Solution to Bedside Table Clutter...Some of it

MoccasinMay 8, 2010

Ok, I've decided to corral all the clutter that I have to keep at my bedside. Not my glasses, nor the glass of water.

But....Ceiling fan remote

TV remote

Book or magazine

Maybe my cell phone, which works as the loudest alarm clock I've EVER will keep me from spilling water on it or knocking it off.

What to do?

Well, I saw an idea years ago, and finally have the chance to use it. Sort of a "bed apron." You make a flat pocket like a saddle bag, having a couple of sewn-down sleeves not too deep that you'll never be able to fish these things out again. But make a long enough strip of material that it will remain securely between your box spring and your mattress. The "bed apron" will hang down near the head of your bed and can be hidden when you pull up the covers, but be exposed for use after you get in bed.

You could make it wide enough, this fabric strip that tucks hidden between mattress and box spring, that you make one for BOTH SIDES of the bed. You have one and your podner has the other. Of course, that could lead to conflict over the TV remote!

Make it stiff enough to remain firm while loaded up. All you folks who sew can knock out a lot of these for presents.

It would also work tucked under the seat of a recliner or sofa to control the multi remotes your DH now keeps on a TV tray, and hangs like a saddlebag over the arm of the chair.

Is it a good idea or WHAT! You might already have one?

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I don't have one but I've seen them. sort of like one of those purse organizer with their pockets to put your cell phone, makeup, camera etc

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btw, you don't have to put a pocket for the tv remote on the partner's side... lol!

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it sounds like a great idea ML! I often store the tv remote in the bed when I fall asleep :)

ok, back to work for me...

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OH Hahaha this is funny. Great idea. Lets see. No bedroom TV= no remote. No alarm clock it is on hubbies side table. But it could hold my rolaids. For that I could hang a little pocket on the bed rail. Good idea ML

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I have one of those that a friend made. It's made from two thinnish placemats stitched together.

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I've seen them also. They are clever.

But like Trance, I sleep with my remote (keeps me from being lonely) lol

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I never thought I would approve of something like this because it's something my over-the-top-clutterbug grandparents had on every armrest of every chair arm & couch arm in the living room. They actually had too much junk & made storage for everything unnecessary.

However, in my little house & super-small nightstand which could be a little roomier for the basics, I would consider this. My working/reading/timekeeping side of the bed is not visible from the door or to visitors peeking in.

Hmmm. May steal your idea.

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Idie, I had to laugh about sleeping with the remote! I had before stuck it in the pillow case, but stopped when I turned TV on accidentally a few times.

Gayle, we all become our mamas...or grandmamas in your case. I think that is precious. Part of my DO NOTS and NEVERS are because of things like you mentioned.

My nightstand down south is a wicker chest. Glass top. Lamp.
TV remote. Fan remote. Glasses. Water. IF I have to do an alarm, it is my cell phone's alarm. Don't want it wet by spilling water when I reach for it in the dark.

Night stand up north is a 12" square plant stand. Both sides of the bed. Wall mounted swivel arm lamps both sides too. DH has the alarm up there, he keeps knocking it off because he sets his beer glass down on it. Yeah, a bedtime beer. He puts his book and glasses on the top too. Again, I keep the TV and DVD remote. No fan, so no remote. Why such a cramped space? DH put in two doors on the wall with the headboard of the bed, and that is ALL the space extra. We had our first big fight over the first place he installed the two doors, side by side, with the bed PUSHED INTO THE CORNER!!! I slept on the sofa. Next morning, I said not a word when I noticed he was moving the door to the corner so the bed would be centered on that wall between the two doors. I cooked a very nice supper for him. Said I liked where the door was now. HE said, WHAT DOOR? THAT IS A VIRTUAL DOOR, AND IT DOES NOT EXIST.

Anyway, that is why we have such tiny bedside tables.
I felt that was good enough. I love the story of the virtual door. We always laugh about

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Hi all! ML, I made one of these things for my bedroom about 12 years ago. My problem was it slid out. I suggest sewing some of that no-slip carpet pad or other rubbery stuff to it before you put it under the mattress. I stuck a table-top eyeglass case with fake sheepskin liner into one of the pockets for my glasses, kept cough drops and such in the pockets. It matched my headboard which I had made from plywood and foam and that I covered with two fabrics for a nice cushioned coordinated headboard.

I hate to admit it but the kleenex box separates DH and me in our King bed. Whatever I am reading (with a book light tucked inside), DH's old Palm (on which I play solitaire if I can't sleep) and sometimes my carpal tunnel braces separate the two of us! Sometimes a pair of greasy cotton gloves that I use for moisturizing my hands overnight lands there, too. Occasionally the TV remote ends up there. Do ya think I am trying to build a wall to keep DH on "his" side? He sometimes thinks so!

ML, when I had only a tiny space for a nightstand, I got a tiny little bath etagere from JC Penney. It had multiple wire shelves. I made a shelf for each one out of cardboard and covered it with the left over fabric from the headboard, then I did not have to deal with it only having wire shelves. Our bed sat up very high because we had a double row of drawers underneath, so I could reach a couple of the shelves from bed, keep my not-read-yet books on the bottom shelf, and still have room for our wedding pic on the top shelf.

Here is a link that might be useful: like this, but mine was different

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that's funny... good that he has a sense of humor about it!

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Desertsteph, he does have a great sense of humor. And I really keep him laughing, we generally have a great ole time.

Nancy, you are establishing a real EMPIRE in your bedroom.
I am trying to decide about a platform storage bed as we speak. Not two rows of drawers under it though. Just 2 drawers on each side. No box spring. With two rows of drawers in your bed, no box spring either, right? So, is it comfy w/o that foundation? I'm looking for firmness, but don't want to go too far.

I am about to click the ORDER button, but keep hesitating at the last second. For one thing, DH saw our neighbor, the contractor, and he SAID he was coming to finish the bathtub and closet job here. Meanwhile I'm hoping the store keeps the bed on their inventory.

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ML, I have thought of making one of those too, with a pocket on each side of the bed. Seems like a good place to hide lots of stuff, as long as it doesn't make a bulge under the bedspread.

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The two placemats would make an easy job of it, true enough.
And just stitch on a really coarse non-slippery fabric to be the "tail" or "arm" reaching under the mattress. If you do a double one, a strip all the way across the bed could attach a pocket at both sides of the bed. Unless you have a Cal.King!

I have a lot of $2 quilted placemats purchased from Wal-Mart in various colors, so I may sacrifice 4 of them to make my bed pockets. The one I inherited from my mama wore totally out.

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