I put my two stakes out by the front patio yesterday and put up my Spring flag which has a big bunny on it. I had found a nice basket at TS, so I fixed it up yesterday. Put a big bunny in it and wrapped a rose vine around the handle. I need another bag of grass--my eggs are settling in too low.

I've integrated some of my bunnies on the bookcase shelves in the family room, I think they look sorta cute on there. Need to get busy on stacked plates if I am gonna do them.

I'm ramblin' here. Better get the clothes out of the dryer and get busy. I'll catch you later.


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Hey~ Just stopped in before I get on with the day. I actually got to sleep in a little this morning with the kids out of school.

My mom did well on her surgery and should be getting home this afternoon. She is allergic to everything so I'll have to be careful what I cook, but will just share our meals with them.

Your Easter deco sounds fun. I have a bunch of stuffed bunnies that the kids have collected over the years as well as some I've had since I was young. I stick them in the kids Easter baskets and set them across the fireplace and I have a few ceramic pieces and one plug-in teapot light with an Easter scene in it to set around and a few Easter pictures. That's about it. Our space is small so I only have a few places to put things on.

Well, I'm gonna run to a TS by DH's work as soon as everyone is ready and while it's still chilly outside then drive over to DH's work to have lunch with him, then we are home for fun in the sun this afternoon. :) We are going out to dinner with some friends tonight so looking forward to that. Hope you have a nice weekend. ~A

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