Dh brought home a new wallpaper sample today

marti8aMay 18, 2011

It's something new they are going to start selling. It has a thin layer of white laminate over metal over a canvass type backing. Thin enough to roll up, but on the wall it is a dry erase board and you can stick magnets on it. How cool is that?

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Sounds like it would be great in a workshop, too!

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Sounds interesting.

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It sets my mind spinning....I've seen some magnetic paint, and some chalkboard paint, but this sounds like it would be easier to use in picture frames mounted on plywood backing or wallboard or whatever. Maybe even foam board. Cut into cute silhouetted shapes for kids, or taking advantage of small narrow spaces around a desk? Nice.

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I was thinking how neat it would be to cover the back of a door so you have a huge place to write and stick notes.

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